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Adidas “Gazelle Leather” Review

Adidas Gazelle Leather Review

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Adidas Gazelle Leather Review
Adidas “Gazelle Leather” Review
There’s something special about the incredible name and shoe the Stan Smiths have become to the mainstream population, but it’s more special when you’re a sneaker freak with a few favorites of your own that doesn’t have as much of a cult following. The Gazelle leather can be that thing for you because it delivers on the looks and the comfortability without running the risk of crossing paths with at least five people wearing the same pair.
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The release of the Gazelle Leather pack isn’t only a feat for Adidas and its iconic model of shoes but also a sign of fashion coming full circle. The original Gazelle dates back to the mid-‘60s and was characterized by its suede exterior that was deemed brighter than colored leather. It turns out leather is where this particular style of shoes would head towards decades later, following the cycle of trends.

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Release Year: 2012

The first leather Gazelles appeared in 2012 upon the release of the first Premium Gazelle OG Leather Pack under the brand’s Originals collection. By this time, the new sneakers were modeled after the reimagined classics released in the ‘90s, which were bulkier and had a more spacious toe room.


First released only in navy and white, Adidas has since put out other, more updated versions of the Gazelle Leather pack with the color being the main distinct change. The following years after its first release saw the expansion of the color options to burgundy and black, and triple white or triple black signature stripes on the side. The leather itself also has its own selection of pure smooth or full-grain, depending on what kind of old-school quality you’d like your pair to have.

The original Gazelles were made for a generalized sports function, tested by the German national football team and international handball players at the time of its very first release. It only explains why the shoes have a very comfortable feel. Its padded ankle collar, heel counter, and tongue all work together for a snug fit. The updated versions only made it more appropriate for going out but they’re still lightweight and durable enough to be used for some mild exercises. The shoes offer good protection for the feet.


Because of its bulky appearance, it may look like there’s plenty of space to accommodate the width of your feet inside the shoes. But more if you have wider feet, your toes may end up feeling cramped. The Gazelle Leather tends to be narrow, so those who usually have to compromise with a larger size needs to do that if you choose this particular style.

Other than that, there’s only an awkward squeaky sound the shoes make when you wear them for the first few times, which can be annoying to most people but can also be a way to incorporate fun as you walk in your new kicks.

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