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Women, nowadays are always on the go. They want to keep things straight and fast in every aspect of their lives, even doing their makeup. It is great that the beauty industry is doing endless innovations in order to keep up with the needs and requirements of the beauty market. The launching of Milk Makeup, a brand that came from the creative conglomerate, Milk Group, is an absolute answer to the common dilemma of women taking too much time getting ready.

The idea is: spend less time preparing in the morning and actually having more time getting more important stuff done. The Milk Group which is known for being culturally conscious has a forward thinking approach to provide women with rule free and eco-friendly cosmetics brand, hence, the creation of Milk Makeup.

“Live your look”

Milk Makeup

This makeup brand is definitely a fresh new take on makeup, because most of the products are one-hand application to give on-the-go women the ease and speedy application of doing makeup. Since the brand is advocating eco-friendly materials, all of its products are paraben-free. It lives to its value of creative culture highlighting Quality, Creativity, Eco-consciousness, Inclusion and Fun.

The brand’s target market are young women, so the product packages come in fun and youthful designs that attract both young and middle-aged women alike. Just their appearance makes women want to grab and try out these new products.

But the most known advocacy of the brand is not only to beautify women, but to encourage them to live their look. They believe that it’s not all about creating looks, but actually living your life while looking good.

Be cool and on-the-go with Milk Makeup

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The products come in exciting designs and you cant help but notice a stick and tube form in a chubby and cylindrical packaging. Even though it is cute and youthful on the outside, the contents and ingredients are well-researched in order to give the best solution to women’s makeup problems. Currently, the brand already has 120 products which are mostly sold out online and in stores. The most notable products under the collections are the blur stick, cooling water stick, and holographic stick.

The blur stick, a bestseller, is a primer that enables pores and fine lines to conceal. You can wear it under your makeup, or wear it just as it is just to minimize visible pores on your face. The Watermelon Brightening Serum is another great endeavor of the brand. Every serum displayed on the market usually comes with bottle and droppers, but not this particular serum. The serum is in solid stick product that can apply directly on the face, thus minimizing wasted liquid on the hands. The serum is packed with vitamins A, C, and E—all key ingredients to brighten and protect the skin. This is applicable to all skin types as well.

Other must-try products are the eye pigment, sunshine oil, blush oil, blur liquid matte foundation, flex concealer, tattoo stamp, match cleanser, hydrating oil stick, eye vinyl, and many more. These products, aside from being effective and gorgeous on the face, are all eco conscious and easy to apply.

Making its way to world wide success

The growing demand for Milk Makeup products allowed the brand to expand its original line into 150 stores today. The brand is successfully thriving continually, as it consistently opens 50 new stores every six months. The company even has plans to further expand its market to Canada and Europe.

In terms of products, fresher and more innovative makeup collections consistently come out season after season. Even famous beauty influencers and YouTubers like Jeffree Star and Thomas Halbert can’t help but try the brand’s innovative items, thus creating a beauty craze that increased the sales of the business. After its successful turn outs in the past, the brand isn’t anymore limited to a younger market, but those in late 30s and 40s as well.

Milk Makeup has opened a new paradigm in the world of makeup and beauty, and many continue to get charmed and intrigued by such a fresh take on pieces women love so well. It is becoming a worldwide craze, which somehow isn’t much of a suprise, as the brand aims to introduce new products every quarter to its growing market. At present, you can buy Milk Makeup at 50 Urban Outfitters stores and Sephora.

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