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Asos 2019 Review

ASOS catalog page screenshot on April 6, 2019

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Asos 2019 Review
ASOS is one popular online shopping site that has gained so much positive feedback and praises from the world because of their inclusivity and body positivity. But aside from all that, they so bring the best of the fashion goods in their online platform, allowing their audience to easily explore different styles and actually purchase whatever they want. Their collections expand daily, with the newest and most exclusive ranges from only the best brands of today’s fashion scene.
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Asos has captured a global audience because of their amazing products that are easily available to their bold and jam-packed website. The collections within the website features some of the best items for men and women, featuring activewear, casual clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, formal wear, and beauty pieces, all arranges into their type and and brand. This makes the searches seamless within the website, adding to the wonderful overall experience with ASOS.

The great use of social social media platforms helped ASOS to reach out to a lot of its audiences, from young to old, both men and women alike. Added to that is their popularity because of their stand on huge issues in the fashion world, like body positivity and inclusivity. This approach is parallel to the “fresh” theme of the website, as it gives off the vibe that it is up to date with the latest issues and it carries the modern idea of fashion. Their collections are like that as well, with styles that are unapologetic with cost-effective shipping policies.

But now matter how much people love the concept, the items, and the stand of ASOS on certain things, it cannot be denied that the website has been falling short in their customer service. Many customers have experienced delays in order and shipping, plus difficulty in contacting the website’s customer support. This is a real downside to such a promising website, which can be taken as a great opportunity to improve.

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How to use ASOS Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with ASOS
  2. Enter your personal information and shipping details on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout.
  5. Add the promo code on the area at the lower-left part of the page.
  6. Click ‘APPLY’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on ASOS

Introduction to ASOS

If you keep up with fashion news and are an avid user of Twitter, then you must have heard of ASOS, and correct people who mispronounce it (it’s ACE-OSS as per the company website, thankyouverymuch).

The UK company with a selection marketed for millennials have been making the rounds lately, and for the right reasons. They pegged down the PR game—from the bags it inadvertently released with a typo (it’s limited edition, you guys!) to the more inclusive, body positive site with the diversity in its models–and they’re trendy, diverse, and cool. If twenty-somethings would be represented by articles of clothing alone, then ASOS’ entire collection would be it.

Here are a few things to know about the company.

Originally AsSeenOnScreen

If you’ve ever wondered what the letters in ASOS stood for, then you’ve got your answer. As to why founders Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson chose that, they wanted to have a website where they can sell clothing that celebrities wore. Yes, as seen on screen. But as its scope expanded and went beyond what movie stars had to wear, the name became less apt.

Also, if you thought that AsSeenOnScreen is quite a mouthful, then you’re not alone in thinking that. Within the offices of AsSeenOnScreen, the company was already referred to as ASOS, but it took awhile before they thought that the abbreviation was catchier than the the original. And so, they slowly let go of AsSeenOnScreen. As the 21st century progressed, so did the re-branding.

ASOS Identifies with its Customers: Always Online

ASOS claims to be the very market they’re also targeting. They are hip, stylish, young and have FOMO. They like to live healthily. They maintain a rich online presence. Who else would know what millennials would like than fellow millennials themselves?

Identifying with their customers is ASOS’ rationale for maintaining active online accounts and a website that appeals to its target demographic. They also know that the generation they belong to are always on the go and wants things fast.

This is why they’ve developed and continually improved their technology so that nothing stands in the way between a customer and a purchase. They put them first, making delivery and returning of items as easy as possible, ensuring sleek performance for the company website and mobile apps, having representatives maintaining social media sites ready to answer queries, and making themselves reachable whenever they are needed, wherever their customers are. These are also the same things they want for themselves.

While ASOS envisions their customers as savvy both in tech and style, they still have something for those who need a little help, such as their magazine and their ASOS Insiders. These so-called insiders work for ASOS, post items they loved and bought, and make accompanying fashion advice.

To date, the company is proud of their 19-million social following, 69% traffic from mobile devices, 10 million mobile app installs, and 13.4 million active customers.

Keeping ASOS Collection Current and On Trend

Twenty-somethings like to keep their wardrobes up-to-date. So does ASOS, which is why it is always on the lookout for trends, and even makes items on their own. Each product is made with the perfect materials considered to do the job, but they do this efficiently, and are always looking forward to do more. They take inspiration after pop culture and worldwide events, and their articles reflect what is currently happening in the world.

ASOS also reflects some of generational values, such as its aim to be inclusive while placing importance in individuality. Their items are not restricted within the traditional categories for this reason. There are unisex items and clothing for the curvy, tall, petite… and they’re adding even more by the minute.

Time-Tested and Trusted

If you’re covered by the generational demographic “millennial” (this isn’t a hard rule, by the way) and you’re after branded clothes, then ASOS would be the site to go for its 80,000 branded and own-brand products, delivered from the US, its home UK, US, Europe and China to any destination in the world, for the most part. The company has started small but grown steadily in the 2000s, being among the first to go live by having an Internet presence at the turn of the century, so you know you’re in good hands.

ASOS home page screenshot on April 6, 2019 ASOS product page screenshot on April 6, 2019

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