15 of the Best Designer Hats for Men in 2020 (Our Favorite)

15 of the Best and Most Robust Designer Hats for Men

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Imagine a wave of men coming out of a train station looking so serious and occupied. They are in a carry-on bags, brogues, perfectly tailored trousers and forever topped with classic hats—isn’t that just nostalgic? It seems like you’re being transported to 19th century when a true gentleman’s fashion includes wearing hats, cigars and to top it all – that serious look they have in their faces as if they have something big going on in their minds. Even when they are so engrossed with their thoughts, it made them look so dashingly handsome. What could possibly be their secret? It must be their fashion, their suits, or maybe—their hats!

Yes, that was in 19th century, the period in the history of fashion where no gentleman would step out if his house not wearing his hat. This accessory became important in society because it marks social status, profession and education. The creation of top hats, fedoras, bowlers, panamas surged during this time. And it continued to last until 20th century.

However, the introduction of caps, hoodies, beret and other protective headgear for men as well as street style fashion somehow displaced these classic pieces. Only a few would be caught wearing such pieces nowadays. This group includes the most fashionable, the stylish and the confident:  they have a high regard for classic pieces and are evident with how they choose and wear their hats. They are not ordinary because they take a lot of time choosing the right accessory for them, including hats.

So, if you’re one of them, take a look on the following 15 best and most robust hats for men we picked for you, you can choose to be classy, cool, and all-dapper-looking with these selection:

  1. Lock & Co Hatters Grosgrain-Trimmed Panama Straw Hat

Lock & Co HattersGrosgrain-Trimmed Panama Straw Hat

Price: US$380.00
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What could be the perfect way to polish your beach outfit this summer? Well, for a fashionable man like you, you might find yourself looking for a well-woven panama hat like this Lock & Co Hatter Grosgrain Trimmed Panama Straw Hat. Made of the finest jipjipas straw for a flexible and easy transport anywhere and anytime you want.

  1. Nick Fouquet ‘La Liberation’ hat

Nick Fouquet 'La Liberation' hat

Price: US$1,819.00
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You might want to look rugged and unmistakably masculine in one of your OOTDs, so pick this Nick Fouquet ‘La Liberation’ hat. It has a side brim, a stroke feature and a feather on the side. This is best match for you plaid polo and brown loafers outfit combined.

  1. And Wander Reversible Printed Canvas Bucket Hat

And WanderReversible Printed Canvas Bucket Hat

Price: US$185.00
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Make yourself a wanderer with this And Wander Reversible printed canvas bucket bag. Made with a tie feature that can be adjusted based on your face shape, you need not to worry if this gonna come off while you stroll, walk or climb in your next adventure.

  1. Études panama hat

Études panama hat

Price: US$321.00
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You’ll never get tired of trying out various panamas because Études has an array of selection for you. This panama hat made of wool and midnight black leather will make you sleek and snob if paired with white top, black trousers, and a bow tie.

  1. Etro Silk-Trimmed Straw Trilby Hat

EtroSilk-Trimmed Straw Trilby Hat

Price: US$420.00
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Want an alternative for your fedoras? Get this Etro silk-trimmed straw trilby hat. This Italian made accessory has a paisley-printed silk band, a distinct pattern of Etro to make your trilby hat look fashionably updated.

  1. Borsalino strap detail fedora hat

Borsalino strap detail fedora hat

Price: US$833.00
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A dapper gentleman like you should never miss having a fedora hat in your closet. So, try looking for something classy and modern like this Borsalino strap detail fedora hat. The natural beaver fur strap elevated the fedora style, indeed, a Borsalino can make this hat look luxurious and elegant.

  1. Paul Smith Woven Panama Hat

Paul SmithWoven Panama Hat

Price: US$125.00
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Looking for an intricately woven panama hat? This Paul Smith woven panama hat may be the one that you’re looking for. This piece combined beige, brown and nude color to create a minimalistic blend of a classic panama style. You can never go wrong with this English brand as it established its name by creating timeless men’s wear pieces.

  1. Dsquared2 panama hat

Dsquared2 panama hat

Price: US$207.00
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Want to look extra sharp, clean and sleek in your beige suit? Then top your look with this Dsquared2 Panama Hat. Made from luxuriously soft wool with gold tone logo plate, you will appear dashing and ready for your formal date with your gal.

  1. Kingsman+ Stetson Jack’s Statesman Leather-Trimmed Felt Hat

Kingsman+ Stetson Jack's Statesman Leather-Trimmed Felt Hat

Price: US$250.00
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Be a little dressy with this Kingsman + Stetson Jack’s Statesman leather trimmed felt hat. This iconic piece is made of traditional felt and braided leather for a comfy experience. The headgear will provide you enough protection against the heat during summer, or warmth during the cold days.

  1. Maison Michel trilby hat

Maison Michel trilby hat

Price: US$748.00
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If you want a shortened version of a fedora hat, you may opt to buy this Maison Michel trilby hat. Maison Michel, a famous hat maker and milliner since 1936 will truly provide you a wide selections of hats and hair accessories. One of which is this crown shaped hat just like a fedora, this may be a little angular to create a more sophisticated and elegant style. Indeed, Maison Michel exude creativity, innovation and craftsmanship in this trilby hat.

  1. Anderson & Sheppard Grosgrain-Trimmed Wool-Felt Trilby Hat

Anderson & SheppardGrosgrain-Trimmed Wool-Felt Trilby Ha

Price: US$250.00
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The classic trilby hat is usually in brown color just like this Anderson & Sheppard grosgrain-trimmed wool-felt trilby hat. This trusted brand has dressed a lot men in suits and hats since 1906. So get this Anderson & Sheppard’ Grosgrain-Trimmed Wool-Felt Trilby Hat to recreate an old Hollywood style- a classic outfit, three piece suit and a matching vest will instantly transform you into a Hollywood man.

  1.  Woolrich fedora hat

Woolrich fedora hat

Price: US$136.00
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Do you love music? Or jazz? Or Frank Sinatra? Then try wearing a fedora hat to experience this man’s iconic style. The wide and flexible brim, like this Woolrich fedora hat, will make you comfortable and stylish like Frank. But don’t over do it by wearing a three piece suit, coz you might look exactly like the man.

  1. Hopper Strasberg Wool-Felt Hat

HopperStrasberg Wool-Felt Hat

Price: US$395.00
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Wanting to have a go-to dress hat to be part of your headgear collection? Then get something classy and sleek with this classic black Strasberg hat. This can be your go-to accessory when you opt for a formal business style  at your office, you will appear smart, serious and ready to take over that boardroom full of colleagues for your business presentation.

  1. Horisaki Design & Handel distressed top hat

Horisaki Design & Handel distressed top hat

Price: US$985.00
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Horisaki Design & Handel‘s handmade pieces will provide you with exciting and avant-garde creations to make you look extraordinary and a little different. This dark gray rabbit fur distressed top hat may appear minimalistic but possess a vintage-vibe which is perfect if your aiming for an eye-catching style. Try wearing this with jeans, and a black polo to accentuate its distinguishing design.

  1. Nick Fouquet match detail hat

Nick Fouquet match detail hat

Price: US$1,375.00
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Nick Fouquet is an established fashion brand known for crafting premium headwear for men and women. If you’re looking for hats in traditional western style and a touch of contemporary design, then this Nick Fouquet is a match. This Nick Fouquet detail hat looks similar with a felt hat but has a distinguishing mark because of its distressed cloth feature above. You can wear it with basic polo and khaki shorts for an easy-going vibe.

These hats may seem to be traditional and classic, but once you’ve chosen the right hat for you – your styling game will instantly transform. All you have to do is try on something different, a fedora, bowler, panama or trilby may do. The large selection made my established fashion brands will help you out to make you look formal, casual, and cool too. Each of these brand names will offer you with high-quality hat design, but will add a touch of authenticity too. So, go grab one of these, and start innovating your headgear game.

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