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Adidas Tubular Shadow Review

Adidas Tubular Shadow Sneakers Review

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Adidas Tubular Shadow Sneakers Review
Adidas Tubular Shadow Review
The Yeezy 350 may be kicking sneakers, but not everyone wants to spend as much for them. Adidas gives a cheaper alternative that does not compromise in design: the Adidas Tubular Shadow. They’re incredibly fashionable and come with many options that would go well with any style. You can wear them all day and your feet still would not curse you.
Value for Money

If you fancy the Yeezy Boost 350 but just do not have or want to spend as much dough, then Adidas has an attractive alternative with an even more appealing price tag: the Adidas Tubular Shadow. Among the new releases from the shoe giant, the Adidas Tubular Shadow was strutted on the runway and quickly became a coveted lifestyle shoe among casual wearers and sneakerheads alike.

Taking after the original 1994 design of Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto that is notable for its tubular silhouette, the Adidas Tubular Shadow is an exciting reimagination of the sneakers that Adidas has described as both retro and futuristic all at once. They come in 20 style options, so there’s plenty to choose from and collect.

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Release date: December 2016
Price: US$70.00 – US$120.00


The Adidas Tubular Shadow is a very attractive shoe with a sophisticated and classy design, able to turn heads even when you’re only wearing them out on a casual walk. You’re not limited to a single color, too, as there are 20 interesting colorways available that you can choose from so you aren’t easily bored. They go well with most outfits, so you can just slip them on and go about your day. And while they bear similarities to the Yeezy 350, they are more accessible with a cheaper price tag.

Beyond appearances, the Adidas Tubular Shadow is also as comfortable as it looks, which would make them hard to take off… because they’re snug and not because they’re ill-fitting, if that was not clear. The asymmetrical outsole that is the sneakers’ main draw when it comes to design is also its major plus, as it offers comfort that would not make your feet suffer even if you’re on them all day. They’re noted for being especially light too, thanks to the knit-style upper. For those with wide feet, the sneakers are preferable in addition to being true to size. Another bonus is the Adidas’ Ortholite Sockliner feature, which prevents chafing and blisters.


There really aren’t a lot to hate about the sneakers, but if we have to quibble… the Adidas Tubular Shadow aren’t the best sneakers when you need to use them for running. Sure, they will do the job, but they are better suited for casual wear instead of running even when they are modeled after running shoes. They make decent sneakers for a gym session, though.

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