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7 Designers You Might Want to Pay Attention to in 2019

7 Designers To Watch Out For In 2019

The fashion industry is never lacking in talents. There is an abundance of designers in many corners of the world, all trying to establish their own brands and put forth their creative voice. Despite the risk of saturation, this is, of course, encouraged—we need fresh names and new faces to keep our wardrobes and the competition alive. The following designers and labels are not by any chance new, but they have thus far established themselves in the industry for their contribution in its diversity and dauntless pursuit of their own visions. Without further ado, here are names you should look out for in the coming year:

Julia Seemann

Fashion first detected Julia Seemann and her creations on the radar in 2015—not too long ago if you think about it, and yet she has already gained a fan in one of music’s biggest icons, which is no other than Rihanna. The designer, based in Zurich, has a penchant for mixing contrasting themes. She’s not afraid to to be ballsy even with her womenswear brand’s workwear, replete with loud colors and attention-seeking patterns. Her biggest influence, though, is music and the ‘90s. Musical subcultures, particularly goth, often take center stage in her pieces.

Julia Seemann Collection

Designers to Watch out for in 2019 1

Land of Distraction

Exceptional designers can come from all backgrounds. The name behind Land of Distraction, Danita Short, had a rather unconventional career path prior to becoming a full-fledged fashion brand founder; she was a nurse for more than a decade. Fashionistas will immediately notice that the collections take inspiration from 1970s fashion. Short and her team with extensive experience in the industry looked for genius from the founder’s family and retro magazines, explaining the label’s debut collection’s preference for twill and corduroy.

Land of Distraction Collection

Designers to Watch out for in 2019 2

Craig Green

Peerless designers sometimes face the risk of being misunderstood and underappreciated outside the industry. Craig Green faced this when he debuted in 2013, but few people become memorable for their hesitation in becoming different. Five years later, Londoner Green was already awarded designer of the year for menswear, twice. His creations are utilitarian but come with a hint of the poetic. The name has been watched out for in the years since, and will still be in 2019.

Craig Green Collection

Designers to Watch out for in 2019 3

John Elliott

John Elliott has dreamed of becoming a designer even before he was a teenager. Today, it has been realized with a label that is among those credited for taking gym apparel to the streets. Based in California, Elliott has made being fashionable look effortless, even when clad with hoodies and sweatpants. Initially a label catering for men who prioritize comfort over anything else, John Elliott has recently expanded to womenswear. For those reveling in athleisure, this is one name to follow.

John Elliott Collection

Designers to Watch out for in 2019 4

Feng Chen Wang

The Royal College of Art-educated, Beijing-born designer Feng Chen Wang courted success early into her career. Even before graduating, she has been sought for her fresh take on exaggerated silhouettes. Not long after leaving the college, her menswear pieces have been spotted on high-end department stores. In 2018, she decided to take her expertise onto women’s bodies.

Feng Chen Wang Collection

Designers to Watch out for in 2019 5


Sylvie Millstein may be based in New York, but her French sensibilities still shine through in the pieces her brand Hellessy has to offer. Named after Millstein’s sons, Hellessy is created for the woman who does not back down in the face of pressure, and trudges on while clad with vibrant colors, playful shapes, and unconventional fits. Her pieces strike the balance between minimalism and maximalism; lovers of art and culture will likewise appreciate standout designs.

Hellessy Collection

Designers to Watch out for in 2019 6

Alice McCall

Compared to the rest of the list, Alice McCall has been in the industry longer, having established her eponymous label in 2004. However, her brand’s penchant for 70s-inspired boho clothing has made it a to-watch for brand in the coming year. Vintage styles are seeing a revival recently; it’s not far-fetched that her hit feminine tops, dresses, and rompers that have gained the Sydney-based designer a legion of celebrity fans will be the craze among fashionistas again in 2019.

Alice McCall Collection

Designers to Watch out for in 2019 7

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