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Be Toasty This Fall With These Spiffy Jackets

Be Toasty This Fall With These Spiffy Jackets

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

The time has come to update your fall wardrobe once more. With the available choices, the task can be quite daunting; after all, ‘tis layer season. More than just the tops and the bottoms, you also have to decide what to wear over those to be better dressed for the temperature, or even if you have to add anything at all. Don’t worry, we’ll take it one step at at time; today, we’ll tackle jackets.

A jacket provides the necessary layer to protect you from the chills, that pretty much is a given—but it is also important to the entire ensemble because it can dictate the tone. Have a simple and plain top underneath? A cool bomber jacket can change that, regardless if it’s a shirt, or maybe a sweater. Need some extra measure of boldness? It may be tricky, but an outerwear with animal prints can do the work for you. Ideally, a jacket should be with you through many seasons, so it is also important to prioritize quality in conjunction with style. The jackets we’ve listed here are new this fall, but we can see them working in more ways than one and staying in your wardrobe for the next seasons to come.

Without much further ado, here are seven spiffy, toasty jackets to take with you this fall:

1. RE/DONE Cropped leopard-print velvet jacket

RE DONE Cropped leopard-print velvet jacket

Price: US$500.00
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Animal prints have always been around but we’re seeing a resurgence this year, particularly that of the leopard spots. If you’re imagining an outdated take on the print that would be dangerously tiptoeing on tacky, then you would have none of that here—this tan and black velvet jacket has a cropped silhouette which we’re seeing on fashion’s It girls lately. You can wear it over dresses and jeans, and it will work even if you button it up or leave it open.

2. Stella McCartney checked blazer

Stella McCartney checked blazer

Price: US$1,790.00
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This Stella McCartney outerwear is feminine while balanced by more ‘masculine’ touches, particularly in the structured shoulders and the boxy fit. It can be dressed up to accompany your usual office attire or taken down an edgier route, as what we’ve seen when it’s partnered with a turtleneck and sneakers.

3. Alexander Wang Joint Mix hooded layered cotton-jersey and denim jacket

Alexander Wang Joint Mix hooded layered cotton-jersey and denim jacket

Price: US$595.00
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With this jacket, Alexander Wang has done part of the layering for you: the cotton jersey that comes with a hoodie is connected to a denim jacket. While we often imagine them separately, this is a version that we would have no qualms sporting. The slits already give the jacket more character, but we don’t see why you couldn’t pair it with other cooler, bolder options such as kicky ankle boots.

4. Dondup faux fur jacket

Dondup faux fur jacket

Price: US$463.00
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Many designers have decided that they can do away with fur and opt for the next best and more sustainable option: faux fur. This is partly a reason for the latter’s prevalence on the runway this season; you can look just as luxurious while being mindful of the environment’s status. That said, we’re digging this faux fur jacket from Dondup. The color combination is easy to eyes, the oversized collar seems inviting for the extra warmth it can provide, and the hem’s length is just right.

5. Opening Ceremony Patchwork vinyl-trimmed mesh and crepe bomber jacket

Opening Ceremony Patchwork vinyl-trimmed mesh and crepe bomber jacket

Price: US$475.00
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Opening Ceremony’s bomber jacket is unlike your usual options. The two designers behind the label, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, somehow manage to create a more elegant version out of the very familiar silhouette. The jacket will keep you toasty without wearing you down, thanks to the mesh and striped ribbing. The vinyl finishes will create a lovely contrast with more feminine pieces.

6. Simonetta Ravizza Jade Hearts jacket

Simonetta Ravizza Jade Hearts jacket

Price: US$4,427.00
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Simonetta Ravizza’s luxurious jacket doubles as a statement piece for its dainty design in the hearts. Made in Italy, this mink jacket reeks of style due to the cropped length and the three-quarter sleeves, but the glamour is matched by the quality; Simonetta Ravizza as well as her family have been in the business for years.

7. IRO lambskin biker jacket

IRO lambskin biker jacket

Price: US$1,246.00
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Opting for a biker jacket is an effortless choice to improve your outerwear game. IRO invites you to take more chances with their version, featuring gold-tone lambskin instead of your darker, more subdued colors. Despite the unusual choice, the jacket is still exuding a rock and roll spirit. Wear it over florals to give the latter an edgier spin.

Picking up jackets should not be hard, but with the abundance of choices, we understand that shopping can be overwhelming. The ones we have on the list all promise comfort and style to keep you toasty and feeling confident during the season. They’re also meant to help envision the vibe to rock this fall, or even the next seasons to follow. So, what are you waiting for? Shop away!

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