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Adidas Originals BW Army Review

Adidas Originals BW Army Sneakers Review

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Adidas Originals BW Army Sneakers Review
Adidas Originals BW Army Review
With originals and contemporary designs in the market today, the shoe game is definitely growing strong. But what sets the Adidas Originals BW Army from the rest is its classic appearance that has been ripped off by many brands over the years. Rest assured that, although many high-end brands have taken inspiration from this design and retailed it in a much higher price, you will do better by opting for the original, that is Adidas Originals BW Army Sneakers. Without any more proof needed, this shoe is definitely a good value for your money.
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The classic shoes are back, thank God, giving the kids from the 70’s and 80’s a nostalgic feel with the new releases of their beloved shoes. But today’s shoppers may know quite well what this also means – a competitive shoe game that gives us a variety of options and styles to choose from. With iconic shoes back in the shoe business, picking the right pair of shoe is now becoming more exciting. What’s more, the reinvented originals are proving to be a great choice for our style needs.

Footwear giant, Adidas, is one of the pioneers in successfully revisiting their iconic silhouettes and giving it a modern take. Under its Originals line, the brand is drawing inspiration from their retro styles to provide us with fresh vintage inspired clothing. With 60 years of history under their belt, we bet there will be a great deal of ideas they can take on. Thankfully, the brand decided to launch the Adidas Originals BW Army Sneakers, inspired by their previous iteration of the German Army Trainer style, or commonly known as GAT, which was first developed as training sneakers for the German Bundeswehr.  

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Release Year: Summer 2017

Adidas is resurrecting the BW Army, initially manufactured in the 1970s, with the release of the Adidas Originals BW Army Sneakers in the summer of 2017. The iconic low-top sneakers returns in black and white color tones with gum rubber soles.


German based Adidas is making classic looks stylish with the iconic color-block design of Adidas BW Army. Fashion-savvy customers will love to know that this modish shoes is just perfect to a myriad of casual outfits thanks to its versatile look. Trust us, sporting this pair of sneakers will give you a compliment or two.

The shoes’ unique look is achieved with high quality leather uppers and suede toe overlays. The Adidas trademark three stripes is replaced by a subtle branding on the sole and a monochromatic Trefoil logo on the tongue. A good design choice if you prefer to put style first rather than to lavishly showcase the shoes’ brand. The comfort this lightweight shoe provides is also noteworthy.


We note the timeless appearance of the Adidas Originals BW Army but if you are one to prefer over-the-top designs, the BW Army may not be best for you. Also, since its release in 2017, BW Army is only featured in black and white colorways, limiting color options especially for those who would like to wear it in vibrant colors.

A gentle precaution when buying the shoe, be wary of the shoe size as some suggest that it runs smaller than expected.

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