The Best Winter Jackets and Coats for Men in 2018

The Best Winter Jackets and Coats for Men in 2018

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Blue, shivery, and cold to the bones? It’s high time you spend your hard-earned money on a decent winter coat that will keep your body temperature from dipping. During the extreme winter season, staying perfectly warm is your primary mission. But you’d also want to avoid the chapped lips and chattering teeth that come with freezing.

There’s nothing chic about tolerating a cold weather especially when there is one thing a guy could do to survive a frosty winter season: upgrade his outerwear look with an on point winter jacket. Good thing you still got time to grab the best outerwear before the temperature hits below freezing point. If you’re lucky, you may even keep the cold out by looking sartorially savvy. (Plus points if you can manage to snag a date to sip hot coffee with while the cold wind rushes by.)

Keep scrolling to find the trendiest winter coats that can surely afford you with much needed warmth.

  1. Check Overcoat

Men's Check Overcoat

Time to go a little bolder than black or navy with what has been steadily making a comeback and has been recently seen in the runway of AW18 shows: the plaid. The pattern is now used in almost any piece of clothing possible—from trousers to shoes to dresses—an indication that this look is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Add a plaid topcoat to break the monotony of your wardrobe in a stylish way. Invest in a sleek check overcoat which can be worn over any solid-color clothing in your closet like casual turtlenecks to business suits, but make sure it complements every pair of shoes you own. We know most guys would steer away from bold patterns, but trust us, this trend will stay for a long while, so go scoop a proper tailored check overcoat, knitted or not, right now for that look that turns heads around.

Check Overcoat Honorable mentions:

DRIES VAN NOTEN Men's Overcoat

Price: US$1,495.00
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Dries Van Noten surely knows how to use the bold pattern in this Rosemont coat. The oversized overcoat is expertly tailored from heavy cotton-blend tweed that is woven with a large check cut with generous peak lapels.

Acne Studios Men's Check Overcoat

Price: US$900.00
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Investment-worthy Mawin coat from Acne Studios is flawless for this season. Tailored from a breathable checked linen-blend, you can never go wrong with this coat. Plus, it has functioning buttoned cuffs that is adjustable to your own version of ‘perfection’.

Alexander McQueen Men's Check Overcoat

Price: US$3,495.00
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This long-length coat from Alexander McQueen is a must-have in your closet. Made from Prince of Wales checked wool and cashmere-blend, the style is tailored and cut elegantly.

  1. Bomber Jacket

Men's Bomber Jackets

Patterned after flight jackets worn by flight crew members of the US Air Force, or bomber jackets as we call them now, is this season’s “it” look for that off-duty casual wear. Made more modern and slimmer, the jacket boasts a classic silhouette that gives off that bold yet laid-back vibe.

Whether it is in a simple or loud pattern, there is a bomber jacket for you which you can style the way you want, although it looks best with a smart-casual ensemble. The cropped style is the go-to fashion if you want to steer away from long coats and to achieve an edgy dressed down look. Modern and sporty, your look will never look more up-to-date than with an aptly called bomber jacket.

Bomber Jacket Honorable mentions:

Rick Owen Men's Bomber Jacket

Price: US$1,970.00
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If your chiseled arms are ready to be shown off, this bomber jacket from Rick Owens is just right for you. Made in Italy from lightweight cotton-organza, this jacket is complete with plenty of pockets.

Gucci Men's Bomber Jacket

Price: US$3,500.00
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Who said you cannot look casual and devilishly handsome at the same time? Good thing Gucci made this leather bomber jacket designed with cool applique.

Givenchy Men's Bomber Jacket

Price: US$2,990.00
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Givenchy is stepping up his outerwear game with this bomber jacket made from black leather. A monochrome satin sleeves and an embroidered star motif completes the look.

  1. Trench Coat

Men's Trench Coat

Possibly the only good thing the past wars has contributed to fashion is the inception of this timeless piece of clothing. In fact, its structured form and belted long silhouette hardly changed through the years. But honestly, who’s complaining?

Both functional and masculine, the trench coat can sharpen any look—from shirts to sneakers, and even joggers. To add more elegance, a trench in traditional black or navy color will do the trick. A camel colored trench coat, meanwhile, is a great way to contrast your dark suits.

We know you’ve been eyeing that trench coat for a while now for your more dressed up look that an ordinary rain coat cannot achieve. Don’t worry, we will not stop you from adding this style to your collection.

Trench Coat Honorable Mentions:

Burberry Men's Trench Coat

Price: US$1,904.00
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Nothing spells classy like this trench coat from Burberry does. Featuring a figure-flattering belted style, it shows off the label’s impeccable taste in fashion.

Bottega Veneta Men's Trench Coat

Price: US$1,950.00
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The Italian label, Bottega Veneta, putts sophistication the center of this trench, as it always does in all its pieces. With its classic long sleeves and collar, this brown trench coat is timeless.

Oliver Spencer Trench Coat

Price: US$1,950.00
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You can never go wrong with this water, oil and stain-repellant patterned trench coat from Oliver Spencer. It is impeccably tailored in dark palette with subtle checks.

  1. Shearling Jacket

Men's Shearling Jacket

The shearling coat is making its prized comeback this season, which is a good thing since this luxe piece is very handy in the harshest of weathers. Made from processed lambskin or pelts, this jacket, will make sure that you will never freeze in the open (aside from being so durable and lightweight!).

Modern clothing manufacturing techniques also made it possible to make the shearling jacket less bulky compared to its past styles. Now, it can be worn easily and be paired with any of your clothing. That’s a good return of investment since this jacket is sure to last forever.

Shearling Jacket Honorable Mentions:

Tom Ford Men's Shearling Jacket

Price: US$6,995.00
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Look refined and rugged in this Tom Ford shearling-trimmed suede jacket with casual snap fastenings and a number of pockets.

Kingsman Men's Shearling Jacket

Price: US$2,495.00
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We can say you are hitting two birds with one stone in this Kingsman jacket with shearling details and a bomber silhouette made in the UK from panels of supple beige hide, trimmed with strips of leather.

Saint Laurent Men's Shearling Jacket

Price: US$5,990.00
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From Saint Laurent’s SS18 collection, this black shearling jacket features two front zipped pockets and a zip fastening in the center.

  1. Designer parka

Men's Designer Parka
Credit: /

Ah, the parka jacket—the underappreciated coat that more than does the job of protecting you from the cold. We’ve seen them everywhere, especially when the cold was unbearable, but fashion seems to shun the extremely versatile and utilitarian parkas.

That might be in part due to the fact that when they first came around, they were valued more for their function rather than their looks. Their origin is traced all the way back to the Caribou Inuits, who usually made them out of animal skin thick enough to protect them from the frigid weather. As more consideration was put into their function, they tended to bulky and shapeless. Soon enough though, the military adapted the parka, and as with many military garments, the parka soon found its way to civies, and even became a pop culture favorite during the Swinging Sixties.

The appearance of parkas have not changed significantly through the years, but designers are slowly taking control of the situation. Today, you can find one that checks out all three of the qualifications of a stylish man: a versatile garment, one that actually does its job, and still is classy.

Designer Parka Honorable mentions:

Yves Salomon Parka

Price: US$3,591.00
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Look like you know your fashion with Yves Salomon’s iteration of the parka, lined with black fur that will keep you warm and will be a source of pride.


Price: US$2,775.00
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You can trust the Canadian twins from DSQUARED2 to take a fashion staple and turn it into a handsome parka that fans of the black color would kill to have.

Mr. & Mrs. Italy Parka

Price: US$5,602.00
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You can thank the husband of Mr. & Mrs. Italy’s Alessia Giacobino who requested for a male version of the parka for this lovely gray midi coat.

  1. Peacoat

Men's Peacoat

If you want to look effortlessly sleek this fall, what you opt for is a peacoat. You can have plenty of things going on for your outfit, dressing up or dressing down. Regardless, the peacoat can easily work with what you’re wearing and even outshine what it has to cover. It’s not hard to see why the classic is a favorite among designers.

Like many staples in menswear, the peacoat actually came from a branch of military service, in the navy. Fashion however, did more than just borrow the uniform. While the classic navy peacoat is still aplenty, many designers took liberties with it to bring bolder pieces to keep you toasty in the colder seasons. That’s good news for you: more iterations, more options to try on.

Pro-tip: Find the perfect fit for you—not too small and not oversized, not even slightly—so you could avoid unwanted folds and creases.

Peacoat Honorable mentions:

Versace Peacoat

Price: US$3,595.00
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Have a piece of impeccable Italian craftsmanship with this double breasted coat made in plush cotton and camel fur, courtesy of Versace.

Dunhill's Peacoat

Price: US$1,795.00
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You’ll probably get the closest to the original peacoat with Dunhill’s version, but what the original may not give you can find in this navy wool-felt’s warmth and quality.

Fay Peacoat

Price: US$544.00
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If you’re tired of the usual dark colors of menswear, then thank the fashion gods from Fay for this carefully crafted beige coat made in cotton that’s also with tortoise buttons.

  1. Textural coat

Men's Textured Coat

No need to fear the textural coat—just because they aren’t as smooth as you’re used doesn’t mean they would itchy and just plain irritating to wear. In fact, they can give some much desired variety and depth to your clothes if you allow them to, and can be another way of expressing your style if you shy away from bright and loud colors.

If you’re the type to place more importance to function than style however, you’ve still got a friend in textured coats. From fleece to corduroy, there would be something thick enough to make you step out in the harshest of elements, comfortably.

Textural Coat Honorable mentions:

Comme Des Garçons Textured Coat

Price: US$2,135.00
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Occasionally, you can find vintage gems like this cream coat from Comme Des Garçons which features a mid-calf length and a curved hemline.

Massimo Alba

Price: US$1,645.00
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This office-appropriate coat by Massimo Alba made in textured wool with deep notch lapels will make you  stand out because of its teal color that is not often used in men’s coats.

Yohji Yamamoto Textured Coat
Yohji Yamamoto

Price: US$1,440.00
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This vintage Yohji Yamamoto oversized textured-knit coat has stood the test of time and still makes ribbing look cool today.

  1. Puffer coat

Men's Puffer Coat

In the past, few people would prefer the puffer coat if they are making a fashionable choice. The sporty, bulky looking jackets aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. They’re usually reserved for dire situations, when you need more insulation but thinner coats just won’t cut it. Today, however, puffers are the top street wear jackets. They can be worn over shirts, jeans, basically anything, and they would look instantly perfect.

The style has definitely caught on and top luxury designers all over the world have their take on the piece. From brighter colors to slimmer silhouettes, there’s something for everyone. But besides the versatility, there’s another plus: the puffers give more room to move around, thanks to their usually shorter cut.

Puffer Coat Honorable mentions:

Perfect Moment Puffer Jacket

Price: US$771.00
Buy It

Show your love for design and high performance clothing with this Amak jacket from Perfect Moment with colors pleasing to the eyes.

Moncler Puffer Coat

Price: US$1,630.00
Buy It

Want to make an impact with your first puffer? Go for this bold red jacket that’s also from Moncler, among the most famous brands out there for puffers.

Kru Puffer Coat

Price: US$2,011.00
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Not afraid of a little color? This edgy black hooded puffer jacket from Kru with splashes of orange will fit right in with the cool street kids.

As for everything in this world, there is a winter coat just for you. Surely, one of these picks will suit your lifestyle and keep you warm at the same time. All you need to do is determine the look you want to achieve and you are more than ready to go out and weather that unforgiving cold winter.

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