A Luxury Must-See: Louis Vuitton’s New Jewelry Collection


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Everyone is familiar with Louis Vuitton‘s motifs. Even without providing adequate descriptions, the two letters, L and V, can instantly conjure to mind how the monogram flower and the logo look like. This is a testament to the legacy of the French luxury house—the pieces that remain coveted although a little out of reach for most almost always incorporate these motifs in. This time, we will be having a fresh take on these, seeing them both for the first time in the maison’s high jewelry collection. And, what can we say—we’re left astonished.

The collection named Conquetes Regalia has been making its way to the news even months before they debuted at the Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi in Rome. Described as one of the most elaborate of Louis Vuitton’s collections, it features 60 pieces that include earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets and rings. The mentioned motifs find themselves put together to create an impact that stays with you; they glimmer elegantly, while not going anywhere near tacky. Louis Vuitton also created them with the intention of empowering its wearer.

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Louis-Vuitton-new-Jewelry-Collection-debuted-at-the-Casa-dei-Cavalieri-di-Rodi-in-Rome Louis-Vuitton-new-Jewelry-Collection-debuted-at-the-Casa-dei-Cavalieri-di-Rodi-in-Rome-2

The choice of venue in Rome was not arbitrary. It was to reflect the significance of jewelry to women in ancient Rome, who were free to own jewelry and do what they must with them, either selling them or trading for other pieces. It is in line with the pieces that Louis Vuitton says is representative of the female strength, manifested through the intricate setting, polishing as well as the diamonds that are luminous together with other gems like emeralds and garnets. These are also intended to be stately, fit for royalty and elegant women.

Louis Vuitton has earned a reputation for its meticulous work with gems and metals, allowing the precious stones’ beauty to really shine through with its beautiful designs. For the Regalia collection, what is apparent is its form that takes inspiration from art deco, showing something expected from jewelry pieces but still injecting a unique flair to the selection. The two motifs of the letter V and the flower are married, and the main gems are set in an asymmetrical manner across the board. The way the gems are linked together create the impression of a coat of arms.

The Regalia is the first jewelry collection released by Louis Vuitton since Francesca Amfitheatrof was appointed as the maison’s artistic director for jewelry and watches. The designer educated at the London Royal College of Art already has a strong, established career before landing the Louis Vuitton position in April of this year. She has worked with Chanel and Fendi in the past, but is probably most remarkable during her time at Tiffany & Co where she became its first female director. It was during her time as the design director, a position she held from 2013 to 2017, that fans were introduced to the highly popular T collection, T for the company’s initial.

The 60 pieces are available at Louis Vuitton, with the price available on application. The regal, attention-drawing gems linked together à la Louis Vuitton are created in the French maison’s atelier in Paris, with many craftsmen working together while focusing on their own fortes.

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