A Year-Round (2018) Review of the Greatest Breakthroughs in Skin Care


Year after year, the skincare world moves faster and faster towards technological advancement. From new gadgets and products to more advanced treatments, indeed the beauty world has reached a lot of milestones in the recent years. And definitely, 2018 is behind on such technological breakthroughs when it comes to skincare, as we have seen and experienced some of the best skincare technological advancements this year.

To give tribute to some of the most revolutionary skincare breakthroughs of this year, we have listed down and reviewed some of the best ones this 2018. Get ready, because some of these might just blow your mind.

CBD on Skincare Products

With the world more open to the medical use of marijuana, the introduction of the CDB or cannabidiol derived from hemp has been received more warmly this year. And of course the CBD won’t make you high—it will help greatly in removing chronic dryness, signs of aging, and acne. It also moisturizes the skin and makes the rough skin cells smooth. While the infusion of CBD into beauty products is still on its infancy stage, the future of its research and further improvement are promising, indeed.


Here are some of the best CBD-infused skincare products:  

LED Therapy with Topical Cosmetics

LED Therapy has been round the skincare for a while now, but its amazing effect when combined with topical cosmetics has just been fully explored this year. It was the Marmur Metamorphosis regimen by Ellen Marmur, a dermatologist in New York, which has been the game-changer for this technological breakthrough.

Marmur-Metamorphosis-regimen Marmur-Metamorphosis-regimen-1

The Marmur Metamorphosis regimen uses these two beauty products:

The combination of the light-emitting diode (LED) therapy device and the sheet masks has elevated the cosmetic skin care into something that’s never been seen before. The performance of the two has been optimized into greater levels that facialists and dermatologists immediately started replicating the combination for amazing results.

Focus on Scalp Health

We’ve been too focused on our hair’s health for so long and finally, this year, we’ve got to focus on the scalp. This breakthrough has been culminated by the opening of the Copenhagen-based hair loss clinic Harklinikken in New York, which addresses customers’ issues in product buildup, dryness, and irritation of their scalp. Added to this milestone are the launches of different products that are concentrated on keeping the scalp healthy, making hair care much more than just using products for the hair, but also for the scalp.


Best products for the scalp:

Customized Skin Care

As we’ve grown more aware that skincare isn’t just a one-size-fits-all thing, the movement to have a more customized skincare products went full-blown this year. We’ve heard of a lot of apps and programs that gather data through the smart phone or the computer for brands to produce the exact product that will match the user’s skin. We’ve also seen the rise of new customized lines of skincare products, even the mainstream ones, just to adjust to the ever-growing bespoke skincare trend.

Customized-Skin-Care Customized-Skin-Care-1

Clinique ID is one of the more popular programs in the mainstream skincare world, with options to mix-and-match formulas. From moisturizers, to actives, to oil- control gels and hydrating jelly, the product that comes to your door will be all up to you and what your skin requires. SkinCeuticals follow the trend with its new Custom D.O.S.E. machine that mixes 14 ingredients that are mixed with a unique treatment plan per customer, to ensure the effectiveness of the skincare product.

Sun Protection Goes High Tech


La Roche-Posay has made another breakthrough in the sun protection department by taking it into a technological path. With the help of Apple, the brand crafted the My Skin Track UV, a solar-powered device that can measure UV exposure and store data for months. It keeps the user informed of his/her exposure to both UVA and UVB rays, to remind them of the importance of putting on sunscreen. The sleek design of the device makes it easy to blend with your daily clothing, or if not, just clipped onto the user’s tote bag. What’s even more remarkable is that this promising invention opens a lot of opportunities for more advanced sun protection in the future.

Protection from Blue Light Pollution

Speaking of protection, this year we’ve also got to be more aware of the downside of too much screen time to our health and our skin. Digital devices emit high-energy visible light (HEV) or commonly called blue light, which weakens the surface of the skin, inflammation and color changes. In 2018, such eye-opening information made way to the launching of different HEV-blocking products to protect our skin from too much screen time that we can’t just let go of.


Best products to protect your skin from blue light:

What a great year it has been for skincare technology! 2019 definitely has some big shoes to fill, but we’re excited with what the new year will bring to our skincare routine!

Image credits: Allure, Marmur Metamorphosis, Coveteur, Beauty Almanac, Skinceuticals, Hiconsumption, Getty Images.

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