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APL TechLoom Pro Sneakers Review

APL TechLoom Pro Sneakers Review

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APL TechLoom Pro Sneakers Review
APL TechLoom Pro Sneakers Review
In this very advanced world, designers have now become engineers and create technologies that will improve the products of their luxury brands. The brains behind APL proved just that, particularly with their TechLoom Pro sneakers. A concoction of innovative design and engineered style, the running shoes exemplify the best of what the retail industry offers as both luxury and gear. TechLoom Pros go beyond the imagery of fashion and into the innovation and intellectualism that will help the industry survive.
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Sportswear is a tricky business. It’s not enough that a piece is attractive, it has to be athletic as well. In this particular line of work, durability is as vital as design and labels have to produce items that balance both in equal measure. Such makes the industry more complicated and more competitive. Sportswear brands come up with new releases left and right that are as innovative as they are stylish. Not too long ago, American shoe brand Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) took their chance at the game with their TechLoom Pro sneakers.

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Release Year: June 2014
Retail Price: US$140.00

The shoe brand was actually banned by the NBA back in 2010 because their items were seen as a way for players to cheat their game. Since then, they’ve focused on other athletic endeavors to cater to and in June of 2014, they released their TechLoom Pro sneakers. Similarly to how good their basketball shoes were, the TechLoom Pros became such favorites for joggers and runners that it propelled APL to massive popularity. Additionally, the shoes are priced at a modest $140.


With an incredibly sleek silhouette and advanced engineering, Athletic Propulsion Labs created one of the best running shoes in the business. The TechLoom Pros feature an impressive pattern design that not only looks good, it helps the feet breath while the wearer runs from place to place. Its midsole and outsole are joined together, taking away any need for more rubber, and making the shoe lighter that’s perfect for a morning or afternoon jog. Unafraid to explore new territories in design, the American brand offers these sneakers in different hues, colorways, and gradients to garner more interest from the fashion crowd.


Athletic Propulsion Labs is known for their innovative technology which has caused them trouble in the past. In the National Basketball Association, their products are actually banned because they enabled the players to move a certain way that was deemed cheating. With that in mind, it’s best to be careful when maneuvering any of their products, including their TechLoom Pros. While their genius in engineering and design can’t be denied, what their outcomes can do to the ones purchasing and wearing them remain to be seen.

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