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Coach Unveils Spring 2019 Campaign Starring Michael B. Jordan


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It’s finally here! In October 2018, Coach announced that it will be taking in Michael B. Jordan as an ambassador, the very first Global Menswear Ambassador to represent Coach Men. Fans of both Coach and Jordan have shown excitement over the team up, which was just as much as what the ambassador expressed through his Instagram account. Now that it’s January, it’s time for a new campaign—we’re welcoming the year with a new set of ads for Spring that finally shows the Black Panther actor as part of the Coach family.

Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-1 Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-2 Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-3 Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-4 Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-5

The set of photos, taken by British photographer Craig McDean, had the actor-slash-global ambassador don the luxury label’s apparel while posing beside a vintage car. The backdrop appears to be an abandoned carnival in the middle of the desert, which adds the American vibe to the the retro. Jordan shows off select pieces from the Spring 2019 collection, such as a kickin’ colorblock shearling coat, a classic leather jacket, a pair of track pants that surprisingly goes well with the jacket, and your good ol’ chunky sneakers. It’s hard to look away from the accessories as well. There are different bags to fulfill different tastes, from the classics to the polarizing—did you spot the Rivington belt bag?

The campaign was also accompanied by one for the brand’s fragrance collection. The offerings for men appeared alongside Jordan, who is also the face for the category. The concept is similar as Jordan models by a vintage car, but this time the photo also flaunts the handsome bottles for the brand’s fragrances. Coach Platinum Eau De Parfum, which according to the brand is a new release that comes with hints of black pepper oil and juniper berries, and Coach For Men Eau De Toilette, which has a masculine as well as energetic scent, are the fragrances being teased on the campaign.


Jordan becoming the Global Menswear Ambassador was a development only to be expected since the actor was a longtime fan of the brand, often appearing during its events. Stuart Vevers, executive creative director for Coach, acknowledged this during the initial announcement last year, and reiterated the fact in a press release.

That’s not all for Coach, though—it has also revealed the Spring campaign for its women’s line. This time, we have more familiar faces, which include ambassadors Guan Xiaotong and Kiko Mizuhara, although Selena Gomez is noticeably absent. The two beauties are joined by models Kiki Willems, Sora Choi, Adut Akech, Indira Scott, and Fran Summers. Similar to Jordan’s side of things, the women’s campaign is also set in a carnival, while the ladies wore floral dresses, patchwork denim, and fringed leather heels, put together by stylist Jane How, that were apt for the background. The pieces that were a result of the label’s collaboration with Disney also make an appearance on the campaign; the Dumbo sweater is just one out of the collection. The Spring 2019 collection has Americana through and through, as it is inspired by the road trips to the American West. As Vevers confirms, It is all about the possibilities that come with such an adventure, which can be anything under the sun.

Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-7 Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-8 Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-9 Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-10 Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-11 Coach-Unveils-Spring-2019-Campaign-Starring-Michael-B.-Jordan-12

Image credits: Craig McDean, Coach

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