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Danish Fashion Brand Ganni to Open First UK Store in London’s Soho


August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

If you use Instagram to pick up style inspirations, there would be little doubt that you know the Scandinavian brand that almost every fashion lover wants to cop: Ganni. For those in London, there is more cause for celebration because the Danish fashion brand is set to open its very first store in the city’s Soho district.


It’s not as if the British capital has not been left wanting of Ganni pieces—from time to time, the brand has set up pop-up shops that proved to be popular, and high-end department stores such as Selfridges also carry clothing and accessories from the Scandinavian label. There is an online route many can opt for, of course, which is available for places beyond London, but the Soho store will be the first brick and mortar establishment in London for Ganni. Online may be convenient, but that does not take away the joy of witnessing the garbs before one’s eyes and trying them on before purchasing to make sure they fit right.

The store will be right on 36 Beak Street, and is set to occupy a 2750-square feet building. As of the moment, we are left guessing about when will be the exact date for its official launch. So far, it is pinned for completion and opening by spring, leaving Londoners a few months more to contain the excitement. Even without Ganni though, Soho already has a piece of Copenhagen, even Scandinavia, in the area. The district is home to the Nordic Bakery, which serves visitors with Danish treats and dishes, and Stockholm-based Eytys. Soon enough, more establishments will be setting shop in the district, including Swiss brand Viu Eyewear and French restaurant Folly, which are bound to satisfy London’s appetite for continental Europe.

Ganni-Sets-New-Milestone-With-London-Store-2 Ganni-Sets-New-Milestone-With-London-Store-3

Soho, and London to an extent, is booming despite Brexit just looming around. Businesses seem unafraid to establish a presence in the fashion capital even when the nation’s withdrawal from the European Union could impact its retail climate. European brands, such as Chanel and Givenchy which set up a headquarters and a flagship store this 2018, are not the only ones with London properties. Even American establishments, such as Google, Facebook and Apple, are undeterred and staying put in the capital.


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