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Clinique Dramatically Different™ Lipstick Shaping Lip Colour Review

Clinique Dramatically Different™ Lipstick Shaping Lip Colour Review
Product Description
We're honestly not surprised that Clinique did really well Dramatically Different™ Lipstick Shaping Lip Colour. The brand has its feet in both the beauty and skincare worlds, so huge crossovers are inevitable. This two-layer product, with 3D pearl core, nourishes the lips, and allows the lipstick to coat the lips nice and smooth. The wear time leaves much to be desired, and it could afford to be just a little more pigmented, but we can honestly say we're satisfied with what this product is able to provide.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Good range of colors
Effortless application
Nourishes the lips
Could be more pigmented
Lackluster staying power

Many brands out there have tried—and failed—to create makeup that so perfectly captures the best of both a makeup product, and a skincare product. But none of them are Clinique. The Clinique has become well-known for both their makeup and skincare products, and have, on occasion, successfully combined both. The Dramatically Different™ Lipstick Shaping Lip Colour is one of these hybrid successes—that is, to some extent.

Kept inside a chrome-y silver tube, this lipstick has two layers, as can be seen from the top of the lipstick bullet. The outer layer is, of course, the actual lip color. The inside is a 3D pearl core that’s formulated to keep your skin ultra-hydrated and comfortable underneat the color. The lipstick glides effortlessly on the skin, and the color of the product is quite easily buildable—just a few swipes and you’re ready to go. And, of course, the pearl core works absolute wonders for the lips. It keeps away any worries of the lips actually looking dry or dehydrated.

I think our biggest gripe with this product is that it doesn’t really hold so well on the lips, tending to wear out after only two to three hours, which can be frustrating. Another source of frustration with this product is the lack of pigmentation in one swipe. This is definitely the kind of product that needs repeated layers of application in order to release the right amount of color.

Maybe if this were just a plain old lipstick, we’d be looking at this product a lot less favorably than we are now. But as it stands, it performs pretty well as both a skincare product and a makeup item.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

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