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De Grisogono Luna Watch Review

De Grisogono Luna Watch Review

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)


De Grisogono is a young brand relative to both prestigious jewelers and watchmakers, with it being established only in 1993, but it has taken great strides to being recognized among luxury lovers today, no small thanks to its founder Fawaz Gruosi. Although his company is acknowledged as a Swiss brand, Gruosi has been opened to the world of art and beauty since the beginning, having been born in Florence and later working in London, Saudi Arabia, and Italy once more, when he worked under Bulgari. The influences are evident in his bold takes in jewelry, and for his famed ‘wild’ setting. In his attempt to marry jewelry and watchmaking, what you have before your eyes is surprising yet completely in line with Gruosi’s style.

Release Date & Price

Release date: 2017
Price: US$71,043.68

The De Grisogono Luna is a recent addition to the brand’s jewelry watches, and is an effort on the jeweler’s part to mimic the moon, both in its half and full appearances. In lieu of the sun, the watch shines because of intricately carved stones—diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts—that adorn all parts of the timepiece. The work behind is as detailed as one would imagine, treated the same way as any other of De Grisogono’s opulent jewelry pieces: sketching, measuring that take into consideration technical constraints, prototyping, 3D modelling.


  • Movement: quartz
  • Function: hours and minutes
  • Case: pink gold set, complete with black rhodium grains, 37 sapphires and 125 amethysts
  • Dial: snow set, 157 sapphires
  • Strap: galuchat with gold triple-folding clasp set, black rhodium grains, 22 amethysts and 20 sapphires
  • Water resistance: 3 ATM


The timepiece is already radiant from afar, but one can take in more of its beauty by thoroughly inspecting every inch and detail of the Luna. The size of the gems are all intentional, and so is the position, meant to make each one captivate onlookers. The metal beneath where the gems are attached are overpowered by the glimmer, making you believe that the stones are dictating the shape of the watch. On the dial, one can notice how De Griosogono alternates between traditional and random setting, and then interjects ‘wild’ setting, a technique unique to the house.


The Luna is not for everyone, considering its movement, price and style. The Luna is a quartz watch, which in itself is already a turn off for some enthusiasts who would rather have mechanical watches. The price is very steep, and that is owing not to the components that assure the accuracy and precision in timekeeping but rather due to the precious gems the timepiece is adorned with. Lastly, it can be seen as ostentatious, where the marrying obviously shows us more of the jewelry making than of watchmaking. Depending on what Luna you have, your dial can be adorned with stones alone or with the 3-6-9 indicators, but on both instances, legibility is an issue.

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De Grisogono Luna Watch Review
De Grisogono Luna Watch Review
The De Grisogono is incontestably a work of art—each cut gem is a sight to behold—but that is because of the jewels and not because of the horological complications. The expensive price tag will surely be a deal breaker for most, considering that it is more of a fashion accessory than a wonder of watchmaking. If the latter is what you’re after, you’re better off browsing other timepieces.
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