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Bremont Supermarine Endurance Review

Bremont Supermarine Endurance Review

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

Bremont Supermarine Endurance Review
Bremont Supermarine Endurance Review
Bremont’s Supermarine Endurance watch gets a lot of things right for extreme adventurers. It’s an intentional timepiece made specifically for certain events, like hiking up Mount Everest or exploring the South Pole, as Ben Saunders did. It follows that to own this watch, it requires a great sense for dangerous expeditions and a do-or-die attitude.
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Bremont’s brand slogan is “Tested Beyond Endurance”, which is not just a happy coincidence with their Supermarine Endurance watch. The common word also happens to be the name of the British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship when he explored the South Pole in the early 20th century, which inspired the new watch.

Following the Terra Nova model that came out in 2014 and that was used by another South Pole explorer, Bremont’s new release is considered the new watch that future explorers and adventurers can use for their expeditions, whether personal or professional.

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Release Date: March 2018
Price when reviewed: US$6,395.00

The Supermarine Endurance is a watch made specifically for extensive and intense undertakings as it’s equipped with survival features in extreme environmental conditions. This limited edition timepiece is produced with only 300 pieces and it makes an exceptional watch for the most specific and rarest occasions.


  • Diameter: 43mm
  • Movement: Caliber BE-93-2AE automatic (COSC-certified)
  • Water Resistance: 500 meters
  • Power Reserve: 42 hours
  • Features: Compass bezel, GMT hand


The Supermarine Endurance watch was proven useful and efficient by a polar explorer himself. Ben Saunders used it in his own solo expedition in Antarctica last year where he crossed a vast part of it from east to west. All its design elements are corresponded with a certain function that helps the wearer or protects the watch itself in extreme situations.

The rotating bezel acts as a compass scale that is used together with the GMT hand on the dial. It allows easier navigation especially in a place where there’s limited directional knowledge to follow. The dial itself, with a large surface measuring to 43mm, its black background, orange accents and markers, and lucid watch hands coated with Super-Luminova, aids the person by making the details and information visible and easily seen in one glace.

All the while, the case protects the movement from any kind of pressure, especially underwater for up to 500 meters, and the NATO strap allows the watch to be fitted over all your gear to be easily accessible while on the move.


The only issue with the function and features is the smaller and shorter GMT hand that was changed from Bremont’s earlier watches of the same level. The additional directional ‘N’ pointer design makes it more difficult for the wearer to distinguish where it’s pointing at right away.

If not that small detail, the watch in general may be too overqualified for the kind of people who take on trips that are less dangerous and less extreme. For all its incredible abilities, the watch may still not check off all their preferences and requirements in a timepiece.

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