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Attrape-Rêves by Louis Vuitton Review

Attrape-Reves by Louis Vuitton Review 1
Attrape-Rêves by Louis Vuitton Review
We’d say it right off the bat: Attrape-Rêves is lovely. It is sweet without being excessive, and the florals are refined rather than feeling commonplace. Even though this is not by any means a bold scent, the so-called Dream Catcher still exudes sensuality and femininity to us. Patchouli on the fragrance is not sickening, and cocoa flower adds a little more to its dreaminess. This is a light scent but staying power is excellent; a bottle will last you a long time.
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Balances the sweet and fruity notes without being cloying
Patchouli does not feel superfluous and excessive in here
Light and subtle, but has excellent staying power
Very feminine, even sensual
We don’t find the scent to be very exciting
Smells vaguely familiar
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Attrape-Rêves, translated to English as dream catcher, is just one of the fragrances released for the Louis Vuitton collection Les Parfums. According to the brand, it was inspired by magical and unusual experiences. Signed by Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, the scent was made with ginger, bergamot, lychee, Turkish rose, peony, cocoa flower and patchouli. It was officially launched in 2018 and released in 100 and 200 ml bottles.

Attrape-Reves by Louis Vuitton Review 2

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