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Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review


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Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review
In a way, as Charles Jeffrey put it, fashion should be fun. It's already youth-obsessed, why not take the juvenility further? In his cooky Fall 2019 Menswear show, he turned traditional menswear codes and turned them on their heads, either with bold colors or slight deconstruction!
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What would it look like had Peter Pan‘s Lost Boys become urban dwellers? According to Charles Jeffrey, they’ll be wearing deconstructed suits and a whole lot of colorful stripes. Such was the presentation at his label’s Fall 2019 show. One of London’s kings of quirk, Jeffrey put on a play of sorts full of slightly avant-garde-dressed cooky characters going about their merry business. They seemed so much like the Lost Boys, in it that they had a youthfulness to them that didn’t seem to ever go away, especially within their clothing. Stripes of blue, red, yellow, and black decorated exaggeratedly long sleeved knitwear, similarly to how young kids would wear their parents’ or older siblings’ clothes. The well-tailored suits, be it in tartan or check patterns, were carefully deconstructed as if to portray that the characters played all sorts of fun games when they were wearing them. Fashion is, overall, a serious business, but as Charles Jeffrey showed, one also needs to have a bit of fun!

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