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Fans of skincare may clamor for organic, all-natural products, sourced from plants and even flowers, promising a revitalized skin. The land has no monopoly in them however, because the bodies of water have their own share of healing powers too—a belief that many people hold today, but they go as far as centuries past. Story has it that many lifetimes ago, Gallo-Roman soldiers near the Pyrenees doused and bathed themselves in a thermal spring, which they found to be quite relaxing. But what they didn’t expect is to find that their skin immediately healed too, and became softer and smoother, regaining their youthful glow.

For the longest time, it was largely believed to be just a story passed down by word of mouth, with details that may have been removed and added through time. But as it turns out, the spring that many considered grants eternal youth was not actually a myth. It was here that the French beauty brand Biotherm had its beginnings, and forever changed the way that the French have approached their skincare routines.

A discovery worth sharing


The thermal spring became a destination of fascination for its supposedly magical powers, but in the 1950s, the French doctor and biologist Jos Jullien cracked it down. No, the effects weren’t just hearsay, there was really something special in the water. The doctor found the source of power emerging on the surface—it was the thermal plankton, a discovery that would soon solve the problems ailing human skin.

A few years later, the doctor patented the findings with a cosmetician named Jeanine Marissal. Their main ingredient came to be known as the Life plankton, and the skincare line, Biotherm—”bio”, from Dr. Jullien’s field of expertise, and “therm”, from the creatures that serve as the line’s foundation. The duo soon began working on solutions that address aging, seeing first a release of La Crème Hydrothermale, meant to moisturize the skin. Well into the 1960s, Biotherm formulated a sun cream, a slimming cream as well as a breast firming cream, further expanding its offerings.

A L’Oréal company

Biotherm Cosmetic store in Queensbay Mall, Penang.
Biotherm Cosmetic store in Queensbay Mall, Penang.

A few years later, Biotherm got what can be considered a big break—it caught the attention of fellow French company L’Oréal. Through the L’Oréal group, Biotherm was transformed into a brand that is recognized all over, something it deserves for its feats in skincare. The products were distributed to the rest of Europe, in the US, and in Asia, starting with Japan.

Through the years, the brand has also gained the support of other institutions in its use of thermal planktons, such as when researchers from Stanford University officially released a statement in 2006. In 2012, it marked its 60th anniversary, and vowed to discover more creatures in the water that can promote beauty from within. Today, it continues to produce an innovative line of skincare, catering both to men and women, so that they can also enjoy the miracle that the Gallo-Roman soldiers once found in the spring by the Pyrenees.

Must-try Biotherm products for a youthful glow


Biotherm is now considered as one of France’s top beauty brands that come with an expensive price tag than most. But that is completely justified considering the scientifically proven powers of the Life plankton.

Manufacturing its products from Monaco where its headquarters are also situated,  Biotherm and its products have been responsible for keeping the skins of those who use them healthy and plump. In the brand’s expansive line, there will of course be a few standouts. Take for example the popular Lait Corporel, a line created in 1972 distinguished by the products’ milky texture and citrus scent, designed specifically to moisturize the skin. They have become bestsellers since their debut in the market, with products that can be applied easily even when one has to go through the hustle and bustle of city life.

Another is the collection Life Plankton, which came to distinguish the brand from the rest. The miraculous ingredient discovered in France’s thermal spring was formulated into the brand’s serums, face masks, essences, balms and moisturizers. It serves to be the first step in a routine that uses Biotherm products, effective in hydrating even the most sensitive of skin types. It soothes the skin and makes it healthy enough to combat stressors so it could maintain a youthful glow.

The Aquasource line is also among the top selling products for Biotherm, especially the Aquasource Gel and the Aquasource Gel for Dry Skin products that work overtime in hydrating the skin. Actually, you can look your best with all the formulations under this collection that include face creams, lip balms and BB creams that promise to work for as long as 48 hours. The skin is transformed overnight into becoming more youthful, smoother and fresher.

Finally we have the Blue Therapy, among Biotherm’s newest lines. It is especially remarkable for its double aging strategy. A symptom of aging may appear, and all it takes is an application of the product before the symptom even worsens. It promptly acts to making it less prominent and the skin smoother. The collection has serums and creams that concentrate particularly on the area around the eye, keeping it wrinkle-free as much as possible.

Love for water

Buying a Biotherm product also means you are contributing to the brand’s cause, which is to protect the planet’s waters that is not only important for the brand but also for many living creatures, humans among them. Water Lovers is the name of the brand’s platform, which aims to convey to others the delicate position that nature is currently in and to promote respecting and protecting the waters.

It was founded in 2012 together with organization Mission Blue, coming up with a sustainable plan and proposing best environmental practices so that the water maintains its livable state and continues to be nurturing to creatures which inhabit it. Since then, the Water Lovers has allotted more than 350,000 euros for the cause, mostly coming from purchases of limited products from Biotherm.

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