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Burberry x Vivienne Westwood Collaboration Is A Celebration Of British Style



Remember when Burberry announced that it will be collaborating with punk fashion royalty Vivienne Westwood? That seemed so long ago, having been formalized in July, but the collection is finally here! On December 6, the two British brands have unveiled limited edition pieces, and as anticipated, it is an exaltation of British heritage and fashion, the all too familiar Burberry check injected with punk sensibilities. It is the first collaboration under Riccardo Tisci’s creative direction, and he could not have made a better choice for a partner.


The collection is a showcase of 134 looks, all of which are undeniably a product of the union between the two British labels. The pieces are a cross of the traditional and the rebellious, the past and the present, having Westwood look into her brand’s archives to give Burberry classics a modern, edgier twist. It also went the other way around—Westwood’s iconic creations are reimagined with its collaborator’s check. The collection, made for both men and women, are made of shirts, skirts, shorts, jackets and coats, ties, socks, pants and accessories that are distinctly British. There are slogans, oversized collars and plentiful plaids that give the pieces more character.

For the charitable (and even for those who aren’t, actually), the collab has shirts with the statement “Cool Earth has a plan to save the rainforest”, which features the actual handwriting of the Queen of Punk. The designer, who is also known for her efforts to protect the environment, takes advantage of the much anticipated teaming up to support Cool Earth. The organization, also based in the United Kingdom, is a non-profit whose efforts go into the protection of the world’s rainforests “to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change”. Proceeds from the shirts will be for the funding of the NGO’s projects.

Tisci previously expressed admiration for the dame, saying that Westwood was among the designers he looked up to and that made him want to take up fashion design. With his appointment as Burberry’s chief creative officer also came the chance to partner with Westwood, “the perfect opportunity to approach her to do something,” as per the Italian designer’s words. Before finally unveiling the products of their partnership, Tisci spoke of praises for the punk queen, “She is a rebel, a punk and unrivaled in her unique representation of British style, which has inspired so many of us. I am so incredibly proud of what we will be creating together.”


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The campaign for the collection is a star-studded one, the photos done masterfully by David Sims, another acclaimed British fashion personality known for his work behind the lens. English supermodel Kate Moss led the pack, which also includes Sistren, DelaRosa, Sashadavai, Claudia Lavender, Leonard Emmanuel, Andy Bradin, LadyFag, Marco Motta, Josh Quinton,and Jacob Shifrin. Westwood and her husband Andreas Kronthaler also star in the campaign.

Some of the products are already available for purchase, just in time for the holidays. The whole collection will be launched not too long after, in early 2019. You can check out the pieces on both Burberry’s online and offline stores. There’s everything for everyone, with prices that start at $70.

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Image credits: Burberry, Elliot Morgan, David Sims, Brett Lloyd

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