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Top 16 Most Fashionable Burberry Women’s Jackets

Burberry Women's Jackets for All Kinds of Weather

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

When it comes to jackets, there’s no other brand that’s undeniably trusty than Burberry. Since its inception almost two centuries ago, it’s become a household name for British style as we know it today. For a fashion house that caters to the likes of Londoners, it’s expected of them to bring out the best of outerwear considering the lack of sunshine in their homeland.

And since there are so many places in our side of the globe that didn’t get the spring memo yet, these Burberry jackets are still wise to buy at this time and eventually, they’ll also carry on to become part of your AW2019 wardrobe. 

  1. BURBERRY Checked cotton-twill bomber jacket

BURBERRY Checked cotton-twill bomber jacket

Price: US$1,225.00
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Burberry’s check is one of the most recognizable prints in the world but you must know that it took a process to get to its exclusivity and rich quality. At one point in history, it took over everything that you can buy in common markets that it was almost lost to being cheap and easy to duplicate. But gladly, you now get to enjoy this popular print without worry of being labeled basic. Transform your sporty outfits with this modern bomber jacket with the fashion house’s heritage check print. 

  1. Burberry Frankby Quilted Jacket, Black

Burberry Frankby Quilted Jacket, Black

Price: US$595.00
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The Frankby is a less exaggerated version of a quilted jacket that’s perfect for transitioning to warmer months or the other way around. The jet-black color slightly hides the bulk but the subtle diamond stitching creates a textured look on the outside while their signature check sometimes shows up from the lining. 

  1. BURBERRY Embellished wool-felt jacket

BURBERRY Embellished wool-felt jacket

Price: US$4,195.00
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A little history lesson for you: Burberry is pretty much where the trench coat came from and it even became like a uniform for officers during the first World War. Before we get too serious though, this jacket obviously took inspiration from British military uniforms that goes way back to the fashion house’s early years. Get this to model a little appreciation for British culture. 

  1. Burberry Check-Lined Hooded Jacket

Burberry Check-Lined Hooded Jacket

Price: US$350.00
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As you might not know, since Burberry took control and transformed the check print into their own luxurious signature, the print has found home in the linings of many of their clothes. This might look like a simple red hoodie but you’ll feel extra special with the comfy check lining enveloping you in soft warmth. 

  1. BURBERRY Hooded quilted shell jacket

BURBERRY Hooded quilted shell jacket

Price: US$795.00
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This trench coat gives justice to the style that brought Burberry one of its early successes. A streamlined quilted design is packed in this compact trench that’s not too wintery to wear during gloomy weather in other seasons. Do away with the detachable hood and leave it open in the front as the temperatures rise up. 

  1. BURBERRY Quilted puffer jacket

BURBERRY Quilted puffer jacket

Price: US$744.00
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There’s still time to see the northern lights in Iceland. If you’re going, take this thick jacket with you on the plane to really combat the icy temperature when you arrive. It combines the puffer style and quilted design in a warm army-green jacket that lets you last as long as you need to wait for the lights to appear. 

  1. BURBERRY Oversized hooded shell coat

BURBERRY Oversized hooded shell coat

Price: US$1,090.00
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A shell jacket is to military uniforms as this shell coat is to sporty vibes, thanks to the drawstrings and tape belt that remind us of the safety measures used for dangerous stunts. This oversized coat instantly transforms your outfit as it covers more than half of your body and it also functions as an effective raincoat with the waterproof material. 

  1. BURBERRY Reissued harrington jacket

BURBERRY Reissued harrington jacket

Price: US$1,452.00
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The Harrington jacket first made a breakthrough in 1988 and this reissued version comes in a sand color. Burberry clothes doesn’t need to go with the logomania trend to make its luxurious name to be seen but this jacket incorporates the logo in embroidery on the chest. This is a convenient alternative to thick hoodies as it’s made from thin cotton, has two front pockets, and a quick zip fastening. 

  1. BURBERRY Oversized rope-detailed shell jacket

BURBERRY Oversized rope-detailed shell jacket

Price: US$890.00
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As mentioned, shell jackets were once used for military purposes but this Burberry version follows the shell coat with the sporty aesthetic. Because of its composition and bright yellow drawstrings, it can be used for strenuous outdoor activities like hiking where you might need durable outerwear that can withstand any harsh environments or situations. 

  1. BURBERRY hooded poncho

BURBERRY hooded poncho

Price: US$1,716.00
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We imagine ponchos to be the right mix of hoodies and capes. Both are warm and cozy, so what can you complain about when they come together? This Burberry hooded poncho gets the best of everything with the common gray hue, soft melange wool blend for the long sleeves and loose bodice, and Burberry’s logo printed at the back like a team’s name on a varsity jacket. 

  1. BURBERRY Faux fur jacket

BURBERRY Faux fur jacket

Price: US$1,795.00
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Burberry’s ready-to-wear always includes high fashion pieces that can almost pass up for couture to a less-than-average dresser. But for the fashion set, this faux fur jacket is just as much a regular jacket as hoodies are for everyone. Our favorite part about it is how the back looks when worn especially with the hood down. We believe it’s what people call a teddy jacket but this one is in pink. 

  1. BURBERRY doodle print hooded cape

BURBERRY doodle print hooded cape

Price: US$672.00
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If you’re a girl with a bit of punk in you, this doodle print cape is the type of high-end clothing that will capture your style’s essence. The very loose fit, drawstring hood and random realistic doodles on a gray background reinforces a hip hop aesthetic and it’s one that’s not trying too hard but just blends in. 

  1. BURBERRY Embellished denim jacket

BURBERRY Embellished denim jacket

Price: US$1,238.00
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This dark denim jacket shows that Burberry’s neat and sleek aesthetic can transform even the most casual of clothes. The white lamb shearling trims on the front are the reason for the more feminine and polished look of this jacket. Second is the curved hem that highlights curves from the back, especially when worn with tight skirts or pants. 

  1. Burberry Finsbridge Check-Lined Short Quilted Coat W/ Removable Hood

Burberry Finsbridge Check-Lined Short Quilted Coat W_ Removable Hood

Price: US$695.00
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Burberry’s Finsbridge is a shorter version of the shell jacket and it comes in red than the previous one’s army green color. It has the same thin diamond quilted design and check lining that shows through the detachable hood. Even if winter’s over, you can still use this for hiking trips where you wake up in a sea of clouds and experience cold morning fogs at mountain peaks even in the summer. 

  1. BURBERRY fur trim puffer coat

BURBERRY fur trim puffer coat

Price: US$1,716.00
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Puffer padding, quilted stitching, satin-shell material, fur, and rare double-breasted front fastening. This coat is definitely one-of-a-kind with the mix of every practical and fashionable details that all contribute to the piece’s high quality. This is one of those coats that can stand on its own and can be worn as a top or dress. 

  1. BURBERRY panelled aviator jacket

BURBERRY panelled aviator jacket

Price: US$3,438.00
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This aviator jacket has got to be one of the most appealing masculine jackets that flatters a woman well. The warmth from the shearling lining is just one of the perks but the real attraction lies in the dark chocolate color of the exterior in both matte and glossy lamb skin.

Before Burberry became the high-end luxury fashion house that we know today, it started from the humble visions of 21-year-old Thomas Burberry. It first focused on practical outdoor apparel than fashionable clothing but if these modern jackets are any indication, the brand has definitely built up a reputation that’s almost impossible to break apart at this point. If not the logomania pieces or the signature prints, the impeccable designs from outgoing designer, Christopher Bailey, bleed high fashion. This might be the last we’ll see of Burberry jackets from him, so fans of Bailey’s work for the brand must take advantage now while these last.

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