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Bottega Venetta Pouch Bag Review

Bottega Venetta Pouch Bag

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Bottega Venetta Pouch Bag Review
Daniel Lee’s reign as Bottega Venetta’s most recent creative director is off to a good start with his first bag release, the Pouch. A voluminous leather clutch that is as soft as it looks, this minimalist bag is the latest answer to all the heartbroken Philophiles’ prayers.
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Because of its soft folds and lack of any other motif, the Pouch is the ideal minimalist It bag of the season. Though the silhouette and fabric manipulation is almost like the oversized leather version of your grandmother’s coin purse, it manages to provide comfortability and functionality without compromising style. The simplicity of the design feels contemporary and unisex, which only adds to the appeal this design.

Made in Italy, the Pouch is available in three different leather types: smooth Butter Calf leather, textured Cocco Souple (a mix of different animal skins), and woven Velvet Calf in the brand’s iconic Intrecciato pattern. It features a top snap closure that opens to a single internal compartment.

If the size is seems like a bit of a handful, this bag also has a mini counterpart named the Pouch 20, “20” being the measurement of its  length. Regardless of the size, this plain leather bag maintains exudes the characteristics which the Italian brand strives for: timelessness and luxuriousness.

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