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Chrono24 2019 Review

Chrono24 home page screenshot on April 16, 2019

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Chrono24 2019 Review
Chrono24 is one of the largest buy and sell online shopping site for timepieces, and this is reflected by the wide variety of collections they have in their website. Customers can buy both new and pre-owned watches from the website, with brands like Breitling, Audemars, Piguet, Panerai, Breguet, and other big names in the horology world. Their prices are at a competitive range as well, giving them an edge over other timepiece shopping sites.
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Chrono24 offers a variety of watch selections in their website, which buyers can browse per brand or per category. Among their watch types are diving watches, chronographs, Swiss watches, racing watches, sailing watches, vintage watches and many others, which satisfies all the timepiece needs of every kind of enthusiast. People can also sell a watches privately or publicly on the website, which only requires a few steps and a simple process. However, we think the biggest downside to this website is their lack of offered security to their shoppers, especially post-purchase. There are countless of reports of issues with the items they received or a direct issue with the sellers, but the customer support of the website was really terrible and didn’t provide much help to resolve the customers’ problems.

Introduction to Chrono24

The Internet is a great place for bringing all sorts of people together, especially those who share the same interests. For Chrono24, it tapped into a group that had great knowledge in and collected watches, and authorized dealers and private sellers that fed that passion.

Chrono24, founded by entrepreneurs Tim Stracke and Dirk Schwartz, was launched in 2003. They bought the domain which began as a classifieds forum but soon changed approach. Since then, it became among the first companies offering a haven to enthusiasts, where they can find watches from all over the world—from over 90 countries, in fact—that tickle their fancy. But more than just growing as a company, Chrono24, now with over 100 employees in Germany, the USA and Hong Kong, also wants to be known for providing very best in watches, comfort, security, and transparency.

How it works is simply by having dealers post their inventory of both new and used watches on the site, and buyers can search through the pages or the advanced tool to check if Chrono24 has the particular brand or model they’re looking for.

Great emphasis placed in trust

Words are cheap. It’s easy to claim that a site offers exclusively authentic items, but a single lapse in judgment can ruin its standing. That is why Chrono24 puts a few systems in place to uphold its customers’ trust. Dealers and private sellers would have to tick a few requirements before becoming a bonafide seller.

Dealers are required to submit identification, trade license or commercial register. It might also require recommendation from dealers that are already active on the website. Sellers will also have to go through a probationary period of 6 months, which the site deems is enough time for disputes to be filed. One must also adhere to the Chrono24 guidelines, which enforces transparency and responsiveness in sellers. And finally, all sellers are monitored by the site, and any offenses are taken seriously, giving fair chance to the seller to explain but also booting them out if they are proven to violate the trust of Chrono24 customers.

As of this writing, over 2000 dealers have already been screened and trusted.

Dependable customer service for enthusiasts

Authenticity is a primary concern, which is why if a buyer is concerned about the product they received, they could talk to a representative immediately and find a solution to a dispute. Chrono24 is in every step of the way, even if refunds are deemed the suitable fix. They are duly given if a customer is found to be in the right.

As an attempt to establish deeper connections with its customers, Chrono24 also has a team of buying agents that can alert you should an item you’re hunting for becomes available. If you’re undecided what to buy, that’s fine too. The site can assist you through an advisor that will give objective advice. Chrono24 also ensures buyer protection. Not only are its sellers required to undergo screening, the website also runs a trusted payment method that allows it to function as an escrow.

Unstoppable growth

Back in 2013, the company averaged at 130,000 visits per day and the transactions totaled at 300 million euros. An impressive feat, no doubt, that the company saw grow even more through the years.

Today, the site claims to having 350,000 visits a day, which is about 10 million visits per month. There is almost always something to feed your interest in horology, with the site offering 300,000 listings to choose from from 10,000 dealers in over 90 countries. Plus, the website offers mobile apps, downloaded by more than 2 million users, to make access to luxury easier.

It is undeniable that Chrono24 is among the websites that proved to be an absolute game-changer for the watch industry. At the company, the team’s admiration goes beyond finely made timepieces and the names behind them. Such respect is also extended to collectors and enthusiasts who know their watches and value the intricate work behind each and every one. And so, they cater to this audience by ensuring that they can enjoy the wonders of watchmaking even when they just have half of the original price to spend and have the trust that what is being sold is legitimate. And if they wish, they can also share their pre-loved items by listing their own watches on the site.

Chrono24 catalog page screenshot on April 16, 2019 Chrono24 product page screenshot on April 16, 2019

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