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25 Best-selling Chloé Accessories That Will Make You Look Utterly Gorgeous

Best-selling Chloé Accessories

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Fashion comes and goes but style stays, which makes it wise to invest in basic pieces that you can use for all occasions. But what helps these pieces become versatile is your altar of accessories that can easily change the tune and make it appear as if you’ve been wearing different clothes the entire time.

If you’re for pieces that are effortlessly chic and feminine, Chloé should be your go-to luxury brand. Here are 25 of the fashion house’s accessories that will bring out your style and make you and your outfit absolutely gorgeous.

  1. Chloé Reese gold-tone earrings

Chloé Reese gold-tone earrings

Price: US$450.00
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Have the light follow you around with these earrings that will reflect sunshine every chance they get. Perfect for your clothes with low necklines, the interlocking pair made in Italy takes inspiration after the chains of the Chloé Drew Bijou bag.

  1. Chloé Georgia bifold wallet

Chloé Georgia bifold wallet

Price: US$460.00
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Go all dark and Parisian chic with Chloé’s bifold wallet. The outer composition of this Georgia bifold wallet is made from rich and luxurious calf leather, and forms a sleek silhouette. Do not be fooled, though. The inside has enough compartments for your notes, cards and receipts.

  1. Chloé Aviator-style gold-tone sunglasses

Chloé Aviator-style gold-tone sunglasses

Price: US$405.00
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Chloé is unabashed in showing its love for the 1970s, especially when you see these Aviator-style sunglasses. The yellow lenses are among the earthy tones trendy back in the day, but these, combined with a gold-tone metal looks up-to-date.

  1. Chloé chain circle ring belt

Chloé chain circle ring belt

Price: US$710.00
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Searching for a belt that would look bold and lovely against your flowy, feminine dresses? This slim Chloé belt is just that and more. The supple black leather goes amazingly well with the gold-tone hardware. The circle buck and the chain cable hanging from the leather is a welcome addition to the belt and we can’t help but shift our gazes to it.

  1. Chloé Leather and gold-tone charm bracelet

Chloé Leather and gold-tone charm bracelet

Price: US$535.00
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The appeal of a charm bracelet lies in the uniqueness of every piece. You wouldn’t want to have something considered an ordinary charm bracelet, would you? This Chloé bracelet is anything but. The accessory made out of three rows of corded leather bound together by gold clasps and charms transports you to a version of yourself that is more worldly and willing to explore.

  1. Chloé Gold Faye Leather wallet bag

Chloé Leather and gold-tone charm bracelet

Price: US$1,090.00
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For the modern lady, Chloé offers a gold accessory worthy of your belongings: the Chloé Gold Faye Leather wallet bag. The metallic exterior is a luscious combination of lamb skin and calf leather, giving it more value than just its color and finish. The interior with enough space for your essentials is secured by a magnetic closure and a golden hook and loop.

  1. Chloé Femininities gold-tone resin earrings

Chloé Femininities gold-tone resin earrings

Price: US$410.00
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These resin earrings may be a homage to the previous Creative Directors of Chloé for their love of anything equestrian, but for you it is a fun and quirky accessory to highlight your outfit. The manner by which the horse is left to hang and swing from one side to another will be a delight to watch.

  1. Chloé Metallic scarf

Chloé Metallic scarf

Price: US$235.00
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Give your getup just the right amount of shimmer with this Chloé metallic scarf in soft rose gold. The lightweight material won’t strangle you, so that’s one less thing to worry about, but the impact it will give your everyday outfit is something to be aimed for every time you go out.

  1. Chloé Love drop back single earring

Chloé Love drop back single earring

Price: US$175.00
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We just love this “Love” earring from Chloé. Meant to be worn alone, the earring made in gold-tone brass will call attention to your ears. It can be a statement piece and even a conversation starter on how you decide to live each and every day: with “love”.

  1. Chloé Rosie sunglasses

Chloé Rosie sunglasses

Price: US$373.00
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Chloé takes us back once more to the past with these sunglasses that reference the 70s; the flower-shaped lenses are supposedly inspired by the flower children of the decade. Its style, as well as the ochre gradient is perfect if you want to add a little funk to your outfit, more so if you’re aiming to complete the bohemian chic look.

  1. Chloé Gold-tone resin bracelet

Chloé Gold-tone resin bracelet

Price: US$310.00
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We’re really digging this resin bracelet from Chloé that you can slip on with minimal difficulty, thanks to its spring mechanism. The blue enamel lines on the gold-tone brass make for an unusual combination but are still complementary. Made in France, this bracelet and how you will style it is entirely up to you; you can leave it up along your arm as the brass may allow.

  1. Chloé Alphabet Long Wallet

Chloé Alphabet Long Wallet

Price: US$535.00
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Look forward to your days enjoying a quaint weekend getaway to the countryside while having this Chloé long wallet to put your things on. This calf and lamb leather alphabet wallet in airy gray has a subdued appeal that blends well with a relaxing holiday. You wouldn’t have to fret about where to keep your money too, the interior has enough compartments for bills and other stuff.

  1. Chloé Frances Pendant Necklace

Chloé Frances Pendant Necklace

Price: US$885.00
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For a fancy dinner in the city, you can make a statement with this Chloé necklace that will hang elegantly on your chest; we just love how the Frances bar pendant drops. Made in Italy, this golden plated brass has a lobster clasp at the back for fastening.

  1. Chloé Darcey gold-tone faux pearl earrings

Chloé Darcey gold-tone faux pearl earrings

Price: US$440.00
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We can’t stop adoring these Chloé earrings that form part of the label’s recent Darcey collection where it has all the fun with geometric shapes. These earrings that have faux pearls adding to the charm drop below the jawline and are best highlighted by dark garments and low-cut necklines.

  1. Chloé layered rectangular wallet

Chloé layered rectangular wallet

Price: US$480.00
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Chloé just can’t get enough of the seventies’ vibe, dedicating a seasons’ worth of pieces for the era. This rectangular wallet has the earthy tones the decade is known for, dubbed a reddish tan, almost orange for us. The calf leather is fastened together by gold clasps and zippers, and has six slots on the inside for your plastics.

  1. Chloé Pom Pom frayed wool, silk and cashmere-blend scarf

Chloé Pom Pom frayed wool, silk and cashmere-blend scarf

Price: US$945.00
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For a traveler, a scarf is an indispensable accessory to have as its functions go way beyond the confines of styling. It can serve as a light blanket, a cover from the sunshine, or even tied together like a turban to keep the hair together. This scarf can be all that, but it is also plush owing to the blend of wool, silk and cashmere with neutral colors that will look good with just about any outfit.

  1. Chloé logo cuff

Chloé logo cuff

Price: US$400.00
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Show your love for the fashion house that often evokes vintage Parisian chic in its designs by getting yourself this cuff that has a cursive Chloe on it. The logo plaque reminds us of old neon signs written in a similar-looking cursive. We also like how the slim leather strap in sepia red complements the gold-tone logo.

  1. Chloé Oversized round-frame gold-tone sunglasses

Chloé Oversized round-frame gold-tone sunglasses

Price: US$430.00
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The lenses on these oversized sunglasses remind us of the different phases of twilight, as the color progresses from pink to purple. The Italian-made eyewear provides ample protection from UV rays, combining style with function effortlessly.

  1. Chloé round shaped earrings

Chloé round shaped earrings

Price: US$850.00
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If you’re going to let jewelry dangle on your ears, pick one that would be as modish and beautiful as these. The round earrings from Chloé dropping below the jawline is made out of gold-tone brass and has metallic feathers that go well with a bohemian chic getup.

  1. Chloé Quinn gold-tone necklace

Chloé Quinn gold-tone necklace

Price: US$890.00
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We’re amazed at how a necklace that doesn’t want to get in the way can transform a whole outfit, as proven by the picture. This Quinn necklace made out of gold-tone brass is held together by a lobster clasp.

  1. Chloé Drew textured-leather cardholder

Chloé Drew textured-leather cardholder

Price: US$275.00
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Do you often find yourself fumbling inside your bag when looking or your wallet? You won’t have the same problem with this cardholder that has a vibrant red color and a distinct feel from Chloé. The cardholder from the label’s Drew collection is not only beautiful and jewelry-inspired, it also has enough compartments for your money.

  1. Chloé Alphabet gold-tone ring

Chloé Alphabet gold-tone ring

Price: US$325.00
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Want to make a statement by donning on rings to spell a word? Or just want to keep it to your initials? Regardless, these gold-tone rings are perfect for you. The rings made from gold brass may be chunky, but they aren’t a pain to wear.

  1. Chloé Metallic fil coupé silk-blend scarf

Chloé Metallic fil coupé silk-blend scarf

Price: US$620.00
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We love this silk-blend scarf from Chloé. It may be long enough that you can style it in many ways, but the metallic combination and black and silver gives the scarf more depth and even an illusion of being lightweight and airy.

  1. Chloé Nicol necklace

Chloé Nicol necklace

Price: US$655.00
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The Nicol necklace is unusual than most Chloé pieces because we can’t help but envision rockstar with this one. The combination of gold-tone metal and black leather is enough to create the link, but the loop and the keys dropping from the necklace solidify the appeal.

  1. Chloé Aviator-style gold-tone sunglasses

Chloé Aviator-style gold-tone sunglasses

Price: US$375.00
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Get into the trend of tinted glasses with these Aviator-style sunglasses from Chloé, this time in pink. The pair borrows its design from the ’70s style with its brow bar, but we’d dare say that the whole look still belongs to the present.

If you’re looking to pop your style and inject some sense of nostalgia in your outfit particularly when they’re 70s-inspired, then Chloé is the label for you. These accessories manage to add more to the look without being an overkill, making them the perfect must-haves for your collection.

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Featured image credit: Chloé store in Hong Kong. Sorbis

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