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Two of the major trends within the luxury skincare industry are the emergence of “pharmacy brands” like Avène, La Roche Posay, Vichy and Caudalíe; and the rise of “doctor brands” like Murad, Zelens, and Dr. Sebagh. It was the idea of actually having a medical or health-based formulation process of the skincare that attracted the people like magnets into metal, and we can’t blame them—they have a good point.

Dr. Barbara Sturm 3There are highly qualified doctors and specialists who venture into the skincare world with a ton of overwhelming background and impressive credibility. One of these impressive doctors who shocked the world with her unconventional skincare procedures and products is Dr. Barbara Sturm.

The doctor’s journey

Dr. Barbara Sturm 1Perhaps one of the most iconic moments of Dr. Barbara Sturm was when Kim Kardashian-West posted a photo of herself with blood smeared on her face. At the time the photo was taken, was undergoing the doctor’s blood plasma-infused skincare procedure, which Dr. Sturm herself pioneered. It became known later on as the “vampire facial,” which made numerous circles around the Internet. But before all these fame and recognition, plus the success of her namesake brand, Dr. Sturm had an interesting journey to where she is right now.

As a young girl, she was far from a beauty junkie, yet passion brought her to an orthopedic surgery career. Her excellence was seen on her stint in the molecular orthopedic field, where she was able to help pioneer a joint aging treatment. She later on explored the anti-inflammatory science field, where she developed her own treatments. It was her dislike of the mainstream treatments, plus her own experience of ineffective skin care products on her skin that lead her to create her own skincare line.

Dr. Barbara Sturm 2And it wasn’t just an ordinary skincare line. Dr. Sturm, together with her research team, created a new concept for cosmetic and medicinal skin support: Molecular Cosmetics. It was a cutting-edge skincare science that encourages skin regeneration and self-healing. Her fame and credibility in the luxury skincare industry has become so widespread that famous people and elite clients come to bring back youth to their faces. Her very own brand named Dr. Barbara Sturm also reached very sturdy grounds on the luxury beauty industry, with its best-selling products being in demand all over the world.

The medical aspect of skincare

While many doctor brands are just full of marketing tactics, Dr. Sturm isn’t just a brand without the underlying science. Its owner and founder herself admits to be too interested in the skincare science, especially on what worked for her, her loved ones, friends, and her patients. Every process of her product creation starts with just clean and pure ingredients—always of the highest quality—that all have been widely and exhaustively researched.

Dr.BarbaraSturmWith the brand, it wasn’t all magic and made-up concepts packaged to be “skincare miracles”. Everything was backed up with science. As an example, the MC1 Creme of the brand that is marketed to make the skin heal faster roots its claims from the autologous blood added to its formulation. In sports medicine, autologous injections are introduced to injuries to treat them and make the healing process faster. Dr. Barbara Sturm contains that idea in a jar by mixing donated and centrifuged blood with the cosmetics cream, making it a vital ingredient that would work powerfully on the skin.

Best products for the best skin

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s products can be used by both men and women, with effectiveness that reaches deep down to the skin. For example, the lightweight Face Mask sinks deep down into the skin to replenish it and leave a firm but soft skin. Another famous product from the brand is its Hyaluronic Ampoules that keeps the skin fresh and taut even in non-ideal weather conditions. Its concentrated formula is best used as base for makeup—as while you spend time with layers of products on your face, the product gives a feeling of continued pumps of moisture underneath.

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Dr. Barbara Sturm 4

Dr. Barbara Sturm 6Another well-loved product from the brand is the Skin Food, with coenzyme Q10 that promotes tightness of the skin. The Calming Serum, on the other hand, is a milky formula that melts into the skin and tames down inflammation and redness. Other products worth noting include the brand’s facial scrub, masks formulated with Cher, eye cream, cleanser and face creams.

Such stellar collection made Dr. Barbara Sturm popular among Hollywood stars, with celebrities like Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Angela Bassett, and Irina Shayk. The brand’s continued excellence will surely maintain its position on top of the luxury skincare industry.

Dr. Barbara Sturm 5Image credits: Dr. Barbara Sturm, Forbes, The LDN Diaries, MeCHE, Stanglwirt.

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