Add A Splash of Fun to Your Beauty Routine With These Jelly Products


Let’s admit it, beauty routines don’t always excite us. There are times you just want to go straight into bed after a long day or sleep in a bit longer before going to work, so it helps to add fun elements to your beauty care sometimes. Now wonder we’ve gone from one trend to another—glitters, pastel-colors, bubbly and mud products have been the hype for the past years.

Now, a new trend has swept up the beauty world to make your beauty regimen more fun and playful! The jelly beauty trend has start piling up on beauty shelves, giving us a new texture to enjoy as we put on the jell-o like products onto our faces, hair and body. But aside from the fun they bring, the jelly like substance can offer more benefits, especially as they are absorbed much easier by the skin. They feel cool and awesome to the touch, too!

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So, what are you waiting for? Check out these jelly beauty products to add some fun to your same old boring beauty routine!

Dior Hydra Life Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask ($69)


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Dior’s Hydra Life Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask gently scrubs and peels off in just a matter of minutes. Aside from its interesting texture, it contains apricot kernel and citrus extracts that will make your skin look radiant and fresh.

Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator ($40)


Price: US$40.00
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Who hasn’t heard of Farsali’s Unicorn Essence, right? But another must-have product from the luxury beauty brand is its Jelly Beam Illuminator, which has a pretty shimmer and beautiful champagne color, aside from its gel-like formulation that turns to powder as it dries. You’ll have an instant glow-from-within look with this product, for sure.

Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel ($60)


Price: US$60.00
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If you need a product that’s filled with a lot of helpful ingredients to pump your skin with protection and nourishment, Murad’s Nutrient-Charged Water Gel is the best option. The gel-like substance contains a lot of helpful elements like magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, silicon and vitamins E, B9, B6, B5 and B3.

Estée Lauder Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Eye Jelly ($46)


Price: US$46.00
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Estée Lauder cares for your eyes in a very interesting way with their Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Eye Jelly. The cool and jelly-like formula of this product helps the under eye regain its youth through hydration and reduction of fine lines.

Origins Original Skin Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly with Willowherb ($23)


Price: US$23.00
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Taking off of makeup is made fun by Origins through this Original Skin Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly. Added with willow herb, this jelly-like product easily removes all traces of makeup, dirt and other impurities. Although it transforms into a milky-liquid upon contact with the skin, its fun concept still captures attention from skincare junkies.

Bed Head Screw It Curl Hydrating Jelly Oil ($22)


Price: US$12.01 on Amazon
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Who ever said only the face deserves the fun jelly products? Bed Head’s Screw It Curl Hydrating Jelly Oil brings the jelly fun to your hair with a bonus of frizz-control and other benefits of moisture, shine and controlled curls and waves. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation ($40)


Price: US$40.00
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Chanel takes their makeup game into a whole new level by mixing in the interesting texture of gel into a glamorous makeup product.  This foundation is added with UV protection and rose extract, contributing to a perfect finish with an alluring bronze tone.

So, are you on a jelly mood now? Never forget to spice up your beauty regimen to ensure that you don’t see it as just an obligation, but an activity that you look forward to doing every single day.


Image credits: Pete Daly/Mecca, Chaunte Vaughn/, Glossier, Dior, @farsalicare/Instagram, Murad, The Beau Parlour, Style Vibes, Beauty Labs, Bubbly Michelle.

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