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Adidas “ZX Flux Xeno” Review

Adidas ZX Flux Xeno Review

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Adidas ZX Flux Xeno Review
Adidas “ZX Flux Xeno” Review
Adidas continues to wow customers with new and different variations of the ZX Flux Xeno. Branching off from the all-black exterior, it’s expanded to offer versions that feature an ombré of different colors in the same family, and even mesh fabrics and camo print. With up and coming designs, ZX Flux Xeno is totally a pair you must watch out for.
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High-end fashion shoppers aren’t foreign to the idea of snakeskin materials and pegs in their garments and accessories, but Adidas still made a jaw-dropping spectacle out of the Adidas ZX Flux Xeno, inspired by the Xenopeltis snake, commonly found in Southeast Asia and known for their resplendent scales. The brand achieved innovation in creating something that’s never been seen before out of a typical fashion pattern.

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Adidas has long been known to be integrating snakeskin inspirations into their designs, but they may have just reached a peak with the Xeno versions of the ZX Flux model. Since its pre-release hype, the shoe had been highly-awaited and acclaimed for its futuristic and revolutionary concept.

Release Date: February 13, 2015


Its distinguishing feature that got every sneakerhead on the edge of their seat is the reflective material that appears black on a natural daylight setting, but actually blazes iridescent colors that span almost every hue on the rainbow spectrum upon flashing bright light towards it as with a camera.

Undoubtedly, that feature is the first thing that capture people’s attention. The cool effect of the colors as they shine under the light and change as the light source shifts is even better in person, something that will make you swoon upon receiving the actual pair. The shoes actually do what it promised; reality turned out to be as expected, if not more.

Beyond the design, the shoes are lightweight and very comfortable to use. They provide a lot of room for the toes, as well as ample support on the arches of the feet.


Although the ZX Flux Xeno is proven to have impeccable design, we can’t say the same about its construction. Despite having the form of a potentially comfortable shoe, a pair still requires time and a little discomfort at first to break them in.

For something that doesn’t naturally feel good on the first time, it looks awkwardly larger on the feet when worn. What extra space there is wasn’t utilized properly. It’s not too easy on the eyes as well, especially for those who have perfectionist tendencies and can’t let little details pass, as glue stains may be visible between the scale-like pattern.

You’ll get the cool effect of colors, yet you’ll have a material that’s prone to dirt. It’s important to carefully note where and how you’re walking when you wear a ZX Flux Xeno pair—it’s easy to get dirt on them and hard to clean off as well.

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