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Top 26 Chloé Pants For Classy Women

Chloé Pants For Classy Women

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

While we love our frocks and skirts, there are times when we just want to have a dependable pair of pants to add variety to our wardrobe. They may be restricting to the legs compared to their flowy and looser counterparts, but the bottoms provide just as much versatility and personality. Pants can be our go-to apparel for off-duty days or for the office; the right pair can even make you look as if you have a strong, independent woman vibe going on.

The French luxury house Chloé known for its feminine and effortlessly chic pieces is here to prove all that. Just take a look at 26 of its pants made especially for classy women.

  1. Chloé flared tailored trousers

Chloé flared tailored trousers

Price: US$995.00
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You can count on these nude colored pants to flatter your shape while still being appropriate for the office. Should you decide to don this for a casual meetup, pairing it with white or another neutral-colored top plus pumps will still do the job of keeping it classy.

  1. Chloé Checked wool wide-leg pants

Chloé Checked wool wide-leg pants

Price: US$1,395.00
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Even though the pants are a jump away from what one would consider plain and a safe choice, these checked pants from Chloé still exhibit an effortless chicness. These Italian-made, wide-legged pants are best worn with a tucked top to bring attention to the lines that give the pair more space.

  1. Chloé cropped pleated trousers

Chloé cropped pleated trousers

Price: US$795.00
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Black trousers are a no-brainer when it comes to women’s fashion. Get one now in a cropped version too, courtesy of Chloé. The pleated pants are form-fitting so they highlight your hips and your legs. You can match them with loose tops to bring balance to your getup.

  1. Chloé Crepe slim-leg pants

Chloé Crepe slim-leg pants

Price: US$995.00
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Its redness may scream fierce but the wool just invites you to take pleasure in all of it as it is ultrasoft to the skin, and the white stitches give your legs a desirable shape. These slim-leg pants are the longer sisters of the equestrian pants previewed on the runway of the Spring 2018 collection.

  1. Chloé Velvet trousers with horse embroidery

Chloé Velvet trousers with horse embroidery

Price: US$1,495.00
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Chloé gives you these pants embroidered with horses as a tribute to former Creative Directors fond of equestrian and athletic themes. The velvety pants are a bit eccentric, but they are still very plush owing to the top quality combination of silk and cotton.

  1. Chloé retro flared trousers

Chloé retro flared trousers

Price: US$850.00
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Take a trip down memory lane with these re-imagined flared trousers for the modern lady. The retro-looking pair in white is mid-rise and decorated with dark buttons to give contrast to the white cotton. Match them with a dark top to make for a more solid outfit.

  1. Chloé Snake-effect leather straight-leg pants

Chloé Snake-effect leather straight-leg pants

Price: US$5,195.00
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Dare to try something different? The snake-effect isn’t new but it sure isn’t among the styles one usually would think of when it came to pants. Chloé manages to keep it classy though by using leather with a straight-leg silhouette. You can even make it more tasteful by wearing a fitted blazer and boots that are kicking.

  1. Chloé high-rise straight-leg trousers

Chloé high-rise straight-leg trousers

Price: US$995.00
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The silhouette and the design may look familiar as they have been featured a few pants ago, but the change in color does a lot to change the impression one gets from them. These black straight-leg trousers with apparent white stitches are fitting for a rebellious look and will look absolutely stunning with suede boots.

  1. Chloé flared pinstriped trousers

Chloé flared pinstriped trousers

Price: US$598.00
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We can’t help but think of the 1970s when we see these pinstriped trousers… must be because of the earthy brown color and the flared effect. Regardless, we can’t keep to ourselves how amazing they look. Wear them with a fitted top and pumps for a stately appearance.

  1. Chloé Workwear Stretch-Cotton Pants

Chloé Workwear Stretch-Cotton Pants

Price: US$1,350.00
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Wide-legged pants can be tricky to style because they are by themselves unflattering to one’s shape. These stretch-cotton pants provide comfort and breathability, but in order to maximize its design, you can wear them with tucked tops and open sandals. The cropped pants in white are made of quality cotton so you can expect to love being in them.

  1. Chloé Slim-fit trousers

Chloé Slim-fit trousers

Price: US$795.00
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If you want to experiment with color when it came to your pants, choose a pair that has a classic silhouette. These pants are slim-fitting, so they’re easy to wear and good for many tops, but the darkened brown color also makes them an easy way to inject color into your closet. For starters, wear them with neutral-colored shirts and blouses and finish the look with dark pumps.

  1. Chloé loose fit trousers

Chloé loose fit trousers

Price: US$1,195.00
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Before you is another pair that showcases the expertise of the fashion house when it came to flawless, feminine pieces. The blue loose pants that have cargo pants-like pockets may not sound good in paper, but the smooth flow because of the silk blend proves otherwise.

  1. Chloé geometric shell trousers

Chloé geometric shell trousers

Price: US$1,695.00
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Most of the French fashion houses’ recent releases may be a peek through the styles of the seventies, but these pants take us back to the flashy and glamorous eighties instead. Made out of a combination of silk and cotton, the pair that features neon colors and geometric prints that won’t escape anyone’s attention feel youthful despite the retro inspiration.

  1. Chloé wide leg trousers

Chloé wide leg trousers

Price: US$805.00
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If you steer away from bright colors, this pair from Chloé might ease you into introducing them to your wardrobe. The gold color is complemented well by the lovely silhouette and pleats of the pants. It looks as soft as it feels too, partly because of the silk blend.

  1. Chloé Metallic textured-leather flared pants

Chloé Metallic textured-leather flared pants

Price: US$4,295.00
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Keep something fun in your collection in the form of these metallic beauties that shimmer back a different color depending on the lighting. They require specialist cleaning, but their effect is unmatched by almost everything else. Wear with satin boots to complete the look.

  1. Chloé buttoned high-waisted trousers

Chloé buttoned high-waisted trousers

Price: US$1,395.00
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These French-made pants are the ultimate representation of Parisian chic: high quality, sensual, and versatile without being an overkill. These black high-waist pants balance the dark tone with gold-colored buttons. It is crafted out of a luxurious combination silk and wool, so you can be in them all day without a single complaint.

  1. Chloé Wool-blend straight-leg trousers

Chloé Wool-blend straight-leg trousers

Price: US$1,595.00
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Chloé exemplifies impeccable tailoring with these “quiet brown” pants that will fit beautifully on your waist and hips. Appropriate for both the office and less formal settings, these tan pants made out of wool will be luxe even if you leave your blouse untucked.

  1. Chloé Wool-blend wide-leg pants

Chloé Wool-blend wide-leg pants

Price: US$1,695.00
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One skill that the French fashion house has pinned down is using boyish tailoring and still making a feminine piece out of the finished product. These pants are high-rise and have a looser fit below the thighs for mobility. Their plainness are best complemented with blouses that have intricate details.

  1. Chloé striped canvas trousers

Chloé striped canvas trousers

Price: US$910.00
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Chloé turns a common design into something more interesting with these canvas pants. The attention-grabbing blue and white stripes are best partnered with pristine white blouses and matching shoes.

  1. Chloé Belted cropped cotton-poplin wide-leg pants

Chloé Belted cropped cotton-poplin wide-leg pants

Price: US$1,595.00
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These belted trousers are a play at asymmetry by the French fashion house. The leather belt with a circular hardware at the center puts attention to your waist, and the pleats on the legs give your lower extremities shape. Given the wide-legged design of the pants, one can expect that they are very comfy and breathable, and they are! But that’s because of the cotton-poplin, more than anything.

  1. Chloé floral tapered trousers

Chloé floral tapered trousers

Price: US$1,155.00
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Don’t let your tops hog all the fun! Pants with colorful, beautiful prints are worth a space in your wardrobe too. These bottoms have even more fun with the tassels that tentatively hang on them. They’re invigorating, but dial down the bold by donning plain blouses and shirts.

  1. Chloé fluid palazzo trousers

Chloé fluid palazzo trousers

Price: US$1,150.00
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Polish your outfit with these smooth, loose-fitting pants in bluish green. You can complement the flow, length and pleats of the pair with a top that has similar characteristics.

  1. Chloé Wool and silk-blend wide-leg pants

Chloé Wool and silk-blend wide-leg pants

Price: US$1,695.00
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Is wrinkling a legitimate concern for you? Curb your sartorial fears with these fine tailored pants from Chloé. The pants made out of a combination of silk and wool are smooth flowing right up to the hem. It is also breathable thanks to wide-legged structure. Coordinate it with blouses that have a similarly relaxed appearance.

  1. Chloé crepe check track trousers

Chloé crepe check track trousers

Price: US$1,395.00
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Strut the streets with a pair of track pants that are striking with its use of grids. The black pants made of virgin wool has a slim fit that would even make your legs look slimmer thanks to the lines. They have cuffed hems so that the pair would be snug on the ankles.

  1. Chloé High-rise flared trousers

Chloé High-rise flared trousers

Price: US$1,195.00
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Black pants are always handy things to have because of their versatility and timelessness, but you don’t have to stick with just one pair. Get these lovely pants made out of silk blend and with off-centered buttons that would be great for keeping in style while in the office.

  1. Chloé sailor button cargo trousers

Chloé sailor button cargo trousers

Price: US$1,095.00
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Big pockets don’t get in the way of this pair from becoming an ideal feminine partner for your floral shirts. The plush pants made out of a mix of flax, linen and cotton are good pairs for white sneakers, so wear them on your time away from work.

We’re right about Chloé’s pants, weren’t we? There’s enough choices here for you to show off your personality as well as some affinity for classy clothing, which does not always come with plain and simple patterns. They’re pieces that will stay with you for a long time as well, so grab one (or more) now and let your skirts temporarily take the backseat.

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