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BH Cosmetics Power Pencil Long-Lasting Eyeliner Review

BH Cosmetics Power Pencil Long-Lasting Eyeliner Review
Product Description
The BH Cosmetics Power Pencil Eyeliner is not the most recognizable drugstore eyeliner out there yet, but with what it can do, it definitely deserves to be more well-known. These powerful eyeliners really pack a punch with their intensely pigmented formula that makes precision application a piece of cake. There are some—in our opinion—minor issues to consider, but otherwise, we feel that this product is easily one of the more reliable pencil eyeliners we've come across.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Great color range
Strong pigments
Good for precision purposes
Slight skipping during application
Lackluster wear time

The Power Pencil is a newly released eyeliner from drugstore brand BH Cosmetics. This absolute gem of a product might be very on the block, and its name is definitely not the most recognizable yet. But what this eyeliner can do—and for its drugstore-level price tag at that—is unprecedented and unparalleled.

In our opinion, this eyeliner feels functionally very similar to plenty of high-end, luxury pencil eyeliners, which is a pleasant surprise because it only costs a fraction of the price those other eyeliners are sold at. This product really goes in with the pigmentation. One swipe gives near-opaque coloration, whether you’re using one of the matte finishes or the creamier shimmer products. We were also very impressed by how easy it is to really get a precision application out of this eyeliner. Unlike some pencils which may smudge while applying a delicate tightline or something similar, this one allows you to perform more tricky eyeliner techniques without the same concerns.

On the other hand, despite the good this product is able to do, it does come with a few caveats of its own to overcome in order to get the best out of this eyeliner. First, there was a little bit of noticeable skipping while we were applying the product. It was very minimal so it wasn’t a huge concern of ours, but it does require some slight back-and-forth just to keep the color consistent. We were also left wanting a little more out of the wear time. While the fade-out wasn’t as bad as some other eyeliners out there—in fact, it faded out consistently and gracefully—we definitely wanted to keep it on a little longer.

So our verdict? Like we said, we find this eyeliner to be quite a hidden gem of sorts, and we’re very happy it came our way. Despite the issues we pointed out—both of which were, for us, minor—we still found it to be a very easy product to use. It’s not absolutely effortless, but for that price tag, we’re very happy with its performance.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, but more so for normal-to-dry eyelids.

Other Information

  • The BH Cosmetics Power Pencil Eyeliner is available in ten shades. The colors, ranging from the most basic (black, brown) to the more graphic shades (teal, royal blue, gold) are spread out over two finishes: matte and shimmer.

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