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Acne Studios Manhattan Sneakers Review

Acne Studios Manhattan Sneakers Review - Featured imageAcne Studios Manhattan Sneakers Review - Featured image

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Acne Studios Manhattan Sneakers Review - Featured imageAcne Studios Manhattan Sneakers Review - Featured image
Acne Studios Manhattan Sneakers Review
Acne Studios’ Manhattan sneakers are a great place to start if you’re testing the chunky sneakers’ waters. With its killer design and accompanying comfort, the shoe growing on you in time may be beyond your control, and you cannot be faulted for that.
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Dad sneakers are divisive; some like the don’t-give-a-damn vibe it emits, others resort to clean, minimal designs that do not draw attention to the feet. Regardless of what the general consensus is though, the sneakers are still trending with brands always trying the one up the other with their new take on the polarizing silhouette. Swedish fashion house Acne Studios, more known initially for its jeans and often taken as proponents of Scandinavian design, is not one to be left behind. Last year, it has released its women’s counterpart for its Sofiane and Sami sneakers, dubbed as the Manhattan. Bulky and oversized, the Manhattan sneakers take inspiration from 90s sportswear. Depending on who you ask, it can elevate not only your height but also your style. But is it worth fleshing out almost 500 dollars?

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Release Year: 2017
Prices: US$460.00 – US$480.00


As is the case with other bulky dad sneakers, you’ll have more than one option if you decide to cop yourself a Manhattan—black, beige, white, and most recently a denim version that is probably the most representative of the 1990s. The colorways aren’t as vibrant as what is offered with other brands, which can be a plus for those wanting in on the trend but not too loud all in one snap. The design is pretty sleek too, with the sole taking after the Sofiane sneakers’ and the upper featuring both leather and suede. The textured leather gives the sartorial eye more treats without going overboard. Despite its appearance, the shoes actually feel lighter than they look, and won’t leave your feet drenched in sweat with its mesh tongue that allows for breathability.


It depends on your preferences, but the colorways can be quite limiting. Often, with a price tag as steep as what the Manhattan sneakers have, you’d expect to get more color from the shoes. The kicks, however, are already cheaper than other sought after sneakers in the market. But the dough is worth the consideration especially if you’re not going to maximize your use of the pair.

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