4 Extremely Cool Balenciaga Men’s Denim Jackets in 2018

4 Extremely Cool Balenciaga Men’s Denim Jackets

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

The denim jacket, like its cousin denim jeans, is among America’s classics. It has gone a long way from its former status; what was once a garment symbolic of the working man became embraced by everyone, from blue collar men to your everyday guy, from celebrities to revered fashion icons. It’s only unavoidable that the all-around clothing will be adopted by fashion houses around the world. Balenciaga is among those who took matters in its own hands by producing outerwear that is simultaneously classic and innovative, basic and beautiful.

Look ruggedly handsome with any of these four Balenciaga denim jackets for men:

  1.  Balenciaga Cropped Embroidered Distressed Denim Jacket

Balenciaga Cropped Embroidered Distressed Denim Jacket

Price: US$1,195.00
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Get yourself these distressed denim jackets for the ultimate casual luxe look you have always desired. The wash and the slight signs of distress give the classic look a refresh. Sturdy buttons bearing the company moniker doubles as fastening and as accents to this cropped denim. The back is also emblazoned with the fashion house’s name, using a typeface inspired by political campaigns in the previous years.

  1. Balenciaga Sleeveless denim jacket

Balenciaga Sleeveless denim jacket

Price: US$695.00
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Give your wardrobe a little spin by donning a denim jacket that misses the sleeves but does not on style. It’s as versatile as its counterparts with arms, and a fun way to add some variety in your wardrobe. The structure that resembles the V will give your form a little more shape. Made from cotton, the sleeveless denim jacket features a pointed collar, rivet button fastening and button and flap pockets to the chest.

  1. Like A Man Oversized Printed Denim Jacket

Like A Man Oversized Printed Denim Jacket

Price: US$1,250.00
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It doesn’t hurt to go with old-school styles from to time, especially when they’re as well made as this Balenciaga denim jacket. The oversized jacket has a retro charm, something that would not look out of place in the 1980s. The back is even adorned with neon branding on the back, often associated with the decade. Yet, this piece still holds up, especially with the stonewashed fabric and slight distress marks that remain hip today.

  1. Balenciaga Black Classic Denim ‘Sinners’ Jacket

Balenciaga Black Classic Denim 'Sinners' Jacket

Price: US$1,135.00
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Denimheads will all go loco with this Balenciaga ‘Sinners’ jacket. Opting for black instead of blue denim, this Balenciaga maintains an edgy vibe with the fading of the fabric and distressing at the collar. The 100% cotton garment also prioritizes great fit with its inclusion of adjustable button closures and tabs at the back hem. A large and striking text in red and gold decorate the back, showing how gutsy you are by opting for a basic garment that went off with a different direction.

Denim jackets deserve all the applaud they get for their timeless charm and versatility. With an item that has inspired countless fashion brands all over the world, it ivs only sound to pick something that stands out from the bunch for its ingenuity and quality, just like what Balenciaga does with its iterations of the American classic.

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