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Who would not have heard of the Estée Lauder Brand, when every minute, 8 bottles of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum is being sold (per 2016 records) around the world?

Estée Lauder is such a household name when it comes to high-end skin care and beauty products. Its skin care line which consists of cleansers, lotions, serums, toners and all kinds of creams are proven effective in making women’s skin clean, radiant and beautiful. Its makeup items have accentuates the beauty of women of all ages, race and color. No wonder it is a name and a brand highly acclaimed by the international beauty community.

Humble beginnings and the famous Estée Lauder name

Estee Lauder store display at Los Angeles. CA-USA
Estee Lauder store display at Los Angeles. CA-USA. Photo: Ken Wolter

The Estée Lauder woman that we now know has a different name when she was born. Her original name, Josephine Esther Mentzer, or specifically, her nickname “Esty” is where the “Estée” came from. She started having interest in beauty products when her uncle lived with them in the US and made skin creams in the family kitchen. From him, Estée learned how to create amazing skin creams and how to apply them on women’s faces.

She later on got married with a man name Joseph Lauter. The couple decided to use the name ‘Lauder’, which corrected a misspelling of Joseph’s family name. Afterwards, she started selling her beauty creams at beauty salons while women were having their hair done. That personal connection with her clients from the very beginning was what pushed her upwards. Her success also boomed because she understands what women wants and how powerful women’s desire for beauty is.

Commitment to beauty and skin care since 1946

Estee Lauder cosmetics
Source: photo stella

The Estée Lauder brand started as a partnership between wife and husband Estée and Joseph Lauder. The company was founded in 1946 in New York City, starting with only these products:  skin lotion,cleansing oil, crème pack, and super rich all purpose crème. These were the items that encapsulated the brand’s principle that every woman can be beautiful—and they were stellar enough to make the brand known.

The company’s first department store account worth $800 of products was established with Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. For about 15 years, it was consistently the top selling brand in the Unites States and expanded its product range over the years. It even sold its beauty & skin care products in Harrods in London in 1960, and eventually opened an office in Hong Kong in 1961.

Advanced Skin Care Line

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum
Photo: stylebarista

One of the brand’s bestselling and #1 serum worldwide is its Advanced Night Repair Serum, formulated with Chronolux CB Technology that boosts the skin’s nightly restoration for a fresher and radiant looking skin. What it means for you? Less wrinkles and fine lines when you wake up! Yay, right? 

The serum has been tested and proven to reduce all signs of ageing for a healthy youthful skin. This product is also patented until 2033 and is tested on all ethnicities and skin type. Meanwhile, other products from the skin care collection will take you onto a journey towards your best skin at your age, including another favorite, Estée Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality 2-1 Foam Cleanser.  This dermatologist-tested product rids of skin impurities gently, while keeping skin hydrated.  Totally improved skin radiance and vitality is expected, nothing less from a formula loaded with vita-nutrients powered by pomegranate.

Make up collection

And of course, once proper skin care is achieved, one other way to make women feel even more beautiful is through the use of the best make up items. Estée Lauder also offers a complete cosmetics line which include lipsticks, blush on, foundation, bb creams, eye shadow palettes, mascara and eye liners, among others.

One cult fave from the brand is the Estée Lauder Lipstick, which boasts of transforming the lips by sculpting and hydrating the lips with high-intensity colors that are super creamy and soft.

Irresistible scents

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Perfume

Aside from Estée Lauder’s beauty line, it also offers fragrances for women and men. One of the highest selling and well-loved fragrance from Estée Lauder for women is its Estée Lauder Pleasures. It has a sheer floral scent with notes of lilies, peonies and jasmine which resembles the smell of flowers after the rain. Absolutely perfect for every season and every life’s moments and simple pleasures.

Presently, the Estée Lauder brand is made available for women in more than 150 countries all over the world. The Estée Lauder skin care, beauty products and fragrances are sold in stores and online globally. The brand is committed in creating innovative, sophisticated and high-performance skin care and beauty products for women of any age, race, color and of course, skin type.

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