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Air Jordan 4 Basketball Shoes Review

Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Review

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Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Review
Air Jordan 4 Basketball Shoes Review
We have respect for the Air Jordan IV, being an iconic shoe when it was released and still delivering, in terms of appearance. The clean, fresh design can gain you compliments and are great when worn casually. However, they feel outdated for sneaks you intend to use for basketball, and you can find better options from the Jordan line.
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The Air Jordan 4 was originally released in 1989, just in time with Michael Jordan’s meteoric rise not only to the hoops but also to global stardom. It became Tinker Hatfield’s next installment after the popular Air Jordan 3, which was a hit both in and out of the basketball court. This time though, he and Jordan wanted to focus more on performance rather than gimmick, leading the shoe to have a string of firsts. Among the models released at the time, it was the first to feature an over-molded mesh. It was also the first of the Air Jordan releases to be marketed globally and hit the silver screen—the shoes were featured in Do The Right Thing, a Spike Lee classic.

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The Air Jordan 4’s design that became more fashionable over time allowed for personalization. You can lace them in as many as 18 different patterns, so if you’re the kind to want your apparel to still have your unique signature, you have the freedom to do so with the IV. This feature allows players to have extra support too, giving them an option to prefer a tighter or a looser lace. The design has been neater and sleeker in time, the leather is top quality, and looks smooth as well as feels durable.

What many people love after the IV is the way it fits your feet perfectly, not allowing any slips here and there if you go for your usual size. The traction is also satisfactory, giving players enough support and grip even when you have to move around a lot. It has also improved on the 3 by letting the shoes have better ventilation through the side panels and the tongue.


While adequately comfortable, you will have to wear them a few times before completely breaking in, so be prepared for a bit of pain in those first few tries. They may have been originally made for the court, but they no longer hold up as they once did because the cushioning is firm and dense; these are okay as lifestyle shoes and there are better options in the Jordan line if you’re hunting for basketball kicks.Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Review 2 Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Review 3 Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Review 4 Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Review 5 Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Review 6 Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Review 7 Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Review 8

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