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Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment Review

Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment
Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment Review
Anyone who shaves has experienced an ingrown one way or the other. Those little nicks are painful to have and are really tempting to pick at, but doing so will only make it worse. Now you can speed up the healing of these skin nuisances with Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment. Formulated with salicylic, phytic, and glycol acids, this powerful gel fights bacteria, soothes any red bumps and eventually frees trapped hairs. This can be used everyday as maintenance or prevention and on any area that’s been shaved, not just beards; simply massage the gel all over the freshly shaved area and instantly feel a tingling sensation. Users start to see results after just a matter of days and claim to no longer experience ingrown hairs anymore. Even if it is a little pricey, we think it's not a bad trade off for possibly saving yourself from those pesky ingrowns.
Ease of Application
Value for Money
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Helps heal and prevent ingrown hairs
Can be used everyday as maintenance
Can be used on any shaved area, not just beards
Results may vary according to skin type

Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment is infused with lavender and willow herb to calm the skin and salicylic, phytic, and glycol acids to treat ingrown hair and razor burns. This product is paraben free and is suitable for everyday use on all skin types. Please note that everyone has different skin types and that some may experience no effect at all whilst some might find the product too strong, so be sure to do a patch test before using.

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