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Buck’s Burley Hair Cream for Men Review

Buck’s Burley Hair Cream for Men Review
If you’re looking for a strong holding styling cream, then we think Buck's Burley Hair Cream for Men may be the one for you. Scented with Sandalwood, it restores and promotes hair growth whilst providing you with a strong voluminous hold that doesn’t have any stiffness. This cream manages to lock in your hair’s moisture without any frizz or greasy feeling, although the scent may be a little intimidating for some. To use, simply apply the cream on dry hair for a matter finish and wet hair for a shinier finish, and easily wash it out with water at the end of the day. This product is on the more expensive side but a little goes a long way, so we think it’s definitely worth a try.
Ease of Application
Value for Money
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Provides a strong hold without any stiffness
Adds volume
Can be applied as matte or shiny
Restores and increases hair growth
On the pricier side
Sandalwood scent might be overpowering

Buck’s Burley Hair Cream for Men is made with Castor Oil, to bring out the hair’s shine; Mineral Oil, to minimize frizz whilst sealing in moisture; Softisan 649 a hair conditioner and gloss enhancer; Kester Wax ct, also a hair conditioner; Vitamin E, promotes hair growth and repair; Roman Chamomile to soothe and calm; Glycerin to moisturize. This product is also scented with Sandalwood and Sensfeel, to naturally enhance male pheromones.


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