Are Jade Rollers the Answer to All Your Skincare Problems?

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Are you one of those who instantly jump into the bandwagon whenever a new skincare trend pops up? Or are you one of those who let the hype settle down, research about the trend, and ask gazillions of questions before actually trying the trend out?

Either way, if you’re at least a skincare lover, you probably heard about all the chatter about the jade roller, right? It’s as if out of nowhere, a sort of magical face tool can beautify your skin in ways you’ve never seen before. All of sudden, beauty junkies can’t help but rave about this “heaven scent” tool, and then beauty icons and Hollywood actresses start claiming that it has become a vital part of the of beauty regimen. Are jade rollers the answer to all your skincare problems?

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You might have tried the trend but are still clouded with confusion on what a jade roller actually is, or you might just be deciding yet if you’ll ever get yourself one. Whatever it is, we’re here to shed some light on this hottest beauty trend!

Origins of Jade Rollers

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Before jade rollers found their way to Alicia Keys’ of Victoria Beckhams’ dressers or skincare shelves, they have existed in the ancient Chinese culture, way back in the 7th Century. It was always meant to be used on the face—yet before, these hand-held massage tools were believed to actually eliminate negative energy from your face. They are composed of the jade stone, a smooth-surfaced cooling stone that is now believed to combat skincare problems like wrinkles, puffiness, large pores, and others.

How to Use the Jade Roll

There are two simple steps to follow in properly using the jade rolling. Although these aren’t “hard rules” to follow, these can make your jade rolling experience more enjoyable and at a certain level, more effective, too.

Step One

Spread your favorite moisturizer, serum, face oil or mask all over your face, your neck and décolletage. Here’s a few of our favorite ones:

Moisturizer: Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The Cream
Best for: Anti-aging and making skin radiant
Price: US$455.00
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Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The Cream

Serum: La Mer The Concentrate
Best for: Skin repair and healing
Price: US$370.00 – Standard Size (30ml)
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LA MER The Concentrate

Face oil: Rodin Olio Lusso
Best for: Nourishing dry and wrinkled skin
Price: US$89.00 – 0.5oz
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Rodin Olio Lusso

Face mask: Sisley-Paris Black Rose Cream Mask
Best for: Brightening skin and making it plump
Price: US$162.00
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Sisley-Paris Black Rose Cream Mask

Step Two

Get your clean jade roller and start rolling it from your chin. Roll it upward and outward along the cheeks and then roll it back to the chin. Continue such upward and outward motion to different areas of your face, making sure you follow the natural contours of your face. Put a bit more pressure as you roll upwards to encourage lifting of muscles. Make sure to cover your neck, your jawline and your décolletage, as well.

Goodbye , Skincare Problems!

So we’ve arrived here, the moment to answer the biggest question we all want to ask: Are jade rollers the answer to all our skincare problems?

Are Jade Rollers the Answer to All Your Skincare Problems 3

Here are the observed benefits of jade roller users and some proven claims of the face tool. Would it cover all your skin care problem? Read on and find out!

  • Reduces puffiness
  • Brightens dark circles
  • Minimizes undereye bags
  • Makes a dull complexion rosy
  • Increases circulation
  • Encourages better absorption of skincare products

Give Jade Rollers A Go

So, are you enticed with the benefits jade rollers can bring your skin? There are a lot of claims of manufacturers and users of this trending tool, yet the best way for you to know if it works is to actually try it! Jade rollers are easy to purchase and use, so why not get one and give it a go? Here are some of the best ones out there that would probably convert you into a jade roller-lover after just one use!

GingerChi Jade Roller

GingerChi Jade Roller

Price: US$24.97
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GingerChi Jade roller is ultra-smooth on the skin, as it is made from 100% jade.

Herbivore Jade Facial Roller

Herbivore Jade Facial Roller

Price: US$30.00
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Reformulated after taking in customer’s suggestions, Herbivore’s Jade Roller made a much improved comeback, this is now fully made from a more durable aventurine jade.

Kaesthetics Studio Jade Roller

Kaesthetics Studio Jade Roller

Price: US$19.00
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This jade roller from Kaesthetics Studio is as authentic as you can get. Not only do they source natural jade from China, but they make the whole tool by hand!

Mount Lai Jade Roller

Mount Lai Jade Roller

Price: US$34.00
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Mount Lai’s Jade Roller will ensure a luxe experience from the time you open its silk-line storage box, until you roll the actual jade to your face.

So, are you convinced yet? Try it out and you might wake up one day looking more like our favorite Spice Girl, Posh, or the beautiful bare-faced Alicia Keys!

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