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Chopard Imperiale 36mm Watch Review

Chopard Imperiale 36mm Watch Review

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Chopard Imperiale 36mm Watch Review
Chopard Imperiale 36mm Watch Review
A luxury timepiece is sometimes tantamount to a time machine, in it that it takes one back to days of imperial grandeur and old-school elegance. Of the many offered today, Chopard’s Imperiale 36mm watch personifies this to a tee. The timepieces’ sophisticated design represent the beauty and majesty of empires that have ruled the world, whether centuries ago or today. While for some, it may lack in contemporary innovations, its style and beauty are magnificent enough to compensate for it.
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Grandeur can be found even in the smallest things. A diamond ring, a golden locket, or even a luxury timepiece all exemplify a certain grandeur that is elegant and refined. Such pieces emphasize what it means to have a lifestyle that is luxurious and lavish, one that is envied and coveted by people the world over. Premier Swiss watchmaker Chopard has incorporated grandeur into a new watch, aptly called Chopard Imperiale.

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Release date: September 2010
Price when reviewed: $8,067 – $21,000

Chopard let the entire world know about their new luxury timepiece with a lavish launch party in Venice during the month of September in 2010. Who’s who of the fashion and luxury worlds were in attendance to see how the Swiss label reinvented their classic model, Imperiale, which itself debuted in 1994. Today, Chopard’s Imperiale timepieces are sold from $8,067 to $21,000 each, depending on the material and jewels enthused on the watch.


  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Water Resistant: 50 meters
  • Power Reserve: 42 hours
  • Frequency: 28,000 vph
  • Strap: Stainless steel
  • Buckle: Folding clasp


Chopard states that the Imperiale range is inspired by the great empires that have ruled the world from the dawn of time to today and it really shows. Their relatively new 36mm watch is a majesty of classic timeless design that has captivated clients and customers all these years within Chopard’s rich history. The watch is also offered in a variety of metals, from a pristinely stainless steel to the more glamorous rose gold finish, and hues, which include the likes of deep royal plum and emerald green, turning a piece into a retail success.


A good timepiece is a balance of beauty and engineering, but Chopard’s Imperiale 36mm is tipping more on the former. The timepiece’s beauty and elegance cannot be denied, even by the brand’s competitors, but its innovation in functions leave a lot to be desired. Although Chopard is initially a jewelry brand, putting diamonds on a watch can only get one so far in the haute horology business, especially in this day and age. A modern watch consists of an equal convergence of functions and fashions to fit today’s sophisticated standards.

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