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A Complete Guide to Buying and Dolling Up Your Baby Girl With Designer Clothes

Protect Your Baby Girl With These 9 Luxury Fashion Designer Coats

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

This is a complete guide for parents who want to style their baby girl with fashion designer clothes. The purpose of this guide is to bring inspiration and to allow you to have a perspective on the available choices that are in today’s fashion market.

The picks below are based on our expertise and knowledge in the 2018 to 2019 fashion trend for your baby girl.

Please note that the “buy buttons” you see below contain affiliate links. In other words, we will make a small commission if you purchase anything through these links.

If you wish to go straight to the vendor sites, check out this post for the best places to shop for children’s designer clothes.

Designer Tops

  1.  DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS embellished printed T-shirt

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS embellished printed T-shirt
Price: US$178.00
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A cotton tee is the most essential basic in anyone’s closet — whether you’re an adult, teen, kid, or baby. Her closet will be incredibly lacking without one. As this shirt says, “vote for D&G” to give your little one an edge in fashion as early as 3 months.

  1. BURBERRY KIDS branded sweatshirt

BURBERRY KIDS branded sweatshirt
Price: US$115.00
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Keeping a baby still when you tuck her into a shirt is almost impossible. This Burberry sweatshirt’s button fastenings on the left shoulder allows you a bigger entryway for her head to pop through and slip it on without her getting stuck in the process.

  1. KENZO KIDS tiger print sweatshirt

KENZO KIDS tiger print sweatshirt
Price: US$85.00
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Even if the weather seems bearable to you, the little one still needs to be warmed up to the neck. This tiger print sweatshirt features a round neck that will make sure her whole top half is covered up, and the ribbed elasticated hem and cuffs won’t let any chill air travel through to her chest and give her some colds.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS rose print T-shirt

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS rose print T-shirt
Price: US$223.00
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She’s still a fragile little baby to be brought outdoors too often, so instead, bring nature to her. This floral print t-shirt allows you to do that with realistic images of pink roses and a fully-formed beautiful butterfly in the back.

  1. MONCLER KIDS anchor print T-shirt

MONCLER KIDS anchor print T-shirt
Price: US$86.00
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Do you worry about what she’ll wear when you’re just staying in the house all day? She might do something adorable, so you want to her to look cute when you snap a photo, but not too showy as if she’s going somewhere fancy. This minimalistic anchor print t-shirt by Moncler Kids will be airy enough for her to be content in it for the day, and won’t look too shabby in the photo.

  1. BURBERRY KIDS check pocket T-shirt

BURBERRY KIDS check pocket T-shirt
Price: US$79.00
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Errands are the hardest to run when you’ve got to watch her at the same time. She won’t be too easily noticeable if she wears a common color, so this Burberry t-shirt will help you keep an eye on her just by seeing the bright coral pink movement in her stroller.

  1. MI MI SOL floral print blouse

MI MI SOL floral print blouse
Price: US$206.00
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When you’re tired of the same old roses or random flowers on her printed tops, this tulip print will set Mi Mi Sol‘s blouse apart from the rest of floral blouses in her drawers. The apple green trims and pink buds will tempt you even more to playfully bite her miniature arms.

  1. MOSCHINO KIDS Lollipop logo print T-shirt

MOSCHINO KIDS Lollipop logo print T-shirt
Price: US$57.00
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Anything with a lollipop motif immediately makes us think of childhood memories. Moschino puts a clever way of incorporating it into their logo print t-shirt so that it would be distinguished from their adult range and suit your sweet baby girl more.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS printed chiffon shell top

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS printed chiffon shell top
Price: US$124.00
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A bright color is fine, but why resort to that when you can have all shades in one blouse? Stella McCartney‘s shell top brings all the pastel and colored shirts down with its ethereal combination of color, ruffles, and pleats. It’s made with the chiffon material, so she’s only bound to be delighted in its softness.

  1. YOUNG VERSACE zipped hoodie

YOUNG VERSACE zipped hoodie
Price: US$299.00
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Other jackets offer the most extensive styles for babies, but none of them quite captures the coziness of a soft hoodie. Young Versace channels their sophisticated designs for their infant items, as this cream cotton hoodie would show.


  1. ARMANI JUNIOR swan hoodie tracksuit set

ARMANI JUNIOR swan hoodie tracksuit set
Price: US$120.00
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You never know when your baby would throw a fit. If it seems like it happens every time you have to go out and can’t be delayed, put her in this Armani hoodie and sweatpants because its snug fit will keep her comfy and content the whole time. A comfortable baby is a happy little one.

  1. CASHMIRINO Woven knitted tracksuit set

CASHMIRINO Woven knitted tracksuit set
Price: US$545.00
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Cashmere wouldn’t be considered a luxurious fabric if it wasn’t as soft and cozy as it is. This woven cashmere set by Cashmirino might be the one you’re looking for to keep the baby dozing the whole time she’s in it. It feels like having a blanket around you everywhere, and you would envy how peaceful she looks while you’re out and about.

  1. BURBERRY KIDS classic tracksuit set

BURBERRY KIDS classic tracksuit set
Price: US$161.00
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Burberry‘s classic tracksuit set fits as if it’s been tailor-made for your baby. The grainy gray hue gives it a light and refreshing look as would a blue sky. The pure cotton lining will give her the comfort she needs to be content for hours without episodes of agitation.

  1. IL GUFO stars print tracksuit

IL GUFO stars print tracksuit
Price: US$153.00
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It’s good to teach her how to be a little lady as early as possible. To get her in full character, this star print dress and trousers will definitely make her feel and look like a big girl.

  1. GUCCI KIDS paint splatter denim overalls

GUCCI KIDS paint splatter denim overalls
Price: US$390.00
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Gucci is all about standout styles and designs, and this overalls is nothing different. Blue and green spatters make it look like she’d just been to one of her art classes, and like a true artist, has remnants of paint on her. Ignite her creative side when you explain to her the inspiration for her outfit, and she might actually want to try it out.

  1. MOSCHINO KIDS heart print tracksuit set

MOSCHINO KIDS heart print tracksuit set
Price: US$215.00
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This Moschino tracksuit really shouts “it’s a girl!” We didn’t think you’d ever get over it and figured you’d want to continuously shout it out to the world, so this heart print and hot pink set does the talking for you. Your little lady won’t let you anyone miss her presence as she runs and shows her giddy smiles in this sweatshirt and trackpants outfit that are also in her favorite color.

  1. BOSS KIDS ruffled tracksuit set

BOSS KIDS ruffled tracksuit set
Price: US$77.00
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We know you still want your kid to model simplicity, so this Boss Kids tracksuit combines the collar polo with a ruffle skirt in a subtle light pink color. It incorporates the masculine style of the collared shirt with the girly hue and ruffles, so nothing is compromised to attain a modest and quiet poise, like a sophisticated lady does.

Designer Coats


Moncler Kids Fulbert padded snowsuit

Price: US$360.00
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Starting off this list with a bang in this very bright, almost fuchsia pink Fulbert padded snowsuit from Moncler Kids. Highly durable and soft, with a hood, a front zip fastening, and a logo to the left arm, your baby will surely feel safe as being wrapped around in a roll of blanket in this.


Il Gufo flared midi coat

Price: US$247.00
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For moments when you have to take baby girl out on formal occasions, this Il Gufo white virgin wool-cashmere blend coat will make her look 100x more adorable. Featuring a Peter Pan collar, a front button fastening, patch pockets, a rear central vent, and a flared style? You’ll certainly never go wrong with this.


Burberry Kids trench coat

Price: US$306.00
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Your baby’s first introduction to Burberry Kids through this light brown cotton trench coat will definitely not be the last. With check lining and button tab sleeves, your baby will feel carefree as a butterfly all throughout the time she’s wearing this.


Monnalisa padded coat

Price: US$230.00
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Taking a break from all the one-color pieces, this pink and purple padded coat from Monnalisa features floral prints that will make your baby girl appear like she is in her own beautiful fairy tale garden. The piece has a hood, a mid-length finish, and button fastening on the front.


Burberry Kids hooded snowsuit

Price: US$377.00
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Yes, yes, yes! This is the ultimate cover up for the most cruel, damp winter evenings you’ve seen on the forecast. Burberry Kids values your baby, and this peony rose cotton and feather down hooded snowsuit is proof. This one has zip fastening, a quilted effect, side pockets, long sleeves, and a signature house check lining. But what makes this coat more than perfect are the matching mittens and booties.


La Stupenderia double breasted padded coat

Price: US$356.00
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Something that projects uniqueness and culture, your baby wearing this brown and black cotton double breasted padded coat from La Stupenderia will make you think of a mini version of yourself who used to casually drop by cafés or explore a museum as a hobby. The hood adds another layer of protection, of course.


Chloé Kids faux fur button up coat

Price: US$476.00
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It’s very rare for baby girls to not like or wear pink. So, as one of your surest bets, here is a virgin wool faux fur button up coat from Chloé Kids. Your baby (and you) will love the knee-length cut, two pockets and hidden button fastenings at the front.


Gucci Kids double breasted coat

Price: US$460.00
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Turn your baby into a smaller version of an elegant and confident career woman on her day off, and this dark blue cotton double breasted coat from Gucci Kids will fit the scenario to a T. Featuring a classic collar, a signature blue and red web detail, and two front pockets, your baby will get herself a versatile piece she will be able to wear any time of the year.


Moncler Kids Mauger ski suit

Price: US$748.00
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When going out on a trip to an icy state or country, your baby girl will only need this pink cotton and feather down Mauger ski suit. With a raccoon fur trimmed hood, a front zip fastening, two front pockets, and elasticated cuffs, she will internally and externally express her contentment and happiness.

Designer Trousers

  1. YOUNG VERSACE Floral Print Leggings

YOUNG VERSACE Floral Print Leggings

Price: US$231.00
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This Young Versace floral print cotton blend leggings is so cute that you would just love to take little baby anywhere just to show her off in this get up. The floral print, pink color, and the gold button accents on the hem will make little darling look even more adorable.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS Rose Pront Sweatpants

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS Rose Print Sweatpants

Price: US$211.00
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This Dolce & Gabbana Kids rose print sweatpants are perfect for baby girls’ day out. Its pink color enhances baby’s cuteness and innocence. The rose print as well as the drawstring and cuffed hem are details that make it look even more adorable on little miss sunshine.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS Majolica Print Leggings

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS Majolica Print Leggings

Price: US$155.00
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This cotton blend leggings from Dolce & Gabbana Kids boasts of Majolica print in very eye-catching colors that makes one dream of traveling to the Mediterranean, with little baby girl of course.

  1. FENDI KIDS Cherry Print Trousers

FENDI KIDS Cherry Print Trousers

Price: US$150.00
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This Fendi Kids trousers in pink and red cherry print is made of cotton blend fabric. The ruffled hemline adds a stylish edge to this piece. It would be nice to take little girl cherry picking in this matching outfit.

  1. ROBERTO CAVALLI KIDS Floral Print Trousers

ROBERTO CAVALLI KIDS Floral Print Trousers

Price: US$141.00
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This Roberto Cavalli Kids floral print trousers look adorable and refreshing especially with its white dainty ribbon. It is made of cotton blend stretch fabric that is perfect for wriggly babies. It is simply looking at a spring garden when you look at your child.

  1. EMILIO PUCCI JUNIOR Floral Print Leggings

EMILIO PUCCI JUNIOR Floral Print Leggings

Price: US$108.00
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This yellow floral trousers from Emilio Pucci Junior look so sunny and cheerful. A perfect piece for the sunny personality of baby girls who smile and giggle a lot. How can anybody resist a beautiful baby with a bright yellow clothing, right?

  1. MONNALISA Floral Embroidered Trousers

MONNALISA Floral Embroidered Trousers

Price: US$68.00
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This Monnalisa pink cotton blend trousers will look adorable on baby girl. The embroidered flowers on the hem are just the right dainty detail to accompany the light pink hue of the fabric. We’re sure your baby will feel so comfortable with this clothing, too!

  1. MONNALISA Floral Ribbon Print Leggings

MONNALISA Floral Ribbon Print Leggings

Price: US$58.00
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This cotton blend floral ribbon print leggings from Monnalisa is so adorable and pretty. It can be paired with any pastel colored shirts to make the little girl even cuter if possible.

Designer Shorts


MONCLER KIDS ruffle trim shorts

Price: US$106.00
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Make baby girl look the prettiest that she can be with these Moncler Kids blue cotton ruffle trim shorts. Featuring an elasticated waistband and cuffs, the little one will surely enjoy her first few months in this world in these.


CHLOÉ KIDS denim shorts

Price: US$115.00
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Babies may not be conscious of it yet, but they will always let you know if they love something or not. With these Chloé blue cotton denim shorts, you’re sure she will not make her parents panic with her cries. This pair has an elasticated fastening, an embroidered logo to the rear, and buttons embellishing the front.


IL GUFO check paper-bag shorts

Price: US$73.00
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Baby fashion thrives because of all the adorableness that’s happening around. Pretty sure, you’re already having a hard time choosing because everything is just so cute! These Il Gufo grey check paper-bag shorts, with an elasticated drawstring waist and a gathered design, will make baby girl look smart and ready to take the world.


MOSCHINO KIDS embroidered logo shorts

Price: US$71.00
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One of the most important requirements for baby clothes is softness—more than anything. Babies are often sensitive so parents’ top priority is keeping them as comfortable as possible. With these red shorts from Moschino Kids, which features a waistband with belt loops, and two front and back pockets, baby girl will not only get cotton soft material but also style. Hey, there’s also a teddy bear patch to the rear!


Stella McCartney Kids Beryl Seashell Print Knit Shorts (Toddler:Little Kids:Big Kids)

Price: US$77.00
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From baby baths to kiddie pools, she will certainly attract more attention than usual with these Stella McCartney Kids shorts. Featuring elastic waistband with drawstring, and curved cuffs, baby girl will live up to expectations of being her parents’ 24/7 happy pill.


GUCCI KIDS embroidered Bee shorts

Price: US$265.00
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Whatever mood the little one is in, these bright yellow cotton blend shorts with calf leather embroidered bee from Gucci will instantly turn her frowns and half smiles to full on giggles. Be the awesome person who inspires laughter for the baby!


SIMONETTA floral appliquée shorts

Price: US$159.00
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Ending this list with a bang is this blue and white cotton floral appliquée shorts from Simonetta. This delightful looking pair features a waistband with belt loops, a five-pocket design, a straight hem, and over the knee length. The baby girl will surely look so gorgeous in the photos!

Designer Padded Coats

  1. Moncler Kids double breasted padded coat

Moncler Kids double breasted padded coat

Price: US$385.00
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Starting off our list is the lovely navy blue double breasted padded coat from Italian label Moncler. The cool hue of the coat is in contrast to the warmth it could afford to give your baby. It is designed with a hood for added protection and warmth.

  1. Chloé Kids faux-fur lined padded coat

Chloé Kids faux-fur lined padded coat

Price: US$221.00
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Not only does Chloé have in store a coat that will keep your child warm whatever the season, it also has one that is elegant in every way. The faux-fur lining, a large hood, and pockets all provide the necessary protection and comfort. The meticulously designed coat with gold-tone buttons give off a very feminine vibe.

  1. Tartine Et Chocolat hooded padded coat

Tartine Et Chocolat hooded padded coat

Price: US$168.00
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All it takes is one glance at this Tartine Et Chocolat coat and you’re sold. The very warm-looking padded coat has a fur-trimmed hood, a front zip fastening, and front pockets sealed with zippers for your convenience.

  1. Monnalisa padded coat

Monnalisa padded coat

Price: US$230.00
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Some flowers may wilt during winter, but not Monnalisa’s patterns! If protection from the cold weather does not change your love for floral patterns, then you may opt for Monnalisa’s polyester padded coat for your child.

  1. Armani Junior faux shearling lined coat

Armani Junior faux shearling lined coat

Price: US$144.00
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This casual coat from Armani combines the sophistication of classic colors dark blue and white as well as the faux shearling material of the coat with seamless tailoring and design. The coat features a hood and a concealed front zipper. Emblazoned with a logo on the chest, it is representative of most Armani designs—simple and sleek—but made especially for tots.

  1. Young Versace hooded coat

Young Versace hooded coat

Price: US$526.00
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Another classy look on the list is provided by Young Versace, the kids’ arm of the Italian luxury fashion company Versace. The coat is all in pink—including the fur trim of the hood—save for the gold front buttons using the image of the iconic Medusa head associated with the brand.

  1. Gucci Kids double breasted coat

Gucci Kids double breasted coat

Price: US$460.00
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Finishing our list is a Gucci coat, its trademark colors red and green present on the coat’s classic-looking collar. The dark blue double breasted coat has two front pockets for whatever use you or your child may have. It is a time-tested design from Gucci.

Designer Jackets

  1. Pèqueno Tocon jacket with metallic gold pockets

Pèqueno Tocon jacket with metallic gold pockets

Price: US$63.00
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Occasionally, we like things flashy, but it’s easy for sparkly things to be an overkill. The Spanish brand Pèqueno Tocon hits the sweet spot by using metallic gold on a predominantly white jacket. Added to the fun is the jacket’s A-line shape and snap buttons.

  1. Baby Dior padded jacket with gloves

Baby Dior padded jacket with gloves

Price: US$1,162.00
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Pricier than the rest of the list but still worth the buck is Baby Dior’s pink feather down jacket. The jacket is a total package, from its hood, side pockets and down to the gloves. It is guaranteed to warm up your kid and keep her looking adorable the whole day.

  1. K Way Kids reversible padded jacket

K Way Kids reversible padded jacket

Price: US$159.00
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Bored of having just one style? K Way Kids’ reversible jacket is the choice for your kid. You can choose which side you’d like depending on the mood: dark blue for a cooler feel or a brighter color if you flip it over. The jacket is also equipped with a hood and front pockets for better cover and more compartment.

  1. Chloé Kids patch soft bomber

Chloé Kids patch soft bomber

Price: US$199.00
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Chloé Kids is known for its chic pieces such as this one. Its design is a call back to 70s fashion but it still works  today, with the light pink color and the colorful patch on the chest.

  1. Levi’s Kids denim jacket

Levi's Kids denim jacket

Price: US$84.00
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Denim has always been a mainstay in fashion: it is accessible, and both apparel and accessories alike easily complement denim. This pink Levi’s denim jacket is an ideal first denim clothing for your baby girl, and it is also very cute to boot.

  1. Moschino Kids zipped bomber jacket

Moschino Kids zipped bomber jacket

Price: US$107.00
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This is a quirky jacket for the little one who may not be old enough to carry a backpack on her own. Moschino’s cotton jacket is comfortable, easy to wear and remove with its front zipper and playful with its colorful and 3D-like print.

  1. De Cavana Kids single-breasted jacket

De Cavana Kids single-breasted jacket

Price: US$85.00
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It may be the most neutral of the bunch but your baby would look lovely in this nude cotton blend single-breasted jacket. De Cavana also manufactures other neutral-colored items for children that may be worth it as an addition in your daughter’s wardrobe.

  1. Moncler Kids padded jacket

Moncler Kids padded jacket

Price: US$215.00
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Last but not the least is Moncler Kid’s black and white padded jacket. The combination of the two contrasts brings a modern touch to this kid’s jacket. The simple yet sophisticated look of the jacket makes it an appropriate garment for many occasions.

Designer Dresses

  1. Velveteen Catherine Dress

Velveteen Catherine Dress

Price: US$63.00
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Make your baby look like an innocent cherub on earth with this rose gold number from Velveteen. A sleeveless dress adorned with over-sized ribbons on the shoulders, ‘Catherine’ is made out of cotton and lurex, giving the dress a comfortable feel and a shiny finish.

  1. Stella Mccartney Kids Charlotte Face Print Dress

Stella Mccartney Kids Charlotte Face Print Dress

Price: US$71.00
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Stella Mccartney’s Charlotte Face Print Dress is attention-grabbing with its color and youthful, quirky print. Easy to wash and easy to wear, this eco-friendly cotton dress will surely be among your child’s beloved items.

  1. Hucklebones London Rainbow trapeze dress

Hucklebones London Rainbow trapeze dress

Price: US$111.00
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Charm everyone with this colorful piece from Hucklebones London, made out of 100% polyester which mimics the look and feel of satin. Light pink ribbons accent the shoulders, plus the rainbow colors are pleasant to the eyes.

  1. Le Bebé Enfant pleated dress

Le Bebé Enfant pleated dress

Price: US$85.00
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Going for a more elegant, formal look? This pleated dress from Le Bebé Enfant may be what you’re looking for. The neutral hues of gray are well-complemented by a pink ribbon on the waist and a gold Le Bebé logo plaque. Your baby will blend right in the office should you bring her in this.

  1. Levi’s Kids denim dress

Levi’s Kids denim dress

Price: US$84.00
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Denim is a staple in any wardrobe, and it can be too in your baby girl’s. You can never go wrong with it—it’s easy to match with, durable, and fashionable all-year round. Start your daughter’s love for denim early with this dress from Levi’s Kids.

  1. Little Marc Jacobs trompe l’oeil sweatshirt dress

Little Marc Jacobs trompe l'oeil sweatshirt dress

Price: US$83.00
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Marc Jacobs’ line for kids adds a playful touch to its sweatshirt dresses by adding an illusion of 3D. A casual look for your little one, this long-sleeved, navy blue pullover-type dress is accentuated by a gold heart-shaped purse. Press stud fasteners are found on the back for easy wear.

  1. Monnalisa cartoon floral printed dress

Monnalisa cartoon floral printed dress

Price: US$179.00
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Do you and your baby have a love for floral patterns and cartoon characters? Monnalisa does it right with this white cotton dress of yellow and pink flowers, also featuring characters inspired by the beloved film ‘The Jungle Book’.

  1. Burberry Kids housecheck flared dress

Burberry Kids housecheck flared dress

Price: US$138.00
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Don this ice pink and white housecheck flared dress on your daughter for a classy and fashionable look. The British brand: Burberry is known for producing clothes that use conventional patterns which never seem to go out of style.

Designer Skirts

  1. Monnalisa floral print skirt

Monnalisa floral print skirt

Price: US$57.00
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You look outside and notice the weather seems just right for a stroll on the park. Might as well go out for a walk with your daughter, right? Put on her this pleated Monnalisa skirt with lilacs that seem to be flitting and your daughter will fit just right in.

  1. Stella Mccartney Kids printed skirt

Stella Mccartney Kids printed skirt

Price: US$56.00
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Stella Mccartney may have inherited her father’s quirkiness and had it applied to her designs that she is now known for, such as this one. This punchy printed skirt will surely grab the attention of family and friends, marking your daughter (and possibly, you) as an unorthodox but stylish dresser.

  1. Lili Gaufrette polka dot tulle skirt

Lili Gaufrette polka dot tulle skirt

Price: US$105.00
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Want to host a tea party for your daughter and her playmates? The gold polka dots set against the soft rose pink color of this tulle skirt is more than appropriate for an afternoon of tea cakes and biscuits with friends.

  1. Mini Rodini polka dot balloon skirt

Mini Rodini polka dot balloon skirt

Price: US$79.00
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We have another polka dot skirt on the list, courtesy of Swedish brand Mini Rodini. The choice of white dots on a bright red background evokes a vintage feel—a throwback to the Swinging Sixties.

  1. MSGM Kids logo print skirt

MSGM Kids logo print skirt

Price: US$40.00
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If casual is your preferred style of the day, then your daughter can never go wrong with this blue cotton skirt from MSGM kids. With such a trendy look, this streetwear still counts as dressing up.

  1. Monnalisa heart appliqué tutu skirt

Monnalisa heart appliqué tutu skirt

Price: US$113.00
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Poofy skirts can always make baby girls more adorable. The color combination for this Monnalisa veers away from the usual light color for children but is still fun with the heart appliqués that decorate the pleated skirt.

  1. Miss Blumarine glitter tutu skirt

Miss Blumarine glitter tutu skirt

Price: US$124.00
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Imagine this: a date with your hubby, taking slow walks along the street, but this time with a baby girl in the middle, dressed in this glittery red tutu skirt embellished with a gold heart. Romantic, isn’t it?

  1. Monnalisa teddy bear print skirt

Monnalisa teddy bear print skirt

Price: US$57.00
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Finally, we’re down to our last one, another Monnalisa on the list. Combine you and your baby girl’s love for clothes and teddy bears with this blue skirt. There’s no hassle wearing this pleated skirt that goes with an elasticated waistband.

Mini Slippers

  1. Florens pom pom slippers

Florens pom pom slippers

Price: US$117.00
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Add more charm to your indoor slippers with these multi-colored cotton and leather Florens. Are those fluffy pom poms on top? Well yes, they are! And they look like candies that are enticing enough to eat, so make sure your baby girl knows the difference.

  1. Pèpè contrast slippers

Pèpè contrast slippers

Price: US$181.00
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A glittery finish is not something you just show outdoors. Let your baby’s eyes be captivated by her shimmery shoes that come in rose pink and gold lining. Come to think of it, that might just be a clever way to keep her behaved indoors!

  1. Ralph Lauren Kids woolly slip-ons

Ralph Lauren Kids woolly slip-ons

Price: US$78.00
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If you’re looking at this pair and imagining how comfortable they might be, you’re not alone! Your child will surely revel in wearing such a soft woolly blend. The silver-tone would give her a preppy appearance too.

  1. Gucci Kids slingback slippers

Gucci Kids slingback slippers

Price: US$365.00
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If you’ve ever wondered if your baby can have sleek-looking slippers, here’s the answer you’ve been looking for. Gucci employs the gold-tone hardware you’d often see in more formal shoes against a rich purple color. The leather slippers also feature a slingback ankle strap, making the chances of your baby losing her slippers very slim. These slippers have also been quite popular outdoors.

  1. Minna Parikka Kids Bunny fur print sneakers

Minna Parikka Kids Bunny fur print sneakers

Price: US$317.00
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Come and hop with Minna Parikka Kids’ fun slippers! Your rabbit-loving daughter’s feet will look extra adorable with the shoes’ bunny ears, and they will feel lighter, thanks to airy material.

  1. Baby Dior embroidered slippers

Baby Dior embroidered slippers

Price: US$459.00
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Mark your home’s tiny star with these embroidered slippers, courtesy of luxury brand Baby Dior. The silver cotton and leather slipper will make your baby’s feet glimmer with each step. Just imagine what an enjoyable sight that would be!

  1. Ugg Australia Kids laser cut slippers

Ugg Australia Kids laser cut slippers

Price: US$107.00
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Ending the list with a bang is Ugg’s slippers, made with shearling lining and laser cut detailing. The design surely looks inviting, with the soft material that will spoil your baby girl’s feet. Fair warning, though: It will be no wonder if she would refuse to wear anything else after this.

Snow Boots

  1. Ugg Australia Kids patterned Ugg boots

Ugg Australia Kids patterned Ugg boots

Price: $243.00
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A pair of snow boots may be more of something you buy for its utility than its style. That doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Ugg is a label you turn to for well-made boots that also happen to be pretty. These pink suede boots with laser cut designs and a shearling lining will  not only keep your baby’s feet warm and cozy, but also make your baby clothes look so darn cute.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids printed snow ankle boots

Dolce & Gabbana Kids printed snow ankle boots

Price: US$579.00
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Are floral prints out of fashion in winter? We don’t think so, and you shouldn’t, too! Make your baby the flower girl walking on snow and give people’s eyes respite from the usually drab colors of the season with these floral snow ankle boots from Dolce & Gabbana.

  1. Stuart Weitzman Kids sequined and fur trim boots

Stuart Weitzman Kids sequined and fur trim boots

Price: US$256.00
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People think snow boots and they imagine boring and ugly. Prove them wrong with these sparkly shoes from Stuart Weitzman Kids that will glimmer in an earthly color, courtesy of the sequins put tastefully. It has a functional design that gives sufficient warmth to your baby with suede and fur, and a delight to the eyes, becoming a good contrast against the snow.

  1. Chiara Ferragni Kids Flirting snow boots

Chiara Ferragni Kids Flirting snow boots

Price: US$152.00
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If you want to give the white snow boots a stylish spin, why not go for Chiara Ferragni Kids’ chic footwear? Sure, the frost is in the same color, but expect your baby girls’ feet to stand out with this well-made pair that has silver accents cleverly incorporated in the design.

  1. Pèpè Roxy Military boots

Pèpè Roxy Military boots

Price: US$252.00
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Military garbs have long permeated fashion, giving uniforms a fresh look. We’ve also seen them influence kids’ clothes. Have your little girl dressed to kill the cold with these military boots that are sure to catch the eyes of family and friends.

  1. Ermanno Scervino Junior leopard print boots

Ermanno Scervino Junior leopard print boots

Price: US$165.00
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If you’re searching for a funkier look to spice up your child’s winter clothes, look no further! Get your baby these hot leopard print snow boots. And as if that’s not enough detail, glitters also line the shoe and decorate the lace. Made of leather and faux fur, the shoes will definitely give your daughter toasty tootsies.

Ballerina Shoes

  1. Sophia Webster Mini metallic wing ballerina shoes

Sophia Webster Mini metallic wing ballerina shoes

Price: US$280.00
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Beginning our list is a solid dark pair from Sophia Webster: elegant black shoes given more spirit with the inclusion of rose gold metallic wings in the design.mThese will give the spring that your baby’s feet will need and conjure to mind the elaborate costumes of the black swan in Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake, sans all the sinister intentions of the character.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids heart logo charm ballerinas

Dolce & Gabbana Kids heart logo charm ballerinas

Price: US$246.00
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If you’re seeking ballerina shoes that would match a preppy and chic outfit, this Dolce & Gabbana Kids could be a lovely addition. The heart charms in gold-tone are sweet details in otherwise plain white strappies.

  1. Lanvin Petite metallic touch-strap ballerinas

Lanvin Petite metallic touch-strap ballerinas

Price: US$383.00
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Your baby’s feet will appear as if they’re dancing when they have these gold metallic ballerina shoes on. They might as well go with tutus, right? The elasticated trim makes them bend easier at your child’s will. The shimmer of the shoes are just right to give off an elegant vibe.

  1. Fendi Kids ruffled strap ballerinas

Fendi Kids ruffled strap ballerinas

Price: US$550.00
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Adding a twist to the classic ballet shoe is the ruffled detail on the strap of these Fendi Kids shoes. These look great with a casual outfit consisting a cute top and denim jeans. Is your child feeling extra bubbly? The light pink color of the pair will suit your baby’s mood as well.

  1. Gucci Kids heart bee ballerinas

Gucci Kids heart bee ballerinas

Price: US$370.00
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Go playful with these ballerinas that don’t quite match each other but are very charming anyway. Combine the odd combo of hearts and bees with either preppy dresses or casual denims for a greater effect.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids sequined ballerina flats

Dolce & Gabbana Kids sequined ballerina flats

Price: US$349.00
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It seems that there are so many things going on with these flats that the sequins can easily be an overkill, but amazingly, they’re not. The well-thought-out color and the florals evoke a green feeling. Your child might gain access to a hidden paradise if they tap their shoes together.

  1. Young Versace Medusa ballerinas

Young Versace Medusa ballerinas

Price: US$296.00
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Taking your child to a classy restaurant or fancy gathering with family and friends? These white leather ballerinas concluding our list will be perfect for your baby girl’s attire. It is the perfect manifestation of the phrase ‘less is more.’ The iconic Medusa details on the toe make the shoes even fancier.

Rain Boots

  1. Mini Melissa monster style wellies

Mini Melissa monster style wellies

Price: US$96.00
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The monsters on these boots may not be able scare the bad weather away, but it sure can protect your baby girl’s feet while walking in the rain. You don’t have to sweat about cleaning ‘em, as you can just wipe the boots down to remove the splatters of dirty water and other stains. These slip-ons are also scented, so you’ll have children’s feet that are bound to smell like candies, or flowers.

  1. Burberry Kids K1-Mini Holloway

Burberry Kids K1-Mini Holloway

Price: US$122.99
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When thinking of high fashion, most people recommend Burberry. And why not? They have been around for more than a century, have been considered a quintessential British brand, and touted as having sturdy, long-lasting materials. These boots that feature the iconic plaid are the same. You can step out in the rain, deflect water droplets to keep you dry, and still have fresh feet. This particular model is also available in red.

  1. Kenzo Kids Tiger Stripes wellies

Kenzo Kids Tiger Stripes wellies

Price: US$90.00
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If you’re not afraid to mix and match, then it’s worth betting on these pink wellies adorned with bold tiger stripes. With Kenzo Kids, your baby girl can still strut around in spite of ongoing drizzles and go for a fierce, chic mode, remaining the designated cool kid in the neighborhood.

  1. Ugg Raana Rain Boot

Ugg Raana Rain Boot

Price: US$55.00
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This is a pair that seems to call back to femme fatales from decades past with its diva pink color. Have this pretty pair splash on the water and marvel at how they are the perfect rain boots: fashionable, toasty, snug, easy to clean and a delight to wear. Your baby girl will be excited for rainy days if it means they have to wear these Uggs.

  1. Mini Melissa bow detail boots

Mini Melissa bow detail boots

Price: US$80.00
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Your baby may demand wearing shoes with pretty ribbons even on stormy weather, but you know it’s best to prioritize your baby’s feet from being soaked over the design of the footwear… or so you thought. These Mini Melissa boots include bows in a way that would make them still a sensible choice on a rainy day. The pink color and the gold accents are simultaneously glam and girly.

  1. Gucci Rainy GG Rain Boo

Gucci Rainy GG Rain Boot

Price: US$350.00
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Insulate the tiny one’s feet with these water-resistant boots from luxury brand Gucci. The monogrammed footwear can withstand rain and snow, and has added protection to prevent slip and falls on slippery floors. Partner this with a preppy dress and your baby can be even more classy while covering herself from the harsh weather.

  1. Burberry Kids K1-Mini Mid Buckle

Burberry Kids K1-Mini Mid Buckle

Price: US$122.99
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Burberry Kids gives you an option that look just as good in drier days as much as it great to pull off on rainy days. There are pull tabs on the back of the boots that make them easier to wear and allow you to adjust how much snug you’d want your daughter to be in it. It is a great accent to a chic outfit with its classic black color and gold buckles.

Ankle Boots

  1. Timberland Kids lace-up ankle boots

Timberland Kids lace-up ankle boots

Price: US$188.00
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We’re beginning our list with something incredibly girly and funky: leather fuschia pink ankle boots that can make an impact on its own. Wear these lace-up boots with dependable denim jeans that allow the shoes to take the spotlight.

  1. Gucci Kids Jonathan Bootie

Gucci Kids Jonathan Bootie

Price: US$375.00
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Luxurious is what you can always expect from Gucci, even with their kids’ shoes. And as if the metallic finish of the shoes isn’t enough, the booties are also lined with faux leather that makes them more posh. Just imagine these standout shoes against the snow!

  1. Ugg Australia Kids classic short boots

Ugg Australia Kids classic short boots

Price: US$317.00
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The brand originating from the Land Down Under is best known for its boots, and for a good reason. Uggs are preferred for their comfort, durability and style, and all these make the price tag more appealing. The suede booties made with wool are perfect for keeping your kiddo’s feet warm.

  1. Sophia Webster Wiley Royalty Boot

Sophia Webster Wiley Royalty Boot

Price: US$97.50
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Being a real princess is completely arbitrary, either you are lucky to be born in the monarchy or not. What you have control over though, is owning something that would make you, or in this case your child, feel like she is part of the nobility. Make your baby the reigning fashion princess in the neighborhood with Sophia Webster’s metallic rosa pink boot.

  1. Gucci Embroidered Suede Bootie

Gucci Embroidered Suede Bootie

Price: US$445.00
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The list so far has been made up of metallics, suede and leather, but for those looking for fun illustrations, we’ve got this Gucci number for you. The label unleashed its quirky design, in contrast with the usual pieces, with this pair, having an embroidered UFO emitting colorful lights on one side and and an angry cat on the other.

  1. Burberry Kids K1-Mini Quarrybank

Burberry Kids K1-Mini Quarrybank

Price: US$297.99
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Have some kickin’ boots with Burberry‘s entry on our list. The light oak color makes the shoes look more grounded but the fringe accents add some more fun. Slip these on your baby while wearing a short skirt and a hip top, and have her trot around and enjoy the swinging movement of the shoes’ edges.

  1. Pèpè metallic Chelsea boots

Pèpè metallic Chelsea boots

Price: US$89.00
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Go for a fancy country look with the calf suede metallic Chelsea boots that conclude our list. Whether you match it with a dress or shorts doesn’t really matter. With the right accessories, your daughter can have just the right amount of edge.

Designer Sandals

  1. Sophia Webster Mini butterfly sandals

Sophia Webster Mini butterfly sandals

Price: US$310.00
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Make your kid’s steps as lightweight as a butterfly with these rose gold Sophia Websters. The sandals, with its fancy feminine color and metallic finish that say dressy more than casual, best go with skirts and dresses, or a simpler, more laid-back get-up that would have the footwear as its highlight.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids White Sandal

Dolce & Gabbana Kids White Sandal

Price: US$225.00
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Fancy turning your child as loco as you are for animal prints? Dolce & Gabbana’s sandals are a good place to start. The leopard print complements the simple design which secures the feet with a buckle closure and provides your kid much freedom to wiggle their toes.

  1. Stella McCartney Kids buckled sandals

Stella McCartney Kids buckled sandals

Price: US$146.00
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Youngsters would love the quirky color combination of these buckled sandals, courtesy of Fab Four offspring Stella McCartney. The splash of colors go surprisingly well and would be a welcome addition to a similarly vibrant outfit. Also, the flat sole allows your child to walk with much gaiety.

  1. Burberry Kids Rhimes

Burberry Kids Rhimes

Price: US$135.99
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If you wish to cover your daughter’s feet but still give them ample space for a more airy feeling, go for Burberry’s Rhimes for kids. The jute midsole and the plum color somehow emits a laidback feeling to the pair, something one might wear when going for a holiday in the countryside.

  1. Monnalisa flower striped sandals

Monnalisa flower striped sandals

Price: US$121.00
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Your baby will step out in style with these floral sandals that come with an earthy touch through the leather insole. The dainty design is what you’d like your baby to wear with her spring and summer dresses.

  1. Gucci Kids Gaufrette Sandal

Gucci Kids Gaufrette Sandal

Price: US$240.00
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Make it easier for the active baby girl to eagerly follow your footsteps with sandals that wholly cushion the sole and secure the foot with straps. Go to Gucci if you want your child to dress down while still wowing the crowd.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids strappy flat sandals

Dolce & Gabbana Kids strappy flat sandals

Price: US$277.00
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Out for a walk, chilling on a muggy night or going to the mall with your main girl? Show your baby’s feet some love in this strappy sensation made out of white patent and calf leather that is ideal for everyday wear.

Designer Sneakers

  1. Gucci Kids New Ace Sneakers

Gucci Kids New Ace Sneakers

Price: US$265.00
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If you’re looking for the ideal shoe that would be durable for the frequent walker but also great in tying together a casual outfit, then Gucci has you covered. The pair on the photo is of the silver variety with a metallic finish, but the shoes are also available in classic Gucci colors red and green.

  1. Chiara Ferragni Kids embellished slip-on sneakers

Chiara Ferragni Kids embellished slip-on sneakers

Price: US$230.00
Buy It

Remember being thrilled by glitters as a child? Chances are, your baby girl feels the same way, too! It’s a plus that the sparkly things and the embroidered designs are all put in tastefully. They’re a bolder choice than your everyday kicks but the comfort and attention make it worth it.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids Bow Sneaker

Dolce & Gabbana Kids Bow Sneaker

Price: US$187.50
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Fond of neutral colors such as black but still want to flatter your baby’s feet with something that is undoubtedly feminine? D&G has the answer. Bows and ruffles look exquisite on these black slip-ons. Plus, you can never go wrong with black… but surely, you already know that.

  1. Emilio Pucci Junior textured slip-on sneakers

Emilio Pucci Junior textured slip-on sneakers

Price: US$367.00
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Want bows on another color except pink? Well, just look at what we have here! Removing the ribbons, the textured shoes are perfect as sporty shoes. Adding a bow that is anything but plain adds a casual and more feminine throw.

  1. Sophia Webster Riko Low Top

Sophia Webster Riko Low Top

Price: US$195.00
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If you and your baby have penciled attending a party but is not quite sure what sneakers to go for, then may we suggest these Sophia Websters? They’re pastels and glitter and leather, which combined will surely make your darling the star of the dance floor.

  1. Giuseppe Junior Iperstud Drill sneakers

Giuseppe Junior Iperstud Drill sneakers

Price: US$428.00
Buy It

Gold looks good against black, and these Giuseppe Junior pair reminds you that. The high-tops are different from most in the list, in that it gives off a more formal, rigid vibe with the zippers and shoe lace. However, your baby would look great in these with a dress as much as it would if you opted for leggings or jeans.

  1. Burberry Haypark Mini Check High-Top Sneaker

Burberry Haypark Mini Check High-Top Sneaker

Price: US$210.00
Buy It

Impress kids and other parents with a casual look that is classic as it is comfortable with these high-top sneakers. The pair is unmistakably a luxury item with the plaid that needs no introduction, but Burberry has proven time and again how far their items can go.

  1. Giuseppe Junior graffiti-print sneakers

Giuseppe Junior graffiti-print sneakers

Price: US$500.00
Buy It

If there is any shoe that screams streetwear, it would be these white and pink sneakers. This footwear imitates graffiti paint and blends with the street, but the zippers and lace in plain white also brings classy to casual, inevitably amping any outfit.

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