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Air Jordan 1 “Royal” 2017 Review

Air Jordan 1 Royal Sneakers Review

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Air Jordan 1 Royal Sneakers Review
Air Jordan 1 “Royal” 2017 Review
These Air Jordan 1s are aptly named not only because of the colorway but also because of the royal vibes they emit. They are adequately comfortable and incredibly swell, enough reasons for stocks disappearing immediately. However, the classic-looking shoes are highly priced on the second-hand market , and counterfeits are abound. It may be worth your while to rethink how much you want them and be extra cautious in purchasing.
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There are classics that just don’t go away, and then there are Air Jordans. The name alone can perk up collectors’ ears in an instant, and turn their eager anticipation into inconsolable disappointment just as fast after failing to cop some of ‘em Jordans. It is proof of how iconic the shoes have become, in addition to their ridiculously high resale value in the market. Footwear giant Nike just can’t help but satiate sneakerheads’ hunger for the Air Jordans by retro-ing and reinventing models, as is the case with the Air Jordan 1, as well as make a huge sum out of them bestsellers.

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Release date: April 1st, 2017

Air Jordan 1s found their way again to a few sneakerheads last year after Nike re-released the model in a royal blue and black colorway. It is not the very first, as that spot is reserved for the black and red Air Jordan 1s, but they received just as much attention as one would expect for the model that started it all. The Swoosh and AJ logo-bearing shoes sporting premium leather have been manufactured in reasonable numbers and was not marketed as a limited release. Still, they were sold out almost instantly, leaving many heartbroken fans.


Any longtime collector would appreciate the good quality and smell of new shoes, but with the Air Jordan 1 Royal, even the most casual of fans can admire its packaging. This particular colorway has been popular even during its first release, and one could witness firsthand why it is held in high regard. The panels in blue are pleasant to the eyes, and the black provides a bold, sporty contrast, which when combined guarantee a pair that is worth that second glance. The materials, particularly the leather, are nice and smooth to the touch as well as of top quality, although they may pale in comparison to other similarly hyped up Nike shoes. These also fit nicely, so get them in your usual size.


For many people who buy the Air Jordan 1s, looks take precedence over comfort. Although the Royals are adequately cushioned, some feet may yearn for shoes that provide a more satisfying feel in terms of comfort and protection against impact. The pairs were fast sellers, leaving most fans with no other choice but to look for second-hand kicks with predictably high asking prices. The passable quality and the prevalence of fakes may not fully justify the amount of dough you’re willing to give for them, though.

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