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BECCA Cosmetics Sunlit Creamy Powder Bronzer Review

BECCA Cosmetics Sunlit Creamy Powder Bronzer Review
Product Description
The Sunlit Bronzer by BECCA Cosmetics is sun-kissed glow in a pan. Once you crack open the (very elegant, as is BECCA’s usual) packaging, you see the powder, which is pressed to look like sunlit summer sand. The formula itself is a powder, but still remains creamy, and that makes it so easy to blend onto the skin. And once applied, it finishes into a very nice satin-matte hybrid that makes the skin look gorgeous. Of course, the glitteriness of the formula might be a turn-off to some, and it does have its issues with wear time, but we believe these are minor issues that overall, don’t take away from the enjoyability of using this bronzer.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Opulent packaging and pressing
Creamy powder formula
Very blendable
Beautiful satiny matte finish
Sort-of expensive
A little bit glittery
Fades lightly throughout the day

First and foremost, BECCA Cosmetics, as a brand, is known for products that really bring out your inner glow. While it definitely does stand on its own, the Sunlit Bronzer still adheres to this aesthetic, delivering a bronzer experience that truly only BECCA can.

Of course, the product is contained within BECCA Cosmetics’ signature metallic packaging that brings a certain level of luxury before you even get to look at the product within. The actual powder is beautifully textured in the pan, highly reminiscent of shining, shimmering beach sand.

The actual formula truly does wonders. Despite being a powder, it still remains some semblance of creaminess that makes it comfortable to wear, and is very easy to blend onto the skin. Once it sets, the bronzer becomes a beautiful satin-matte hybrid finish that looks perfect.

In terms of flaws, the issues of this product are relatively minor. Some people, specifically those who prefer matte finishes, might find themselves a little turned off by the glowiness of the product. Also, the product does have a very slight tendency to fade throughout the day, so that’s something you have to keep an eye out for. Of course, the $38.00 price tag is no joke, either. But generally, in this case, we believe the pros of this product far, far outweigh the cons.

So do we think this product is worth a good, long look? Yes, we do, and you might just find yourself surprised at how much it can do for you.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The BECCA Cosmetics Sunlit Bronzer is available in five shades: Maui Nights (the deepest shade), Ipanema Sun, Bronzed Bondi, Capri Coast, and Bali Sands (the lightest shade).

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