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Gwyneth Paltrow is an icon in many ways: in fashion, beauty, travel, and over all lifestyle. She has aged in the Hollywood scene so beautifully, and her authentic approach to beauty (she hates botox!) makes her a true reliable source for best products to use for your own skin.


Great thing we don’t have to do some sleuthing just to find what skincare products and makeup work for Gwyneth Paltrow—she has her very own line of beauty products. In fact, it is a part of a whole lifestyle brand that offers the best options for fashion, beauty, food and travel. But of course we’re here for the real beauty deal: the luxury beauty. And you know it, when Gwyneth Paltrow recommends an all-natural skincare line, we just have to get to know more about it.

How it All Happened

Simply launched in 2008 as a weekly newsletter, Goop was created out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen, where her healthy recipes come from. Added to that are the A-list’s thoughts and recommendations on her shopping discoveries, travels, and a lot more.

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Years later, Goop became an official lifestyle brand that offers suggestions and tips on 6 key pillars: Beauty, Food, Travel, Wellness, Work, and Style. Aside from these, the brand came out with product lines that encapsulate today’s luxury, especially with its skincare range that are made from all-natural and organic ingredients. A vitamin program based on regimen is also offered by the brand, which is especially targeted to help modern women in their acute needs. Fashion essentials and irresistible fragrances are part of the Goop package, too!

Although it’s launching received mixed reactions, Goop has proved throughout the past years that it’s here to stay, by offering some of the most luxurious products out there. And even some haters would admit, it did a pretty good job, especially with its beauty brand.

Goop by Juice Beauty

Goop by Juice Beauty has been launched 8 years after the Goop brand was established, yet the wait was all worth it. The beauty line offers high-end products that started with just 5 high-tech, pure, luxurious, and organic skincare products that have been USDA certified. As the public reception of the first line had been amazing, the beauty line grew and launched body care products, baths, a dry brush, and even skin care supplements that are meant to work from the inside out.

Goop 5“Clean” is the ethos that Good is aiming for both goop by Juice Beauty skincare and goop Fragrance, shown in their product packaging, the goop Clean Beauty Shop, and even the editorial stories about beauty that can be seen in their website. The brand takes the “Clean” approach seriously; its products are ensured to be non-toxic, devoid of any trace of ethanolamines, BHT, BHA, chemical sunscreens, phthalates, PEGs, and of course, parabens.

Top-sellers: Nontoxic and Clean Products

The approach and authenticity of Goop is what it led it to where it is today: an international brand that has a great credibility in all things food, health, travel, and beauty. But aside from its website that’s easily accessible to fans of the brand all over the world, its beauty line allows everyone in every corner of the world to experience beauty care that Gwyneth Paltrow trusts herself.

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Some of the best-selling products from goop by Juice Beauty include its Beauty Exfoliating Instant Facial, which softens and brightens skin leaving it revitalized and supple. The Goop Wellness Goopglow on the other hand, is a dose of awesome ingredients that are meant to reduce the effects of pollution, stress, and harmful rays of sun in your skin. It delays skin aging, evens out skin tone, and removes fine lines.

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Goop By Juice Beauty Luminous Melting Cleanser has been acknowledged and awarded by Allure as one of the products worthy to accept the Best of Beauty Award. It removes all traces of makeup and dirt while making the skin extra moisturized and radiant. For the lips, on the other hand, the Olio E Osso Balm No. 2 French Melon is a great moisturizing lip (or cheek) balm that has a beautiful sheen that’s not harsh on the lips or skin. For makeup, on the other hand, the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara gives amazing natural look on your lashes, but one that would accentuate the beauty of your eyes.

Goop has so much more to offer other than its beauty line, but for us makeup and skincare junkies, the products offered by the brand are enough to fill our hearts with joy and excitement. After all, natural beauty is the best form of beauty, and Goop’s vision to encourage that through their products makes it a brand worth investing in.

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