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Cartier Santos Watch Review

Cartier Santos Watch Review

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Cartier Santos Watch Review
Cartier Santos Watch Review
The Cartier Santos is still successful for a lot of reasons. It touches on people’s love for classic design and nostalgia for eras that seem like the world was all about elegance and sophistication. Fashion, and at times technology even, may be fickle, but there are certain styles and pieces that remain timeless and classic for generations to come. Even today, after a hundred years have passed since it debuted, the Cartier Santos is still a staple for fine gentlemen and their sophisticated sense of style.
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When it comes to timeless pieces, none are as expert at it as premier jewelry and horology brand Cartier. Some of their items are as historic as the men and women who’ve worn their designs through the years. Take Cartier Santos for example—a classic design with timeless functions and sensibilities. As the brand reinvents it for one generation to the next, the luxury and richness of it does not change one bit.

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The classic watch was released around 1911 and initially created for pilots. Its name comes from Albert Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian aviator and friend to Louis Cartier. Cartier designed the timepiece so that Santos-Dumont could easily tell the time mid-flight. Today, with its reverence growing each year, it’s one of the most expensive watches in the luxury world. With new features such as water-resistance and encrusted with precious stones, they can go from $6,250 to a whopping $43,200.


Like a relic from an ancestor, the Cartier Santos watch displays a nod to the style and aesthetic of old-school Cartier. This includes its unique square dials and Roman numerals. Whichever edition it may be, its opulent and obvious face remains vivid, harkening back to its origins as a pilot’s watch. Through the years, the timepiece has also seen its fair share of luxurious reinventions. From fine leather straps, newer and more modern editions have seen it change from to metals of shimmering silver, rose gold, or simply gold itself. More than a functioning tool, it has since become a sparkling accessory worthy of the upper-class gentleman.


Ironically, one of its strongest assets can possibly be its weakest point. Cartier Santos is known for its Roman numerals—a display of the brand’s love for classic design and historic taste. Even though the watch itself has gone through countless modernizations and renditions, the Roman Numerals in its dial remain to be one of the piece’s most valuable assets.

However, for a modern audience, that may no longer be the case. Today’s generation of fine gentlemen grew up with the digital watch already existing, and they may have gotten used to such. No matter how beautiful Roman Numerals are on the wrist, function-wise, it may not be as attractive for today’s man on-the-go. People nowadays want things easier and faster, and such a classic timepiece, regardless of design and style, may not on the top of everyone’s ‘must-buy’ lists. But it’s a must-buy, nonetheless!

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Cartier Santos Watch

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