Top 8 Best-selling Balenciaga Men’s Scarves in 2018

Top 8 Best-selling Balenciaga Men’s Scarves in 2018

When the temperature starts to dip, donning a scarf can deliver in making you comfortable. This is a good enough reason not to skimp on quality. Fine materials such as wool or cashmere make all the difference in keeping you toasty or getting a frostbite. Lucky for the sleek and luxury-loving man, Balenciaga has plenty of options to choose from.

Have a look through at the best scarves for men Balenciaga has at its arsenal.

  1.  Balenciaga Fringed Printed Silk And Wool-Blend Jacquard Scarf

Balenciaga Fringed Printed Silk And Wool-Blend Jacquard Scarf

Price: US$415.00
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Be loud and proud with your love for the Spanish luxury fashion house with this scarf made out of opulent silk and wool blend. The house’s moniker is emblazoned in big, pronounced letters, making it attention-grabbing. Your love for fine materials and luxury will be a secret no more.

  1. Balenciaga Fringed Virgin Wool Scarf

Balenciaga Fringed Virgin Wool Scarf

Price: US$850.00
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Balenciaga does not shy away from large, even oversized designs. With winter scarves, the case for bigger is better simply cannot be ignored, especially when you’re given an option such as this. This wide scarf is made out of a 100% wool and knitted generously to keep you very warm despite the cold.

  1. Balenciaga Logo-intarsia wool-blend scarf

Balenciaga Logo-intarsia wool-blend scarf
Price: US$695.00
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Keep for yourself a Balenciaga gem from last year’s autumn and winter collection by owning this lapis-blue wool-blend scarf. The scarf with an oversized structure and fringed tassel ends will make you toasty without strangling you. Wrap it loosely around your neck and style it with a denim jacket that will do nothing but highlight the scarf.

  1. Balenciaga 2017 knitted shawl

Balenciaga 2017 knitted shawl

Price: US$495.00
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Drape this knitted Balenciaga shawl across your shoulders for the ultimate picture of casual elegance. The bold detailing is remarkable enough, but you’ll get more than just style. The knitted shawl with oversized intarsia logo is made of fine wool that will keep you warm and together even with the nippy weather.

  1. Balenciaga 2017 padded shawl

Balenciaga 2017 padded shawl

Price: US$825.00
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The frigid season cannot and should not hold back a man from showing his styling chops. Complement your attire with this padded shawl that prides itself with Demna Gvasalia’s masculine tailoring. The reversible shawl features a quilted effect which effortlessly mixes comfort in casual and athletic leisure wear.

  1. Balenciaga Monogram padded shawl

Balenciaga Monogram padded shawl

Price: US$695.00
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Balenciaga is an expert in fashioning items that can easily amp up one’s style, even in the absence of more intricate designs. Be more confident in your sports attire with this Balenciaga padded shawl in white with alternating monograms in blue and red.

  1. Balenciaga 2017 Paris Silk Stole with Tags

Balenciaga 2017 Paris Silk Stole with Tags

Price: US$295.00
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We just spoke of Balenciaga’s adroitness in producing accessories that are high-end and extremely fashionable even when it is lacking in embellishments, but the luxury house can easily turn towards the other direction and still hit the jackpot. This multi-colored scarf from last year’s spring collection features geometric prints and subtle inclusion of its name all throughout. It’s sure to make a snazzy item, thanks to its Paris motif.

  1. Balenciaga scarf

Balenciaga scarf

Price: US$1,995.00
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Don’t be afraid to put a scarf that is simultaneously sleek and lavish around your shoulders. This Balenciaga scarf is made out of luxurious shearling that will keep your neck warm and earn you some heat from envious friends and fellow fashion-conscious men.

Spending a little more than usual for the pieces of fabric meant to protect your neck will definitely pay off in the long run. Besides the comfort, you’d definitely benefit from Balenciaga scarves that factor in durability and style, making them a reliable companion for years to come and an accessory to count on in making you look even manlier.

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