Best Men’s Designer Clutch Bags That Are Worth Your Investment in 2019


August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

You might be wondering if the title is right. “Men’s clutch bags? Since when?” We’re not here to give you a history lesson, but we understand. When you hear clutch bags, you hardly think masculine. Bags, in particular, are more of something your mother, wife, girlfriend, or daughter would wear. But why not? Men need bags too, sometimes to hold gadgets and other essentials all at once… and sometimes to make a statement.

If you decide to don one, you’d be in good company: Fashion designers (already a given, but if the champions of male fashion are having them, what does that tell you?), artists, athletes, with Cristiano Ronaldo being credited for the rise of clutch bags in more than one instance, have been for decades confidently wearing clutches. Sometimes men just need that little zing that comes in a little accessory to add to the whole outfit.

Here are some men’s clutch bags to get you started with your best 2018 accessory investment:

Balenciaga Clutch Bags

  1. BALENCIAGA Graffiti City Pouch

BALENCIAGA Graffiti City Pouch

Price: US$650.00
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We can all appreciate a little graffiti on walls, so why not on bags? This Graffiti City pouch incorporates funky and chalky fonts for the logo print that runs across the whole bag. It comes with a zip fastening on top that’s hidden by the overlapping sides, so you’ll just look like a street artist with a prototype.

  1. BALENCIAGA Ligne Creased-Leather Pouch

BALENCIAGA Ligne Creased-Leather Pouch

Price: US$495.00
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There are bags for literally everything nowadays, but Balenciaga’s Ligne is the all-around pouch that carries your electronics, documents, money, and passport (if you’re on-the-go at the airport) in a discreet flat black bag that can camouflage itself against your all-black outfit.

  1. BALENCIAGA Medium Creased-Leather Pouch

BALENCIAGA Medium Creased-Leather Pouch

Price: US$575.00
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With the brand’s creased leather, this pouch offers the best supple material to keep all your small paraphernalia in the zipped pocket and main compartment. It’s finished with silver hardware that are both for function as they are for showing Balenciaga’s signature mark.

  1. BALENCIAGA Supermarket Clip Medium clutch bag

BALENCIAGA Supermarket Clip Medium clutch bag

Price: US$650.00
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Good design is taken responsibly from existing ones and made into new, inventive, and creative art. This Supermarket Clip clutch sets a good example of how it should be done because the bold graphics on a bright yellow background was adapted from a European superstore. And there’s even an added barcode at the back for some extra detail.

  1. Balenciaga Black ‘Sinners’ Explorer Pouch

Balenciaga Black 'Sinners' Explorer Pouch

Price: US$475.00
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Sometimes, a bag needs a bag to act as an organizer, especially those that don’t have smaller pockets inside and are just essentially one big pit. This Sinners pouch is the best organizer with pen and patch pockets inside and a zipped pocket outside apart from the main compartment, which makes switching bags so much easier and faster.

  1. BALENCIAGA Bazar Striped Textured-Leather Pouch

BALENCIAGA Bazar Striped Textured-Leather Pouch

Price: US$650.00
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This Bazar pouch should go well with those matching Bazar totes, especially since they’re made from the same inspiration: striped market bags. This is a luxurious take on it and it works just as well as a wallet or a bag of its own when no big load is coming home with you.

  1. BALENCIAGA Balenciaga Logo Pouch

BALENCIAGA Balenciaga Logo Pouch

Price: US$377.99
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Canvas and leather bags are pretty okay until wet surfaces and rain dare ruin them. This logo pouch made of nylon is the easy-peasy answer. You get the same roomy compartment and exterior zipped pocket, the style with the bright yellow logo print in front, but also, the added protection of the water-resistant material.


  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN half zip clutch

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN half zip clutch

Price: US$745.00 
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Boho wouldn’t be the first thing to come to mind when you mention Alexander McQueen but between the feather prints on this pouch, you’ll get a feel of the brand’s signature goth vibe through the black leather.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN military printed clutch

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN military printed clutch

Price: US$925.00
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Camouflage is a fairly simple print that looks the same on every piece printed with it but every brand has a different iteration of the camo. This piece follows Alexander McQueen’s edginess by using the darker shades of the camo colors and adds a patch pocket on the outside.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN medium zip pouch

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN medium zip pouch

Price: US$845.00
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Red isn’t only a pop of color fit for women’s outfits. In touch with your feminine side or not, red is a bold color to boost your style. This one is made with merino wool for texture. You’ll find Alexander McQueen’s signature edgy hardware in the zip fastening on top.

  1. Neil Barrett Black Alligator Embossed Pouch

Neil Barrett Black Alligator Embossed Pouch

Price: US$335.00 
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This flat pouch is made with a black alligator-embossed leather and keychain zip fastening. It looks too attractive to be hidden inside your bag but it’s also not big enough to be a bag on its own, so it works best to use as a keeper of your papers, receipts, or as a wallet.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Dancing Skeleton pouch

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Dancing Skeleton pouch

Price: US$965.00 
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It may be all fun and witty on the outside with the clever dancing skeleton print, but it’s all business inside. With its size, it can easily fit a tablet or small laptop, or your other business papers. It also has a zipped compartment to one side and card slots to skip on wallets.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN badge appliquéd clutch

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN badge appliquéd clutch

Price: US$1,401.00
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This half zip pouch is well-designed with the smooth leather as the background and other types of leather: textured, patent, pebble-grained, and croc-embossed. The varied leather materials are shaped in a theme relating to the sea. Even with the black color, it’s ideal for the summer if you’re unfortunately working through the hot days.

  1. Master-Piece Co Pink & Navy Floral Pouch

Master-Piece Co Pink & Navy Floral Pouch

Price: US$245.00
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This pink and navy floral pouch is almost too good for such a convenient piece. It features two zipped compartments in gold, enclosing a gold-tone metal logo. Inside, there’s yet another zipped pocket that gives you lots of places to organize your things. Lost things no more!

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Skull Camouflage-Print Shell Pouch

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Skull Camouflage-Print Shell Pouch

Price: US$445.00
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Another iteration of the camouflage pouch, this loses the flat structure and adds a bit of depth. This way, you can put bulkier things inside. If you’re more into technology, this can be for all your cables but if you want to go along with the military theme, you can also use this for your emergency kit.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Half Zip pouch


Price: US$925.00
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This grainy leather pouch is a simple case for your gadgets, making it good for traveling. The half zip fastening won’t allow things to fall off easily and you can leave it open while you work. The zipped pocket inside allows for physical notes and other important things.

Other Designer Clutch Bags Worth Investing

  1. Prada colour block clutch

Prada colour block clutch

Price: US$766.00
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We’re starting off this list with something that you could experiment with: color blocks! The vibrant color will surely generate some attention, and we’re positive that it will be something in your favor. Comes with internal slots for your convenience.

  1. Thom Browne Small Zipper Tablet Holder

Thom Browne Small Zipper Tablet Holder

Price: US$890.00
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Thom Browne isn’t just known for his forward-looking fashion sense in men’s suits, he’s also established himself in the accessories that come with them. If you’re going formal but still need a bag to brighten your look, have this clutch that comes in a pebble grain texture synonymous with the label.

  1. Versace printed clutch

Versace printed clutch

Price: US$613.00
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In need of a standout clutch that is appropriate to both the office and the party after? This calf leather with a Grecian-inspired print is what you’re looking for. It also matches your black leather jacket perfectly.

  1. Thom Browne clasp detail clutch bag

Thom Browne clasp detail clutch bag

Price: US$1,900.00
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We’ve already had Thom Browne in the list, but here’s an equally sleek design, sans the stripes and in classic colors of black and gold rather than blue. It still features a pebble grain texture on the clutch. Great for a dapper, professional get-up.

  1. Maison Margiela zip-closure clutch

MaisonMargiela zip-closure clutch

Price: US$348.00
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Tastefully made bags don’t only come in black but also in its lighter counterpart. What we have here is a clutch made to please that has added a touch of a top zip fastening. It’s from the Maison Margiela AW17 collection, but we’d argue that it is still not out of season this 2018.

  1. Valentino Garavani clasp clutch

Valentino Garavani clasp clutch

Price: US$2,395.00
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This is for the man who has everything and who wouldn’t want to lose anything. It is a flawless partner to your office attire, with its sleek leather and perfectly positioned Valentino Rockstud embellishments. It comes in an accordion-type interior and zipped pockets, fitting all your prized possessions inside.

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Marcel clutch bag

Giuseppe Zanotti Marcel clutch bag

Price: US$695.00
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Everything you could desire for is all in this one bag: highly-detailed, well-polished, carefully-crafted. Shooting for edgy or formal? It can go both ways. The front logo plaque is Giuseppe Zanotti signing a work of art.

  1. Fendi logo stripe detail clutch

Fendi logo stripe detail clutch

Price: US$740.00
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This clutch of supreme quality, from Italian powerhouse Fendi. The design isn’t particularly loud but is still very stylish. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find evidence of how Fendi has perfected leather for almost a century.

  1. PRADA logo plaque clutch

PRADA logo plaque clutch

Price: US$970.00
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If you’re investing in your first ever clutch bag, you will never go wrong with Prada. Successfully marrying elegance and casualness, this timeless leather clutch from Prada in black will be your pal wherever you choose to go, whatever style you are going for. It has a wrist strap for easy handling, a zip for closure, and a main compartment inside for separating your essentials.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA bulldog print pouch

DOLCE & GABBANA bulldog print pouch

Price: US$380.00
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Are dogs dominating your newsfeed and you just can’t help yourself from feeling fuzzy watching them be all cute and sweet? Dolce & Gabbana knows what’s up. Featuring a playful animated and crowned dog print, wearing this clutch will be perfect for days when you want to feel and spread only good vibes. Made from black polyamide, this one has a zipper on the top, as well as a logo branding inside.

  1. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO embossed Gancio clutch

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO embossed Gancio clutch

Price: US$516.00
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Formal wear is something that instantly transform you from ordinary to a powerful, handsome guy. Why not complete the look with another accessory that shoots your style points to the roof? Salvatore Ferragamo will help you with that. Introducing this black clutch, made from calf leather and with embossed patterns that are great to the touch. To close it, you have the zip at the top. For a structured look, you have the rectangular body. And to separate your cards and cash, there are internal pockets inside.

  1. EMPORIO ARMANI logo pouch


Price: US$168.00
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Out for drinks with the boys and want to up your fashion game? Make it subtle but impactful with this black pouch from Emporio Armani. Aside from the super sleek dark navy lining and identifiable logo at the front, you will love how spacious it is inside that even both your mobile phone and wallet can fit at the same time. Perfectly works with everything—from denims to trousers, from t-shirts to blazers.

  1. BALMAIN logo clutch bag

BALMAIN logo clutch bag

Price: US$995.00
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If plain looking ones are not your thing, then maybe this black clutch from Balmain with striking embossed elements and branding will be right for you. Made all the way from Italy, this leather clutch has a brand-adorned wrist strap, a zip enclosure, and a pocket inside to put your most important things.

  1. RICK OWENS curved clutch

RICK OWENS curved clutch

Price: US$810.00
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Clutches often come in rectangular shape, so you will definitely stand out when you show up with this curved clutch from Rick Owens. Adding another uniqueness to this eel and lambskin-made clutch is its gorgeous textured grid. Your money and cards will be safe and sound with the separate pockets inside, as well as the zip fastening at the top. Style yours with a lighter ensemble with touches of black so the textured design will pop.

  1. NEIL BARRETT snakeskin embossed clutch

NEIL BARRETT snakeskin embossed clutch

Price: US$305.00
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If class and sophistication are what you’re after, then you have to get your wardrobe ready for this Neil Barret black clutch. Made from classic Italian leather, this clutch is a masterpiece-looking on its own, thanks to the overall snakeskin effect. You don’t have to worry about your essentials because this has a zipped enclosure on top, and a logo inside for quick brand recognition.

  1. BURBERRY printed logo pouch

BURBERRY printed logo pouch

Price: US$1,237.00
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Count on Burberry for smart and tasteful pieces that certainly enhance the gracefulness of whatever you’re wearing. Crafted from trench leather, this black clutch with contrasting gold zips and hardware is totally wearable with anything. It has a logo near to the top, a wrist strap so you can handle it with ease, and an internal compartment and pocket to keep your things organized.

  1. FENDI Bag Bugs-appliqué clutch

FENDI Bag Bugs-appliqué clutch

Price: US$790.00
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To truly make a statement, you sometimes need to step out of your comfort zone and explore new things. Set aside your attention from classic, one-colored clutches and zero in on multi-colored ones for that fancy, exciting vibe. This Fendi clutch made from calf leather color blocks gray, white, and silver in a strategic way, giving off enough character that instantly makes it (and you as the wearer) a winner. This has a top zipper and internal compartments to put your essentials.

  1. Bally Songi Leather Crossbody Bag

Bally Songi Leather Crossbody Bag

Price: US$1,095.00
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Oftentimes, you will see men carrying their clutches by hand but this Bally one gives you two options—the other one crosses around your body. Cool, right? Aside from that versatile and convertible design, this bag made from calfskin leather also has a contrasting red and white stripe against the darker colored exterior, making it truly special. For closure, it has a zipper. And for organization, it has a zipped pocket inside.

  1. VALENTINO Rockstud document case clutch

VALENTINO Rockstud document case clutch

Price: US$945.00
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Giving its own flavor and spin to black clutches, this Valentino leather clutch sure knows how to party with the white rockstud embellishments that outline its shape. You will want to style this with different colored tops and bottoms, or simply neutral ones to make it the center of attention. It has a zip fastening at the top, and a compartment plus pocket inside.

  1. BOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato document case

BOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato document case

Price: US$1,750.00
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Capping this list is a clutch with a personality that will put you up on the best dressed list—regardless of how you style it, or where you choose to wear it. Made from leather, this Bottega Veneta blue and black document case highlights the beauty of intrecciato design. On top of its rectangular shape, you will be able to keep your documents and essential safe and dry with the zip enclosure and internal pocket. Perfect for when you need some accessory for your day to night outfit.

Choosing the right bag can really bring out your style. And even when you’re not particularly keen to making a fashion statement, they’re worth the investment: Something not too large when you don’t have plenty to bring, but enough to carry your cash, gadgets, and business cards.


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