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Aimez Moi by Caron Review

Aimez Moi by Caron Review 1
Aimez Moi by Caron Review
Aimez Moi is not designed to be a people pleaser. If it were a person, it would not care that it isn’t. After all, this is made with a self-assured woman with her identity intact in mind. The accords are well-blended, and the blooms in particular are hard to pick out. During the drydown, the scent affords some comfort through spices, vanilla and musk. It leaves quite a trail and would feel heavy for some, so apply with caution and consideration for where you are headed when you wear Aimez Moi.
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Scent makes an impact from the beginning for us because of the spicy notes
The floral accords are well-blended and hard to distinguish
The drydown is also spicy for us, with hints of vanilla and amber
Mysterious and distinct fragrance
We think that it might be too loud and heavy for some
Not a people pleaser
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Aimez Moi is envisioned by Caron to be worn by women who are confident of themselves and need little validation from others. It was created by Dominique Ropion and was released in 1996. The scent is a radiant blend of florals and woods. Through the lovely bottle, Aimez Moi can be mistaken for a much older offering.

Aimez Moi by Caron Review 2

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