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For many people, youth is a luxury. There’s nothing like the softness of skin and the delicacy of features of young people, and a lot would kill to maintain such features at any age. This is why a lot of cosmetics brands offer products that cater to just that: maintaining youthful appearances. From softening creams to a variety of exfoliates, a number of luxury cosmetics brand specifically focus on giving the best products to keep people looking young, fresh, and healthy. It has since become one of the most lucrative markets in the luxury retail business. However, no brand is quite like Nu Skin.

US-based skincare company Nu Skin specializes in giving people a chance to keep their youthful appearance for as long as they can. Their series of creams, lotions, and moisturizers all replenish and refreshes the skin to a natural and ethereal glow. Because of such, the brand eventually became a global giant in the cosmetics industry and their products are bought by millions of consumers all around the world. The company has become an enterprise in of itself, employing thousands across the globe and spreading their own brand of wellness and self-care to a massive consumer pool.

Foundation history

The company started out as your average, everyday cosmetics company back in 1984 at Provo, Utah. Specializing in skin care, the label got attention for their innovative products that helped customers look younger and fresher in an effortless way. The slowly started their foreign expansion when they began exporting their products to Canada in 1990. A year later, in 1991, the brand started selling in Hong Kong, beginning their venture into Asian markets. Soon, the label became a big name in the cosmetics and wellness markets, known primarily for their high-quality products of skincare. In 1996, the company was formally introduced on the New York Stock Exchange—a huge turning point in their brand’s history.

That same year, Nu Skin also acquired Pharmanex, a dietary supplement company. With this move, they ventured into fitness and health, which was also a very lucrative market at the time. Combining both brands into one huge umbrella, Nu Skin promoted self-care to a new level. It went beyond skin care and more about maintaining one’s freshness and agility no matter what age. Despite their success, they also faced a number of scandals, especially in the ‘90s for cases of marketing malpractices. The brand persevered, however, and to this day, it’s still one of the biggest corporations in the luxury self-care business.

Galvanic spa

NuSkin Galvanic spa

One of Nu Skin’s most prominent lines is their Galvanic Spa collection. It’s all about giving consumers their own kits and sets to achieve skin care as if they went to a five-star luxury spa themselves. Ranging from Dermatic effects lotions, Body Shaping Gel, and complete business packages, the Galvanic Spa selection offers high-quality products catering to one’s self-care needs. While they’re quite pricey in their own rights, they’re way more affordable than going to a luxury spa yourself to get their five-star treatments. With these products, people can simply sit back and relax from the comforts of their own homes to get the best spa-like skincare treatment courtesy of Nu Skin’s Galvanic Spa.


NuSkin Antiaging
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Nu Skin is all about anti-aging your skin to keep that youthful glow no matter what age you are. For such, they also offer a range of anti-aging products called “180º.” A series of creams, moisturizers, and lotions to keep the skin as soft and as supple as a baby’s bottom. The name derives from its amazing effects, a 180º turn from the normal process of aging regarding your skin. These products will erase any signs of wrinkling, fine lines, and dark circles, and will give any customer a “Benjamin Button” effect. It has since become one of the company’s best-selling lines.

Men’s care

NuSkin Men

It’s a misconception that only women take care of their skin. As rough as men can get at times, they also need skincare to look their best for any occasion, and Nu Skin provides them with a selection of their own for such. Their men’s products are specifically geared towards men who shave so that the hairless skin their work hard for will be as smooth and supple as child’s. Their products are practically a set, with a shaving cream, an aftershave balm, and a toiletry bag to hold everything in. No matter where the gentleman goes, he can shave as he pleases and gets tremendous results, courtesy of Nu Skin.

Dietary supplements

When Nu Skin partnered with Pharmanex, they began selling dietary supplements to help people achieve utmost fitness. In fact, their products are actually arranged neatly into what type of self-care the customer will specifically need. They have the “Youth” supplements to have the same effects of their anti-aging skincare from the inside out, their “Weight Management” supplements to assists one’s diet to keep fit, and “Vitality” supplements to keep people energized and ready to face the day. Nu Skin achieves wellness for people in totality, not just the outside, and such is the luxury they provide for their consumers.

Like fine leather or precious metal, one’s skin is as luxurious as any other item in the world. Nu Skin provides customers with a bevy of products to achieve an unbelievable smoothness and an effortless glow that will make one look like a million bucks. It’s the ultimate luxury—your best self!

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