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Bliss Original Blue Body Bar Review

Bliss Original Blue Body Bar
Bliss Original Blue Body Bar Review
The Bliss Original Blue Body Bar invigorated us with its crisp, spa-like scent, intense lather, and massaging nubbins. Showering with this bar soap was such a luxury, as it doesn’t only feel expensive, but it actually is expensive. Unfortunately, this bar has the same longevity as any bar soap. On top of that the nubbins dissolve roughly after 3-4 washes, which really disappointed us. Even so, we will definitely keep this product in mind for when we feel like treating ourselves to a mini spa day. But for daily use, we will probably stick to a cheaper alternative.
Value for Money
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Massaging nubs stimulates the skin
Lathers easily
Smells invigorating
Dissolves quickly
Nubs disappear after several washes

Bliss made the French-milled bar with moisturizing glycerin and molded it with massaging nubbins. Promoted as a long-lasting bar soap, we found this product to dissolve rather quickly. As refreshing as it is, we think the price doesn’t justify purchasing this bar for everyday use, but we’ll make the occasional exception for when we want to splurge.

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