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Best-selling Designer Jackets, Coats, Blazers & Rainwear for Boys (2 to 12 Years)

Top 5 Fashion Designer Duffle And Peacoats for Boys (2 to 12 years)

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

In extreme cold weather conditions these days, there’s a high risk for all of us, especially kids, to catch a fever or colds. It’s better to prevent it from happening in the first place than battling it out of you or your kid. Here are the best designer Jackets, Coats, Blazers & Rainwear for Boys age 2 to 12 years.

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Padded jackets

  1.  MONCLER KIDS fur hood padded jacket

MONCLER KIDS fur hood padded jacket

Price: US$820.00
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The quilted foam and warm linings of padded jackets are enough to counter the counter the cold weather, but there’s extra protection when you include fur into the mix. This fur-hooded jacket from Moncler Kids will ensure your kid is secure from the waist up.

  1. MONCLER KIDS padded cape jacket

MONCLER KIDS padded cape jacket

Price: US$820.00
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They say not all heroes wear capes, but your boy can with this padded cape jacket from Moncler Kids. It’s perfect for your skiing trips so he could have fun with the wind as he glides down the slopes. It will be an unforgettable first few tries, and afterwards, he can still wear the jacket for day-to-day activities back home so he can relive the fun memories.

  1. MONCLER KIDS contrast trim padded jacket

MONCLER KIDS contrast trim padded jacket
Prices: US$475.00
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Rarely do we see padded jackets that doesn’t look so bulky, but this Moncler Kids jacket adds something fashionable such as the red and black trim that stand out alongside the white overall color. Transition to this jacket when the temperature starts to rise and huge padded and fur jackets start to seem over-the-top.

  1. BURBERRY KIDS quilted jacket

BURBERRY KIDS quilted jacket

Price: US$259.00
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This Burberry Kids quilted jacket creates a diamond shape, so the padding is less-pronounced but is still able to offer the same comfort and coziness as the bulky ones. It’s tough-looking as a leather jacket, but it’s kid-friendly, so your boy can still achieve a vigorous look.

  1. MONCLER KIDS padded jacket

MONCLER KIDS padded jacket

Price: US$620.00
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When the skies are gray, it makes you a bit less enthusiastic for the day. The winter gloom may have the same negative effect on your kid and affect how his school day goes, so brighten up his day a bit with colorful clothes like this vivid blue padded jacket. Aside from the general cold, it will also protect him on wet, rainy, and humid days, so you target a lot of worries with one jacket.

  1. PAUL SMITH JUNIOR reversible padded jacket

PAUL SMITH JUNIOR reversible padded jacket

Price: US$328.00
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When it comes to outerwear, you can get away with wearing it over and over without frequent washing because it’s less likely to become as icky and dirty as your inner layers would be, but it’s also not that appealing to wear the same prints and colors everyday. This reversible jacket will solve that with a grainy print on one side and plain black on the other.

  1. FENDI KIDS reversible padded jacket

FENDI KIDS reversible padded jacket

Price: US$850.00
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Didn’t we all dream of becoming an astronaut at some point in our life? For sure, your kid would be thrilled to fulfill his own fantasies of being an astronaut himself, though only pretend. This Fendi reversible padded jacket will allow him to do just that with the metallic silver body on the one side.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS sports print down jacket

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS sports print down jacket

Price: US$683.00
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If he’s a sports fanatic, he’ll definitely love to showcase it with this sports print down jacket from Dolce & Gabbana Kids. It’s got every sport that he might be interested in, in case he loves them all or is still undecided.

Trench And Wool Coats

  1. IL GUFO hooded vest & coat set

IL GUFO hooded vest & coat set

Price: US$419.00
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This set is a combination of a gilet and a coat, made from wool-cashmere blend that are perfect to keep your boy warm throughout the day. Il Gufo‘s design allows your young man to embrace the traces of his adolescence taking their places, turning him into a gentle man.

  1. Burberry Kids Mini Burwood Coat

Burberry Kids Mini Burwood Coat

Price: US$459.99
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Burberry‘s mini Burwood coat is a bold choice for a dashing little man, one that he can enjoy using for parties and social events. You might want to recommend him wearing this piece when he wants to impress his crush, as the tasteful  patch pockets and toggles closure of this piece, plus the tab cuffs at the long sleeves will make any girl swoon.

  1. SIOLA wide sleeved buttoned coat

SIOLA wide sleeved buttoned coat

Price: US$273.00
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This buttoned coat has a simple design and silhouette that is friendly to a growing boy’s physique. The brown buttons at the front is a good accent detail to the blue wool used to create this piece, a simple combination perfect to be used during his school days.

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS double breasted coat

DSQUARED2 KIDS double breasted coat

Price: US$348.00
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Dsquared2 brings us another classic piece that is versatile to style with, adaptable to any style for any occasion your son would like to attend. Made from virgin wool, this double-breasted coat carries a nautical theme on its buttons with anchor details.

  1. BURBERRY KIDS ‘Heritage’ trench coat

BURBERRY KIDS 'Heritage' trench coat

Price: US$915.00
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But of course we wouldn’t miss to include a classic-colored trench coat in this list. Exuding its British roots, Burberry combined a bold modern design to a timeless piece, creating a trendy masterpiece that your boy will really love.

  1. LAPIN HOUSE button up checked trim coat

LAPIN HOUSE button up checked trim coat

Price: US$304.00
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Lapin House is always dependable for comfy and stylish pieces, especially ones you need during winter time. This blue wool-blend piece has a very up-to-date style, which will surely captivate your son with its contrasting elbow patches and cool checked hood lining. A really hip way to get covered for the colder seasons.

Duffle And Peacoats

  1. BURBERRY KIDS housecheck detail duffle coat

BURBERRY KIDS housecheck detail duffle coat

Price: US$554.00
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Burberry‘s black wool duffle coat is a piece you know will not let your little man get cold in the midst of any a snowstorm or any cold windy day. It’s classic look has been turned up by the label into a piece that kids these days can relate to, including the flashy toggle fastening and luxe huge hand pockets in front. This piece gets a definite A+ on our grading scale, and it will surely get the same approval from your stylish son.

  1. IL GUFO double breasted coat

IL GUFO double breasted coat

Price: US$235.00
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Another safe and classic hue aside from black is gray, with its known versatility proven in the fashion industry since the beginning and through all kinds of clothing and accessories. It might be a color often mistaken to be a boring one, but believe us, if Il Gufo added this shade to its collection, it surely looks awesome. And added to the soft cotton fabric used for this elegant piece, we dare say that “gray is the new black”.

  1. FAMILIAR double-breasted coat

FAMILIAR double-breasted coat

Price: US$448.00
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We don’t know if anybody said this before, but we’re claiming it… double breasted coats are immortal. Familiar has surely drawn inspiration from the designs people loved from centuries before, put their own spin on it, and created this stylish masterpiece that is simply tasteful. We can’t get enough of the crisp navy blue hue and straight hem that both added character to this coat.

  1. WOOLRICH KIDS parka


Price: US$416.00
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Woolrich Kids certainly knows how to get a luxury piece done with finesse and remarkable quality. This parka strongly proves that, with the elegant design packed with the right combination of practicality and style. Obviously, the fur hood takes the top spot for the most eye-catching detail, yet the color of the buttons that complements the hue of the fur is a key detail as well, bringing in the balance to the entire piece.

  1. WOOLRICH KIDS fur collar coat

WOOLRICH KIDS fur collar coat

Price: US$416.00
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We can’t get enough of Woolrich Kids‘ designs, that’s why we’ll end this list with another wow-er from the brand. Fox fur adorn the collar of this coat, a great design accented with the green lining of the hood. With all else kept simple, such as the plain black cotton fabric used for the entire body of the coat, you’ll be assured that this will match any outfits that your son might have in his closet–from common ones, quirky pieces, up to the craziest items.


  1.  MONCLER KIDS buttoned jacket

MONCLER KIDS buttoned jacket

Price: US$565.00
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There’s nothing like a military jacket to provide the ultimate protection. If our mighty soldiers use this same material for their uniforms and training gears, it can definitely protect your kid from mere rain. This Moncler Kids jacket features several pockets to keep other essentials safe and dry.

  1. Burberry Kids Packaway Parka (Infant/Toddler)

Burberry Kids Packaway Parka (Infant, Toddler)

Price: US$164.99
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If it’s raining, there’s probably some strong winds that come with it. Parkas are purposely for avoiding the water and cold winds so your toddler is going to be completely warm and dry in this Burberry Kids parka. Also, if it’s already gloomy outside, this yellow number will brighten up your and your boy’s day a little bit.

  1. NAPAPJIRI KIDS Napapjiri rain jacket

NAPAPJIRI KIDS Napapjiri rain jacket

Price: US$223.00
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You wouldn’t want to have your boy lost from sight in the playground on a wet day. It’s especially worrisome if the weather is a little bit harsher, but you need to enjoy your chats with other parents as well. Make sure he’s always in your peripheral by putting this red rain jacket from Napapjiri Kids on him before leaving the house.

  1. Burberry Kids Archer Jacket (Little Kids/Big Kids)

Burberry Kids Archer Jacket (Little Kids, Big Kids)

Price: US$199.99
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With boys, you don’t have to think so much about their outfits. They’re not usually interested in making a statement or being a standout. Burberry Kids’ Archer jacket is a standard, discreet rainwear that your boy can wear to school and fit in with the other kids. It’s a purely functional piece that will go with most of his clothes.

  1.  GUCCI KIDS tiger embroidered jacket

GUCCI KIDS tiger embroidered jacket

Price: US$1,159.00
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If you’ve got a fashion maven on your hands, this Gucci Kids jacket will be the type he would be drawn to. If not the vivid color-blocking, the embroidered tiger motif at the back will match his eccentric approach to clothes.

  1. Moncler New Urville Zip-Front Raincoat, Size 2-3

Moncler New Urville Zip-Front Raincoat, Size 2-3

Price: US$245.00
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Nylon, polyester, or polyamide aren’t the most comfortable fabrics but they’re the ones that are suitable for rainy weather. If you’re looking for a rain jacket that feels like a sweater for your toddler, this New Urville jacket is the one you want for its waterproof exterior and cotton lining. He wouldn’t even notice he’s not wearing an actual sweater.

  1. Burberry Kids Mini Yateson Jacket (Little Kids/Big Kids)

Burberry Kids Mini Yateson Jacket (Little Kids, Big Kids)

Price: US$205.99
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Like the one before it, this mini Yateson jacket from Burberry Kids has the same comfy cotton lining, but in an attractive plaid print. Inside and out, this jacket is not only purposeful but stylish. If you’ve got a fashionable kid who’s into the little details like that, this one is the perfect rain jacket for him.

Denim Jackets

  1. GUCCI KIDS logo embroidered denim jacket

GUCCI KIDS logo embroidered denim jacket

Price: US$745.00
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Gucci never fails to rock every punk piece with a splash of elegance and a hint of quirkiness. This piece embodies the perfect combination of rugged (bleached denim), formal (collar), and casual (vibrant logo print at the back). What more can we add to that? Just a round of applause.

  1. GUCCI KIDS wolf embroidered denim jacket

GUCCI KIDS wolf embroidered denim jacket

Price: US$890.00
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This differently designed Gucci jacket has a much more mellow feel to it, thanks to the light denim material used for the entire piece. The surprise feature is reflective of the label’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele‘s designs: involving fun colors and wildlife.

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS distressed denim jacket

DIESEL KIDS bleached effect denim shirt

Price: US$376.00
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DSquared2 Kids deserves admiration with this cute and utterly stylish jacket. Our eyes were instantly drawn to the zigzag seam along the buttons, as well as the distressed details all over the denim fabric. We’re pretty sure your sweet boy can instantly have a cool and rocker image wearing this item.

  1. MSGM KIDS flap pockets denim jacket

MSGM KIDS flap pockets denim jacket

Price: US$223.00
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 The 1990s vibe is what we definitely get from MSGM‘s denim jacket, not only because it was made from denim, but because of its slightly loose silhouette. With its style and fit, your son’s fashion will totally remind you of the clothes your boy-crushes have worn back in the day.

  1. DIESEL KIDS bleached effect denim shirt

DIESEL KIDS bleached effect denim shirt

Price: US$138.00
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Ingeniously bleached and designed to still look so posh, this Diesel Kids‘ denim jacket will earn a favorite status not only in your kids’ closet, but in the eyes of his peers. The brand definitely know how to produce tasteful pieces, while retaining the punk rock vibe that they usually go for.

Padded Coats

  1.  Moncler Kids hooded padded coat

Moncler Kids hooded padded coat

Price: US$1,110.00
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Safety and comfort in the cold weather comes before anything else, but if you want to add luxury to the equation, then we found you (and your son) a match. Moncler Kids gives your child a premium jacket in the form of a feather down, red and black padded coat. It’s a handsome body cover during many of winter’s pleasurable activities.

  1. Burberry Kids Luke Quilted Jacket

Burberry Kids Luke Quilted Jacket

Price: US$199.99
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British style ambassador Burberry is best known for their coats, and this jacket from their kids collection supports the fact without need for words. Expertly quilted into diamond shapes, the jacket will not only be the subject of envy for onlookers but also a source of warmth and delight for your little one.

  1. Diadora Junior faux fur padded coat

Diadora Junior faux fur padded coat

Price: US$257.00
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If you want some punch in your child’s jacket, then Diadora Junior has taken care of that for you. Trust us, we sympathize with the difficulty in styling young boys during their hyperactive, pre-puberty years that are the most stressful for any parent. No need to worry though, Diadora gives you a look to strive for effortlessly. It also requires less maintenance, thanks to its faux fur and multi-textured nylon.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids crest padded jacket

Dolce & Gabbana Kids crest padded jacket

Price: US$973.00
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Give your young boy a preppy look this winter way before he even first steps out for school. The Italian duo has been revered for years for their top-of-the-line designs, and the love of your life certainly deserves a piece of fashion heaven in their body.

  1. Armani Junior geometric print padded coat

Armani Junior geometric print padded coat

Price: US$468.00
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Armani Junior proves that they know their audience well by including fun geometric prints in their coat. Although subdued compared to most children’s jackets, this will definitely seal the deal and make your child look even cooler than the weather.

  1. Colmar Kids hooded long coat

Colmar Kids hooded long coat

Price: US$331.00
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Get your son some military colors for some edge in the chilly season. Colmar Kids will keep your child well-insulated, thanks to its feather down material, and secured, with the addition of a concealed front fastening. The long coat is good for shielding away the chills while your child keeps you company when running errands.

  1. Woolrich Kids fur hood padded parka

Woolrich Kids fur hood padded parka

Price: US$505.00
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If elegance is your primary guide in choosing clothes, then you’d probably opt for this Woolrich parka. It’s in a stately color, comes with fine raccoon fur, and even the buttons to keep your child intact is charming in contrast with the blue cotton blend.


  1.  DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS Jacquard blazer

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS Jacquard blazer

Price: US$1,248.00
Buy It

Even for adults, fancy blazers are more appropriate in formal and professional settings. Though it would be years before your little boy experiences the latter, he could be in a lot more formal events at his age than you’d think. This red jacquard blazer from Dolce & Gabbana is a striking top over traditional black trousers. Everyone’s eyes will be on him as he runs around looking as dapper as a handsome man — one that he’ll surely become.

  1. MANUEL RITZ KIDS classic fitted blazer

MANUEL RITZ KIDS classic fitted blazer

Price: US$173.00
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We love when kids’ clothes resemble that of adults’ because it emphasizes their small size. People won’t be able to contain their adoration when they see your kid in this Manuel Ritz Kids blazer. The herringbone pattern creates the appearance of a grainy texture, which will make it look like you put a lot of thought into the little details of his ensemble.

  1. PEEK JT Blazer (Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids)

PEEK JT Blazer (ToddlerLittle Kids, Big Kids)

Price: US$30.99
Buy It

Pure black or white on such a formal article of clothing, especially for kids, are usually extremely formal and will only make a kid look so much older than he actually is. Gray is the in-between color and it works so well for a blazer on a young man.

  1. GUCCI KIDS blind for love patch blazer

GUCCI KIDS blind for love patch blazer

Price: US$620.00
Buy It

Gucci‘s navy blazer exhibits their expertise not only for men and women’s apparel, but also kids’. The red accents and “blind for love” patch adds a schoolboy aesthetic to it, which will make you tear up thinking about your little boy’s upcoming school days. It’s wonderful on top of trousers, but looks as fine with dark denim on the bottom.

  1. Plaid Wool Prep School Jacket, Abyss/Black, Size 4-12

Plaid Wool Prep School Jacket, Abyss, Black, Size 4-12

Price: US$655.00
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Much like the patch, it’s the plaid print on this other Gucci blazer that counters the dark hues and makes it more appropriate for your kid. It has a tight fit and a wool lining to keep in more heat during the winter months.

  1. TAGLIATORE JUNIOR checked blazer

TAGLIATORE JUNIOR checked blazer

Price: US$259.00
Buy It

A summer alternative of the thick plaid blazer is this checked linen from Tagliatore Junior. The lighter fabric doesn’t trap heat and the looser fit will enable more air circulation. Have it worn open so your kid can show off another layer of a fancy shirt or a basic white tee.

  1. Burberry Kids Tuxy Jacket (Little Kids/Big Kids)

Burberry Kids Tuxy Jacket (Little Kids, Big Kids)

Price: US$314.99
Buy It

Every man, whether 5 or 35, will probably have a black blazer as part of a basic suit for every formal event they attend. Make your little man a little different but still equally dashing with this plain navy blue blazer from Burberry Kids. It’s the default navy color so it will match most other trousers in the same shade, so his first suit will be nothing but fancy.

  1. Appaman Velvet Blazer, Size 2T-14

Appaman Velvet Blazer, Size 2T-14

Price: US$110.00
Buy It

Everything that’s velvet immediately becomes luxurious. The fabric has a sheen that is quietly radiant, but just as beautiful as glitter. If you have an especially active kid, keep him looking his best with this Appaman blazer, even after running and playing.

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