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Leading skincare brand Sulwhasoo is a household name in South Korea, tagged for its luxury and advanced scientific research in traditional herbs. The brand rose to prominence with skincare lines that are mainly infused with ginseng. In 2015, they earned more than one 1 trillion won or almost $1 million dollars in annual sales, making them the first Korean beauty brand to reach such accomplishment.

The brand, which is under the umbrella of South Korean beauty corporation Amore Pacific is popular among middle age women because of their skincare products that promote anti-aging and restoration of the skin’s original radiance. To add to the brand’s reputable image, distinguished and highly respected South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo debuted as the newest face of Sulwhasoo in 2017

‘Blooming and exceptionally beautiful’


Sulwhasoo is certainly not newcomer in the market. In its celebration of 52 years, the company cemented its status of being a household name not in only in the Korean beauty market but also in the international beauty industry. Behind this success is its founder Sung-hwan Suh from Kaesong, South Korea. Sung has dedicated numerous years of research on ginseng and its beneficial properties to the skin. He even had gone to numerous journeys outside his home country, Korea to research and explore his plant of interest, ginseng.

He had finally reaped the fruits of his research when the Asian brand’s first product, the ABC Ginseng Cream brand was introduced in 1966.  The brand, fond of calling ginseng as a ‘plant that represents Korea,’ is the very reason why it is proud to introduce the ABC Ginseng Cream. The product has introduced in the Korean market the beneficial powers of ginseng not just for the body but also for the skin.

The brand’s product success continued in 1973 when it released the Ginseng Sammi which was became distinctly renowned outside the country. The brand only became known as ‘Sulwhasoo’ in 2007, with ‘sulwha’ meaning blooming as a beautiful snow blossom on the skin and ‘soo’ as exceptionally beautiful. After years of experience and efficacy in ginseng research in cosmetics, the brand is now distinguished as one of the finest skincare brands in the world and celebrated as one of the pioneers in the use ginseng in cosmetics.

Ginseng for skincare

Through the test of time, Sulwhasoo remained grounded in its commitment to ginseng research, with ginseng prevailing as the star of its skincare products. Indeed, with the ingredient’s indisputable popularity among women all over the world, what wonders ginseng exactly does to the skin?

Aside from the plant’s amazing benefits to one’s well-being such as increased energy and brain functions, lowered blood sugar, and strengthened immune system, Korean ginseng in particular is known for boosting cellular regeneration. Korean ginseng roots are potent in antioxidants and minerals that helps with metabolizing the skin, thus the renewal of new cells and the eradication of dead skin cells.

In addition to ginseng, Sulwhasoo also incorporates mixture of traditional Korean herbs through their JAUM Balancing Complex which alleviates skin imbalances. Some of these carefully selected herbs are peony, solomon’s seal, and white lilies. The mixture of such herbs is truly in line with Sulwhasoo’s  straightforward core philosophy of ‘harmony and balance’ in skin. The marriage of half a century’s advanced research and the adoption of traditional herbs and plants in their formulas have certainly brought a new definition of luxury.

Top products

Sulwhasoo has been a staple in a lot of Korean women’s beauty stashes for years. Here are some of the products that are vouched for their efficacy and claims:

  • Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX

Price: US$91.56
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Known as Sulwhasoo’s ‘signature serum’, this product claims to balance the skin for a ‘glowing radiance’. It is formulated with Korean herbal ingredients through the JAUM Balancing Complex which aims to give the skin a beautiful balance, thereby eliminating the dryness and appearance of aging complexion. Make sure to apply this as a first step of your skin care.

  • Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX

Price: $220.00
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This cream is famed as the resurrection but better version of the first ever product of Sulwhasoo itself, which is the ABC Ginseng Cream in 1966. It is packed with golden ingredient of the brand, ginseng, to counter the signs of aging. The promise of a more youthful skin is one step closer to this cream as it promises to reduce signs of aging such as lack of elasticity and smile lines. This lightweight yet powerful cream will restore the luminosity and glow of the skin that has been parched by age, through essence of ginseng “compound k and ginsenoside re.” This product that has been poured with over 50 years of research is surely a jar of youth that is certainly a lucrative investment for the skin.

With the great products the brand offers, it is not a surprise that the brand has surpassed its prominence in its local soil; eventually it has penetrated the international beauty market, drawing patrons across all Asia and North America.

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